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Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 Treatment for 2001 Anime:

Did you think it was over?  It's never over.  There are too many great series that haven't been mentioned yet.  Far from dwindling away, great anime has climbed all the way back up to 14 entries for this year, now 15 years ago.  The most important aspect of the year of course being the emotional Drum arc in One Piece.

1.   One Piece - Arabasta arc beginning + Drum arc
2.   Inuyasha S1 2nd half + S2
3.   Seikai no Senki II   
4.   Angelic Layer
5.   Prince of Tennis beginning
6.   Kokoro Toshokan
7.   Vandread Second Stage
8.   Hikaru no Go beginning
9.   Spirited Away
10.  Galaxy Angel S1
11.  Cowboy Bebop movie
12.  Mahoromatic
13.  Alien Nine ovas 1-3
14.  Tales of Eternia

Inuyasha is still right in the middle of its introductory arc.  This year is when Miroku joins the party, for instance.  This is a great part of Inuyasha and deservedly takes the #2 slot.  But man is it nice to have Seikai no Senki back in the lineup.  Every episode of Crest of the Stars is worth ten of any other series.  Kokoro Toshokan is a jewel of a series and has been forgotten by virtually everyone but me.  That's okay.  I'll never forget.

Long running series, some that are still running, first appeared this year, like Hikaru no Go, Galaxy Angel, Tales of 'x,' and Prince of Tennis.  You could even call this the origin of modern anime.  ;).  It's also the end of the entirely overhyped but still good Cowboy Bebop series.  If you have to go, a flashy movie is a good way to do so.

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