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Friday, April 15, 2016

Big Order rounds out the Spring Season:

The Spring season is finally in session.  Big Order had a very annoying beginning which kept repeating itself and leaving us hanging.  It made up for that with the typical-for-this-author-yandere and cute imouto, as well as an interesting male protagonist to get the adventure rolling with.  For such a famous manga though, I was surprised to see it clearly underperforming compared to the likes of almost total unknowns like Flying Witch.

Kuromukuro had an amazing mecha action sequence and the girl is acting cuter than ever, so my hype for this show is gradually swelling.  Of all the bad luck, the newly minted front runners of the spring season, Mayoiga and Koutestujou no Kabaneri, were delayed another week due to a powerful earthquake and the resulting news coverage fallout.  Hopefully we'll get two episodes in a single week at some point to make up the difference.

With Big Order's inclusion into the watch schedule, we're now up to 21 watchable shows for the season.  As Something pointed out over at his website:, the amount of anime being produced per year has increased 50% since 2011 (which was already making a ton more anime than 2007 was, and so on), so it isn't all just in my head that we're in the golden age of anime, with each year surpassing the last as the best ever.  With this record number of shows to choose from, it's no wonder there are still 21 viable entertainment options at this stage in the spring season.  Perhaps 20 shows a season will become the new normal?  One can only hope.  Perhaps 3 new great shows a season will also be unextraordinary?  One can only hope.

My best of Tales music playlist is down to 897 songs.  At least a little progress has been made!  Meanwhile, I'm most of the way through SAO Progressive volume 3, the last currently available title.  SAO is too good to ignore for long.  The combination of the two can be pretty hilarious.  Since SAO is an rpg itself, they had an rpg quest to infiltrate this fallen elf base at the exact same moment as the Tales music playlist happened to be playing 'escape from the enemy base.'  Synchrony at its finest, like if God almighty had determined these two moments simply had to come together.

Speaking of synchrony, Planetarian is scheduled to be airing this summer, the same season as Rewrite is set to air.  Two key works which had been abandoned for years suddenly get picked up and released at the same time.  If this isn't God playing pranks on us, what is?  This just further emphasizes the god-like summer season that already had all the heaviest hitters of the year assigned to air.  Can we skip ahead to summer already?  The spring season has only just begun, but we already know it's only going to be a pale shadow of what's in store next~

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