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Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 Treatment for 2000 Anime:

Pickings are getting a little slim now that we've fallen straight out of the 21st century, huh?  How time slips and slides. . .

1.  One Piece - Romance Dawn
2.  Seikai no Senki + Danshou
3.  Vandread
4.  Inuyasha beginning
5.  Cardcaptor Sakura movie 2 + tv series concluded

I'm pretty certain this marks the worst year out of any categorized so far.  But even so, One Piece Romance Dawn is one of the greatest works of art ever made.  This has Arlong Park, and that one Nami moment.  If you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about, if you haven't, you need to go see it.

One Piece isn't the only good thing about this year though.  Seikai no Senki's season of total war is sweeping, gripping, emotionally compelling and feels so real you're sweating in tension right alongside the characters.  In any normal competition, Seikai no Senki would've been #1.  It's just a shame it had to be paired with One Piece this time around.

Vandread used to be one of my favorite animes.  That was before almost all the anime that's ever been made has been made.  Now it's #72.  Not bad, old man.  15 years of additional competition and you're still in the top 100.  Show the young 'uns how it's done.

Inuyasha only just began in this year.  We're still getting to learn about Kagome and Inuyasha themselves.

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