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Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 Treatment for 2002 Anime:

At 13 shows, it's surprising how well the older years are holding up.  2002 could be listed as the even earlier origin of modern anime.  This is because Full Metal Panic, which is getting a sequel presumably sometime in 2016, as well as Naruto, which still hasn't ended after all these years, both began in 2002.

1.  One Piece - Arabasta arc ending
2.  FMP S1
3.  Naruto - beginning
4.  Azumanga Daioh
5.  Inuyasha S3 and 1st half of S4
6.  Galaxy Angel Z + A
7.  12 Kingdoms 1st half
8.  Mahoromatic - Something More Beautiful
9.  Prince of Tennis (continued)
10.  Hikaru no Go (continued)
11. GITS S1 1st half
12. Alien Nine ova 4
13. Macross Zero ova

This is definitely the weakest year on record.  Even so, the Arabasta arc was about as good as Water 7, and Full Metal Panic's first season was nigh perfect.  Naruto's beginning is the beginning of Naruto, which will be my #1 anime once it ends, so it's hard to call this year a 'loss.'

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