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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Fairy Tail Doesn't Continue After All:

Fairy Tail's tv run is ending with next week's episode.  Why did they choose a spot like this to end the anime?  Who knows.  They could have easily covered at least the avatar arc, which is already complete in the manga.  The workings of the anime world are about as inexplicable as the innards of a black hole.

Still, this doesn't mean Fairy Tail's tv anime is over.  Kodansha, the publisher of Fairy Tail's manga, says a new tv project is in the works.  That could really mean anything.  But it has to mean something.  Which means Fairy Tail isn't done for yet.  There's also three oav's and a movie still being made, so Fairy Tail isn't ready to disappear quite yet even without the cryptic comment by Kodansha.

This is still a horrendous blow for anime and for 2016.  I was always afraid of Fairy Tail getting axed and apparently here we are.  At the very least we can expect a drought for the rest of the year, and that's a best case scenario.  It could be that the ending to the series will never be animated.  Both the show and the manga were never as popular as they should have been, so it was a miracle we even got as many episodes as we already have.  Magi's manga sells more, for instance, and only got a short and awful anime adaption as a result.  So Fairy Tail was extremely lucky and extremely blessed just to come this far.  To automatically assume that someday we'll get the ending animated is just setting ourselves up for disappointment.

There's no way I can have my #1 anime of all time be an unfinished story.  That would be a mockery of all the finished stories that have done things right and deserve recognition for doing things properly and thoroughly like all anime should.  If the #1 show can just end in the middle, then my protests about shows ending in the middle would ring pretty damn hollow from there on.  As a result, I can only call Fairy Tail the best unfinished story, which would be #4, right above Sword Art Online.

Naruto wins by default, moving up to #1.  It pays to not be randomly cancelled, eh?  It took many years, but the series I initially rated as #1 decades ago is now back to #1 again.  What a long and strange journey it's been.  Naruto is now the best anime of all time.  Again.

Fairy Tail will keep the honor of the #1 manga of all time though.  Naruto shouldn't get too cocky.

Speaking of manga, Railgun's manga has resumed translation, so my panic on that front was unfounded.  It's really good, too.  As expected of this stellar series.  Freezing is being translated at a rapid pace and is almost up to date now.  Great news, considering Freezing is almost as good as Railgun.  That's like being pounded with a double barreled shotgun of goodness in one weekend.

Daredevil's Punisher arc was really good.  As expected of Punisher.  Elektra's arc so far -- not so much.

March Madness has had a record number of upsets.  Fun stuff.

Congratulations to Naruto for reaching episode 400 of non-filler content.  A suitable time to seize the #1 ranking for itself.

The spring season is just around the corner.  The season for first impressions posts has returned.  But a spring without Fairy Tail is like Christmas without Christ.  Not much to celebrate anymore. . .

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