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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut, Mahou Shoujo Nante Mouiideskura Dropped:

These shows became a little too stupid to stay interested in any further.  The shallow characters, flimsy romance and half-bit villains of Saijaku Muhai were of course a problem, but the biggest problem is that the protagonist is a weeny wuss of a boy that doesn't inspire any respect at all in the viewer.  Why would I watch a story about a loser I don't care about or root for?  Your main character should be heroic, like a proper hero, or else what's the point?

As for Mahou Shoujo Nante, as an anime short with a small budget it never had much going for it.  But it became even worse when it used casual violence as a source of comedy.  Violence is serious business and it shouldn't be meted out to the undeserving.  (It's okay when Akane hits Ranma because he always has it coming.)

I'll probably drop Subarashii Sekai and Nurse Witch Komugi-chan R eventually as well, but I suppose I can keep watching them for now.

Luck and Logic and Schwarzesmarken are surprisingly good shows.  I'm developing more respect for these series every episode.  Koyomimonogatari is surprisingly bad.  All the episodes are about nothing and thus completely uninteresting.  I don't know why this book even exists or why Nisio Isin thought a short story collection about non-aberrations was a good idea.

Dragon Ball Super is getting off on the right foot now that we're finally into new content.  A new tournament is very Dragon Ball-ish and a surefire fun arc.  Fairy Tail's episodes, even when they aren't totally filler, are still about half filler, so this hasn't been a very good arc.  Musaigen's art is so beautiful I can forgive the atrocious plot, but man, I wish Kyoto Animation would apply that talent to something a little more worthy. . .

Only four routes of Majikoi to go -- Umeko, Agave, Christiane and Momoyo.  There's no relaxing after that, though.  Majikoi S still sits untouched and Majikoi A is being translated as we speak.  >.<

The Xanth series will finally resume.  Isis Orb, book #40, comes out this fall.  With books #41-#42 to follow shortly thereafter.  No matter how old Piers Anthony gets, his work ethic and prolific output never changes.  I just hope he knows well enough to find a good ending point for the series before he dies.  We don't want another Robert Jordan.

The latest Naruto epilogue novel has come out in English, Shikamaru's Story.  Since there's no telling if or when the anime will get to it, the safest bet is to just buy it and read it already.  Naruto is simply too important to leave any portion of the canonical storyline unknown.

I hope to wrap up Tales of Zestiria some time soon as well.  It's not a good game, but finishing even bad games gives a satisfying sense of accomplishment, so I have to play on all the same.  Just like how Index isn't a good light novel series, but I'm stuck reading it anyway no matter how long it gets.  I climbed that mountain, so I can climb this one too.

Legends of Tomorrow is great, as expected.  We're in the midst of a western television golden age, with Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Game of Thrones and soon the triumphant return of Gilmore Girls.  Not to mention the Super Bowl, and March Madness looming right around the corner. . .

We'll probably never get a translation of the final chapter of Haganai volume 10, or a translation of any chapter of volume 11.  But there are still ongoing translations of Oreshura volume 6.5 and Amagi Brilliant Park volume 3.  These are eminently worthwhile stories, as of course is SAO volume 16, whenever tap gets back to translating it.  People should be reading every page that comes out of these books as soon as they come out.  You never know when the DMCA takedown notice will hit them too.

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