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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Baka to Test volume 12.5 Translated:

The Broncos won a great victory as the underdogs for Petyon Manning, his 200th career win, which sets the record for number of wins in the NFL by any player of all time.  It's a storybook ending.  Better luck next time, Cam Newton.  You just can't keep the great ones down.

Football season is over, so what to do until football season resumes in September?

The good news is the newest and supposedly last volume of Baka to Test light novels are now translated.  It's been years waiting for it, so this is a nice time period after football is gone to finally catch up with the Japanese.

Also, it took years, but the Saki Biyori ova was finally translated.  That just leaves the two Wake Up, Girls! movies, the Durarara Ten special, the Saki Achiga special and the Tamayura movie that we're still waiting on.

Mahoutskai Precure has begun and Yui Horie sounds very Yui Horie-ish.  The show looks great too, though not as good as Princess did.  Let's hope the season delivers on all of its potential.

I finished Tales of Zestiria on chaos mode.  To the very end, I never liked the game.  But at least it's another Tales game down.  Hopefully Berseria will be better.  Since it was designed for both PS3 and PS4, I doubt it will look any better than Zestiria does, ie, not good at all.  A true next-gen Tales game might never happen, since they like to keep their budgets as low as possible, since the sales aren't that great.  The best part about finishing this game is it means I'm perfectly situated to understand the Zestiria anime sequel that's coming out later this year.  If I hadn't played the game, I would've been totally lost when the anime began, but now I can enjoy the anime to the fullest (which will probably end up being better than the game, because Ufotable has a much higher budget to work with.)

Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm is very exciting and fun, but there's no special emotional oomph that would give the series the weight necessary to enter my rankings.  I'm afraid it's destined to be stuck at the 'good' level of just being given a full watch through.

Trump won New Hampshire, but we all knew that would happen.

I don't think Deadpool's worth watching, sadly.  It's just too gratuitous.  X-men Apocalypse is more up my alley.

A lot of new manga chapters have come out recently, including a batch of Joukamachi no Dandelion chapters.  As I expected, the anime didn't follow the manga properly and thus made a hash of it.  There were so many key scenes in the manga that were 180 degree reversed in the anime to say the exact opposite thing as what the author was intending.  This makes the manga a must-read.

Even without football, there's enough new light novels, video games, visual novels and manga to keep anyone busy.  Before we know it, it will be March Madness, and then the Rio Olympics, so there's plenty of sports action to keep up with too.

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