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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Ero Manga Sensei is Getting an Anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

Oreimo is my 15th favorite anime of all time.  So you can understand my excitement when Ero Manga Sensei, the next work by the same light novel author which is awfully similar to Oreimo in tone and content gets an anime adaption as well.

We're looking at a series that could potentially win it all.  A real big deal.  Not just a Dimension W or a Boku Dake ga Inai Machi, but a Sword Art Online kind of series.  The only comparably awesome announcement to this one was Rewrite's announcement last year, and the mysterious promise of more Full Metal Panic which we've gotten no further details about ever since it was announced.

Those were really big.  But here's the thing.  Ero Manga Sensei is bigger than Rewrite or Full Metal Panic for a simple reason beyond the relative quality of the stories themselves.  Ero Manga Sensei's light novel translation site at baka tsuki got a takedown notice, so the 5th volume and onwards haven't been translated into English.  Now, I doubt the first season of Ero Manga Sensei will reach the 5th volume of material, so all the anime we're going to see will be something we could have already read.  But when this show undoubtedly sells well and a sequel is announced, Ero Manga Sensei season two will start covering material the western world has never seen.  And the gift of that translation, never mind the adaption, will be better than any other adaption could ever be.  Rewrite and Full Metal Panic have already been fully translated in their source material.  The same isn't true of Ero Manga Sensei, so getting an anime adaption of this work is a godsend beyond all others.

The world needed this anime so much.  It was one of my absolute top wishes on my anime wishlist.  My anime wishlist has a #1 ranking in each category -- like #1 anime that needs a remake, #1 anime that needs a sequel, etc.  Ero Manga Sensei was my '#1 source work that still hasn't received any anime adaptation at all.'  And now it's fulfilled.  Oh Happy Day!  Praise the Lord!

Of course, now that Ero Manga Sensei is receiving an anime adaption, I'll need to take it out of my wishlist.  A wish fulfilled is no longer needed as a wish, now is it?  And to top it all off, Trump won 3 out of the 4 states that were up for grabs today.  It doesn't get much better than that.

The only thing I want now is some sort of reassurance that the Fairy Tail anime is continuing.  The silence is getting really ominous.

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