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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Katsuyuki Konishi:

Katsuyuki Konishi is the Marina Inoue of men.  I was listening to Fairy Tail Zero's Yuri Dreyer, and I thought to myself, this voice sounds a lot like Captain's voice in Majikoi.  When I checked, I found that the seiyuu wasn't just a match for both of these roles, but for a million more besides.  He's Luxus in Fairy Tail, Kamina in Gurrenn Lagann, Guyver III, Hisagi Shuuhei from Bleach, Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia, Captain Ginyu in Dragon Ball, Fulle in Scrapped Princess, he's got a role in everything.  And he plays the role really well too!

Yuri Dreyer has this youthful, adventurous, fun-filled innocent at heart feel.  Which perfectly matches Kazama's voice from Majikoi.  But he also plays old men, villains, petty thieves, fathers, serious people who never smile and everything inbetween.  I like him most for his excited happy voice, but I have to admit he's great no matter what he's doing.  This guy just plain has talent.  Which is probably why he's cast in every single anime that ever comes out.

Another great seiyuu has been discovered, and like usual he's been right in front of my nose all along.

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