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Thursday, December 10, 2015

America is being given a chance:

With Trump's moratorium on muslim immigration and his call to deport illegal immigrants and build a wall on the southern border so that they can't come back in, America is being given a chance to save itself from its impending demographic hell.

Many other countries have been given this sort of choice in elections.  In Denmark, there's the Danish People's Party.  There's the Freedom Party in the Netherlands.  Front National in France.  UKIP or BNP in Britain.  And so on and so forth.  All of those countries, despite having national parties they could vote for in order to save themselves from the immigrant deluge, have again and again opted for their own destruction by voting in endless combinations of left-liberal and right-liberal parties who all agree on the value of open borders.

This is why, whatever happens to the people of Europe, I feel no pity for them.  They all voted for this outcome so they can all lie in the bed they made together.  The people of Paris who were being gunned down were days before badmouthing Front National and the evil racist bigots who thought muslims were incompatible with western civilization.  So good riddance to them all.  They were all 'victims' in the same manner that the people riding the train in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged were 'victims' when it crashed in the tunnel and everyone died.

This is not true of the USA.  Due to the two party system, Americans have never even been allowed a vote on immigration before.  Thanks to Trump's unique popularity, for the first time we've been allowed to get this measure on the ballot -- "What do you think of third world immigration?"

We have just one chance to get this right.  There won't be a miraculous entity like Trump again.  A self-funding billionaire who doesn't have to listen to his corporate donors.  A man with huge name recognition and a will of iron that never bends to media criticism.  We could wait a thousand years and never see his like.  In addition, the country is now so overrun with immigrants and the descendants of immigrants, that soon native whites will have no voting power anyway and so even if a Trump-like candidate did run in the future he'd have no chance of winning the majority of the electorate.  This is our one and only election, so we'd better get it right.

Either we stem all forms of third world immigration now or we hand over the country to the barbarians forever.  If we vote for our country's destruction, like the Europeans have over and over again, then I will condemn America to the same fate as Europe.  If we don't elect Trump then I hope this country burns to the ground under the weight of its own bad decisions.  And if anyone who understands the immigration and muslim problems doesn't vote for Trump I hope the guilt of his decision haunts him all the way to the grave when he sees America crumble to the earth all around him.  There is simply no excuse for knowing the gravity of the situation and not taking this simple action to forestall it.

Nor is there any excuse for not knowing the problems of third world immigration, when they've been made so clear by news stories for decades all the way up until now.  You would have to be deaf and blind to have not noticed any of the problems muslims bring to their host communities, which makes you equally guilty if you somehow still don't get it even at this late hour.

This is judgement day, in its literal sense.  It's the day all of our characters will be judged and found either whole or wanting.  If you vote for Trump then you are a good person, if you don't vote for Trump you are an evil person who deserves to die and your entire family and all of your descendants with you.  That's the least punishment God could dispense for the people who with their own hands destroyed America, the greatest country on Earth, the greatest country in all of human history, by handing it over to the scum of the Earth who have been flooding into our territory with the sole goal of tearing down everything that made America great and turning it into a carbon copy of the hellholes they came from in the first place.

America will be judged during these primaries and the general election.  If America does not elect Trump, America will fall, and all the people inside it will be destroyed.  Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even in fifty years, but the timer will have been set in motion and nothing will be able to stop its momentum from here.  This is our last chance, our first chance, and our only chance to save civilization from the third world open borders paradigm our elites want to foist upon us.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think that the policies proposed by Trump could be enforced, even if he were elected, because they are unconstitutional.

The Constitution will not be amended in any way that is favorable to the white race, either, since that would be against the beliefs and values held by the bulk of the population.

I remember a comment of yours in which you spoke about people changing their minds about the current state of things as a genuine possibility that would help our survival:

I think you are being overly optimistic.

Sure, people change their minds very often, but if you look carefully, these changes always lean toward more tolerance and acceptance, which inevitably work against us.

These are some of the main reasons why I don't think the white race has any hope of getting saved by relying on government policies. So, no, I don't think that Donald Trump = A chance.

If we want to save the white race we will have to break the rules intelligently.