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Friday, March 11, 2016

Fairy Tail Continues:

With the end of Fairy Tail Zero, there had been absolutely no news on whether Fairy Tail itself was going to continue any further.  For all we knew it was the end of the series.  But that turns out not to be the case.  The preview for the next episode is the beginning of the next arc in the mainline Fairy Tail manga.  Not only is the show continuing, but without any filler and straight into the core of the story.

The next arc is the reformation of the Fairy Tail guild and a battle with yet another dark guild, this time called Avatar.  It's really good, but just a preview to the real excitement which is the last battle with Zeref (and possibly the end of the manga).

The Fairy Tail manga has its two big baddies, Zeref and Acnologia, battling Fairy Tail at the same time and the same place.  It doesn't take much of a leap in logic to presume that this will all wrap up soon, which means the anime could just barrel right through the manga all the way to the ending without any additional filler, pauses, or spinoffs.

There's no telling what A-1 Pictures intends to do next, but at the very least this Avatar arc is confirmed.  So we can rest easy for at least a few more months before the big question looms again -- will they go into the Spriggan arc, stop, go into filler -- ?  Who knows.  At the very least our execution has been delayed though, which is fantastic news in and of itself.

Donald Trump was a coward today.  He must have known, when he scheduled a rally in deeply Democratic Chicago, that massive protests would arrive at the scene to challenge him.  By scheduling in Chicago anyway, he said he was ready and willing to take them on.  But by cancelling at the last second and running away, stranding all of his supporters in the stands who had taken the time and risk to come support him, he showed himself a contemptible coward.  He should have gone ahead and given his speech, and fought it out directly with any protesters who tried to stop him, like a real man.  You can bet Stalin never would have allowed protesters to stop his speeches.  We need a man of steel today too, not some Bernie Sanders clone who runs at the first sign of danger.  Even when the entire Wehrmacht and SS was barreling down on Moscow and the enemy was at the gates of the city, Stalin stood his ground and remained in Moscow to support his Red Army, and they seized the victory and repulsed the enemy.  What would Donald have done in that same situation, if he isn't even willing to give a speech to a crowd with full police and secret service protection backing him up?

I'm terribly disappointed in this man.  He claimed he would never let protesters silence him like they did Bernie, and now he's broken that promise.  He's a con artist who posed as a strong leader but when the time came to prove it he folded.  That wasn't what he's been posing as this entire election cycle.  Now we see what he's really made of.

Does that mean I won't vote for Trump in the general election?  Of course not.  He's the best of a bad lot, and certainly better than the mass murderer Hillary.  But it's a shame he's a sham.  He won't help America from its endless rot any better than Bush did, or any of the other phonies who've been elected in the past.  If only we could just get a perfect clone of Hitler and put him on the ticket.  Hitler wouldn't have run.  He stayed in Berlin until the end as well.  Hitler and Stalin were real men.  Why do we have to be led by all these pussies?  Literal and figurative, pussies pussies everywhere.

Meanwhile, new seasons have been announced for Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash and Arrow.  That's around 72 additional hours of entertainment guaranteed for next year.  Splendid work, America.  At least one television channel knows how to do something right.  God bless the CW.  And Netflix, while we're at it, for their upcoming Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, etc.  The USA used to be a desert without a single good tv show airing for years, but these two companies are making TV great again.

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