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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Yuko Goto:

The 116th addition to my great voices list is Yuko Goto.  She's famous for her role as Asahina Mikuru in Haruhi Suzumiya, but her vocal range and character types far exceeds just that.

Yuko Goto really shines in her role as Yukie Mayuzumi in Majikoi.  There, she plays a girl who switches between timid and serious modes with a completely different voice to each.  On top of that, she also play-acts via ventriloquism as a magical male horse (Matsukaze) that accompanies her and says the things she's too shy to say herself in an aggressive and condescending and jocular manner.  The amount of voices she uses as just one person is phenomenal.

She's also prominent in her role as Madoka's mother in Madoka Magica, Avril in Shukufuku no Companella, Riannon in Tears to Tiara, and Anya from Code Geass.  She's done more than enough major roles to be accorded respect by now -- but if not for her performance in Majikoi none of it would have put her over the top.

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