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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Nearly 6 in 10 Americans wish to Islamicize the United States:

We don't really need to wait until election day, which will simultaneously be serving as judgment day in America.

According to the latest poll 57% of Americans are opposed to Trump's plan to temporarily halt muslim immigration until we can get to the root of the problem that 51% of American muslims want to impose sharia on the country and 25% support terror attacks against America.

According to 57% of Americans, the fact that the majority of muslims in America support discontinuing the constitution in favor of muslim holy law, which includes killing anyone who insults Islam, leaves Islam, or does anything contrary to Islam, is not an issue for concern.  In fact, the majority of Americans still have a favorable opinion of American muslims, even knowing that the majority of them are in support of sharia law, which is antithetical to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and indeed any and all freedom to do anything.

Likewise, they aren't concerned that fully one quarter of muslims in America are savages who want to either kill their neighbors for no reason except that they go to soccer games, listen to rock concerts, ride on buses, drink coffee, etc, or applaud the ones who do.  57% of Americans think that's just swell, and we definitely need more of that.  Why stop at just 25% of muslims plotting terror attacks on the rest of us?  What can we do to enrich our vibrant diversity even further?  We should be aiming for 50%, 70%, 90%!

The catatonic slumber of the American people rolls on, as they not only have no plan to deport the clear and present enemy in their midst, who wishes to undo the constitution and impose Islam on a nation founded on liberty, either through voting or violence, with no real discrimination between the two except perhaps which path they feel is more effective, but they in fact want yet more of this same group to flood into America forever and ever, without end, with no limits on their immigration status no matter how much harm they have already done and how much they say in their own polls they plan to harm us in the future.

This flash poll rejection of Trump is damnable enough, there's no point waiting out the entire election season to find out what we already know.  America is full of brain dead ignorant zombies, who despite decades of press reports still cannot seem to recognize the true nature of the adherents of Islam, or insane malicious clowns modeled after the Joker who revel in sadistic destruction and can't wait to see more towers come toppling down courtesy of our wonderful legal immigration system.  It is decided ahead of time that America is not going to elect Trump.  It's going to elect Hillary, who has a known well known record of 200 or so murder victims on her very own death list.  All the people who she wanted dead always mysteriously die, always in a way that is advantageous to her, and nobody cares.  So we're going to elect a mass murderer so that the spigot of additional mass murderers entering our country won't be shut off, so that we can enjoy more 9/11's deep into the future and after all the chaos and destruction is done, we can settle down as one more Islamic republic just like all the others, with burqas, shuffling around the country, eyes downcast, with no hope and no joy for the rest of time.

Since 57% of Americans have decided this, America itself is no longer worthy of respect.  There is nothing left to save.  There is no point making any effort to save it.  America was already long past saving -- who knows when -- probably after 1865 at Appomattox.  I hate this country and 57% of the people in it.  I can't wait to see them burning in the latest blown up building via muslims they themselves voted to let into the country, gunned down in plazas, their daughters groomed and raped by the thousands, and their own heads chopped off at the very end for being pro-gay, pro-woman, pro-alcohol, etc and offending the muslim rulers of our new Ameristan.  I can't think of better entertainment than long lines of liberals all being beheaded at once thanks to the muslim pets they themselves defended slitting their throats standing behind them.

When at the very end they cry out in despair and say "How did it end up like this?  I didn't mean this when I said we should have open borders, I meant something more cuddly and fuzzy and kumbayah singing!"  I'll be there to spit in their face and tell them, "I told you so, but now it is too late.  Too bad, so sad.  Whether you knew it or not, this is what you always wanted, and this is what you got.  Your just desserts.  This is your answered prayer, so enjoy it while it lasts."

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