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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Boku Dake Disappoints, Hai to Gensou Soars:

The final episode of Boku Dake ga Inai Machi is ridiculous.  Our wheelchaired hero defeats the serial killer via throwing himself off a building.  Various deus ex machina do all the rest of the heavy lifting from there, and he even randomly gets the girl of his dreams without putting in any effort at the end.  Whatever you say, author, whatever you say.

It's still a good series due to the gripping middle portion, but 151st is a lot more suitable ranking for it than 89th.

Meanwhile, the latest episode of Hai to Gensou was probably the best in the series.  There are so many great moments in the show, like when they stormed the goblin citadel, that it's hard to judge though.  This show, which has been on fire from the beginning and only gotten better since deserves a lot better than 151st place.  The simple solution was to bump it up to 89th.

Dimension W never really delivered on its promise of an interesting mystery or sci fi world.  What it did deliver on is plenty of cute robot moments, so I won't fault it too much.  Still, like this it can only stick on as my dead last 178th member of my greatness rankings.  Too bad, Dimension W, you were so cool in episode 1.

The final Hunger Games movie was packed full of action and little character development.  It was sad when the imouto died, she was always so much prettier than Katniss.  It's nice to have closure on this long epic I've followed since the beginning, though.  One more project completed.

March Madness has delivered in spades.  There's some great basketball being played out there, and we've only just begun.

I'm on volume 6 of No Game no Life.  The light novels have been decent but nothing really new or different from the territory already tackled in the original three light novels, so I can't give the series much praise.  Maybe volume 6 is different.  Maybe volumes 7 and 8 are different, but they're not even translated so there's no way I could figure that out.  So far, though, meh.

Frontwing's new visual novel Island is getting an anime.  I'm sure it'll be great.

The spring season is almost upon us, but it's not going to be anything special.  All the really good anime airs this summer.  Rewrite, Fate/Kaleid Liner 3rei, Berserk, Tales of Zestiria the X and Love Live Sunshine are all slated for this summer.  It's going to be paltry pickings until then.

I've finished my rewatch of the entirety of One Piece, including the current Dressrosa arc.  Now I'm in the comical position of needing to watch the currently airing episodes not once but twice every week until the arc finally finishes up, but oh well.  I mostly got my timing right.  My opinion of the series only continues to drop when I see the invincible bird cage not used to protect Don Flamingo instead of wasted on the outside of the island, the barrier user not using his barrier to surround and suffocate his opponents with an invincible instant kill attack, and so on.  It's just poor writing at this point.  Things don't happen for logical reasons, they simply happen because that's the way the author wants them to go.  Punk Hazard already had a lot of problems like that, but now it's even worse.

No matter how many additional episodes One Piece produces, I fear that its overall ranking can only go down from here, not up, as it makes more and more mistakes but never adds anything valuable to the series.  Mahoutskai Precure, in contrast, has a unique and interesting Harry Potter-ish setting that it's never done before.  Pretty Cure is how to do a long series right.  Or Naruto.  Or Fairy Tail.  They stay on target, don't repeat themselves, and don't waste viewer's time with poor pacing.  One Piece could learn a lot from these shows.  It's almost criminal to be over 600 episodes long now, and plan on producing another 600 episodes, and still not be as good as shows with just 24 episodes in length.  How does any story manage to screw up that badly?

Recently, Fate/Kaleid Liner 2wei Herz came out in bd subbed, so I've been happily rewatching that series in anticipation of 3rei.  The same is true of Gate season 1, which I've already finished rewatching.  Now if only Maria-sama ga Miteru and Galaxy Angel would do the same. .

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