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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Flying Witch, Sansho Sanyou Dropped:

Just as I feared, the second episode of Flying Witch was incredibly boring.  There wasn't a single joke worth laughing over, huge amounts of dead time where nothing happened, and boring personalities on screen who wasted our time talking about trivial and banal nonsense.  Slice of Life doesn't mean you can just laze about and do nothing all episode.  There still have to be problems, however trivial, for the characters to overcome.  There still have to be sparks flying between characters and snappy dialogue that creates a fun and exciting atmosphere.

This applies to Sansha Sanyou as well, which thinks it can waltz through life doing absolutely nothing, saying absolutely nothing, and having not one good joke for all thirty minutes.  I felt like the collective IQ of these girls was somewhere on the kelvin scale, because Celsius couldn't even measure it anymore.  There's just no there there.

Cute isn't good enough.  If I just wanted to look at cute girls, I'd watch Tamako Market, or Chuunibyou Koi, or Kyoukai no Kanata.  These people don't hold a candle to Kyoto Animation in cuteness, and I couldn't even watch any of those three series to their conclusion.  Just imagine the uphill climb Sansha Sanyou would be then.

Boku no Hero Academia is slowly improving.  Certainly not to the level that would justify its hype, but at least there's some semblance of a glimmer of a good series embedded in here.

Re:  Zero Kara is shaping up to be a great series.  I just worry about its future prospects.  What happens once they defeat that stomach cutter?  Is there anything left to the show?  And what if he dies far in the future?  Is he stuck going all the way back to the apple stand and redoing everything he'd already done in the series again?  That could start getting really annoying.  You have to be cautious with series that play too many of their trump cards just to make the beginning exciting.  In that sense, Hero Academia has been developing at a much more relaxed pace that allows for future fun at a steady trickle.

I also worry how long Netoge no Yome can remain as funny as it has.  So far there's been no trouble, but surely at some point it'll fall into redundancy loops and all of its humor will grow stale.  What then?

Everyone in Mayoiga is over the top, just like in Danganroppa.  But the setting is better so it works out this time, unlike last time.

Hai Furi needs to answer the question on why everyone is suddenly attacking these innocent high schoolers on their maiden training voyage.  The whole situation is absurd until that question is answered.  I don't mind the crew not knowing the answer, but we the audience should be informed by the narrator post haste.  Otherwise I simply can't accept what's happening in front of my eyes.

Meanwhile, I've finished SAO Progressive and narrowed my Tales of 'x' music list down to 888 songs.  They were good, as expected of the author, but not nearly as good as the mainline novels.

I watched the Princess Precure movie.  Only the 3rd section was any good, the other two were embarrassingly bad.  Once I rewatch all the Precure movies and compare them against each other, I'll have the perfect form of my pretty cure rankings finally within my grasp.  Of course, the true perfect version can only come out once all future Precure seasons are also included, but we can cross that bridge when it comes.

To Love-ru Darkness 2nd blu-ray is out in full, so now's a good time to rewatch it all in its uncensored glory.

My rewatch of Game of Thrones S5 is almost done, just in time for S6 to begin.  Just one week away from the best show on television.

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