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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Fairy Tail Isn't Over:

Life without Fairy Tail may not be worth living -- but we don't have to face that fate just yet.  After a spectacular ending episode to this 102 episode season, Fairy Tail has said its goodbyes.  Multiple exquisite drawings of Lucy were the last present the animators gave us before they walked away from the job, all of which have found their way to my Beautiful Fairy Girls permapost as to be expected.

But the tv anime can't kill Fairy Tail.  Fairy Tail is too big for any studio to take down.  The mainline manga is still in the midst of a gigantic no holds barred war with all the major villains in the story.  The spinoff manga, Road Knight, featuring Gajeel, is still coming out and being translated as well.  Other Fairy Tail spinoff mangas haven't been translated yet, even though they've finished coming out, so there's always the possibility of seeing new Fairy Tail material for us from that vector as well.  It wouldn't be surprising if still more spinoff mangas were announced in the future, given how many they've done so far.

Fairy Tail has three oav's in the works, all set to come out later this year, all canon material written by Mashima himself.  One episode every three months isn't exactly heaven on Earth, but it will have to do for now.

A Fairy Tail movie is also in the works, also written by Mashima, so the likelihood of it being awesome is high.

In addition, there's some mystery tv 'new project' still in the works, with Mashima personally imploring us to 'please hold tight' for more specific news in the future.  It's not hard to believe this mystery new project is simply a season three that will begin once they feel the manga has enough of a lead compared to the anime that they won't catch up again.  In this ideal scenario, the manga will still be animated in full and without any filler or bad pacing effects like we've seen with Naruto and One Piece, so it's actually the ideal version of events playing out for us.

There's no reason to give up hope yet.  Fairy Tail will return, better than ever, and we will all be rejoicing in the streets again just like we did after the hiatus ended in 2014.

Most of all, Fairy Tail will continue to live on in our hearts, as endless memories of laughter and tears and sheer marveling at the beauty of it all will haunt us forever.  Future Lucy's death.  Lisanna's death as a child.  Mavis saying goodbye to Zera.  Wendy and Charle saying goodbye as Face exploded around them.  ::shakes head::  The memories are as abundant as the stars and their impact are all magnitude 1 Vega class supergiants.  Fairy Tail was pretty much the perfect manga and the perfect anime.  Now that it's ended before the proper ending, it can't be called perfect or #1 anymore, but I have faith that someday it will reclaim that throne.  It is Fairy Tail's destiny to be the unrivaled artistic work of all mankind, of all human history.  This is just a pebble in the road.

I encourage everyone to make use of this pause to rewatch Fairy Tail from the very beginning to the (current) ending.  Experience it all over again and remember all over again why you fell in love.  There's no way this show will ever disappoint you.  Fairy Tail is the messiah.  So long as you keep rewatching it, Fairy Tail can never end.  Fairy Tail is the irreplaceable eternal.  Fairy Tail is God.  Fairy Tail coming to an end?  Arienai.

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