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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What I'd do with the LGBTetceteras:

When it comes to gays there are two extremely important statistics.

Statistic #1, deviants have worse life outcomes in all fields.  Depression rates, suicide rates, income, length of marriage, STD's, anything you want to look at.  Being gay comes at a high price.  No one would volunteer for it if they could avoid it, knowing these facts.

Statistic #2, an adoptive sibling of a gay has an 11% chance of being gay himself.  This is five times the natural rate, which means gayness is spread through emulation of role models and not primarily genetic.  Likewise, only 50% of identical twins are gay when the other twin is gay.  Likewise, the rate of bisexuality in women has skyrocketed from almost zero to 20-50% in the last generation alone.

If being gay leads other people to being gay, and if a gay friendly media induces women to en masse switch over to bisexuality, as these statistics show, then it's no longer a private issue but a public epidemic.  Public epidemics have always been solved via quarantine of the affected bodies.  Sexual deviance is a transmittable disease, a psychically transmitted disease, with heavy costs similar to, say, parkinson's or diabetes for the victims.  Chronic victims of a worse life than they could have had, the people who were influenced into being gay when they didn't have to be have a right to be angry that society did not protect them from catching this disease -- that, basically, they were not vaccinated at an early age with anti-gay propaganda but were instead allowed to develop gay-friendly ideas until it was too late to turn back.

Simultaneously, not all gays have worse life outcomes than they would have had if they had remained straight.  Some proportion of them must have, through some quirky coincidence, found an ideal life partner and true love with a gay partner they otherwise never would have found.  This means simply banning homosexuality and punishing or killing homosexuals, like Islam does, isn't the answer.  True love is so precious and so absolutely good that any act that gets in its way is unconscionable.  It's what we're all hoping for in life and would give anything for.  Stopping a couple, or a polygamous dozen, or whatever, from doing what they want just because everyone else is screwed up, is not fair to those individuals who know exactly what they're doing and are doing all of it right.

If something is simultaneously a public menace and a private boon, neither side should have to suffer at the hands of the other.  This is a perfect example of when segregation works best.  The same for people who wish to miscegenate versus a society that wishes to remain pure and true to its original (and successful) genes and culture.  Gays should be gay in their own country, or some neighboring gay friendly country.  As soon as gays pop up in Vinland (our future white utopia), they should be duly compensated for their property here, paid whatever moving costs it takes to set up shop elsewhere, and politely shunted to the other side of the border where they can live out their chosen course and love each other freely, while not influencing others to make what is generally a horrible mistake in their lives.

If no other country will take them, Vinland should set up a special district out of their own territory and reserve it for all their gays to live in.  Gays don't have to be mistreated in any way, and they're free to pursue their love lives and try their luck with them, but not in front of us.  Children are far too impressionable to be surrounded and saturated with this gay nonsense and not be affected by it themselves.  Homosexuality, when contained, can shrink down to a vanishingly small portion of the populace, but when championed, can quickly expand to include the entire population.  The few die hard gays who find true happiness in homosexuality can have their happiness, and the rest of us can be spared from homosexuality's pain.

If gays want to insist that separating them from their friends and family is too high a price and that they deserve to live in everyone's midst, like a tuberculosis patient who refuses to stay in quarantine, my answer is that they must not really be experiencing or enjoying true love with their partner if they're still whining about missing perks and extra relationships.  True love is so rare and so special that anyone who had it would feel like their life was more than complete with just what they have, without ever thinking twice about abandoning the whole world for their one and only partner.  And if they aren't in true love, then it's fine to trample all over them because they're just deviants with no redeeming features at that point.  If segregation is too high a price to pay, my suggestion is to stop being gay.  If you'd pay any price to be with the one you love, then prove it and live happily after, after all, you have true love as your ally, and love conquers all, right?

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