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Thursday, December 10, 2015

By 2100, the World will be Majority black and/or Muslim:

Due to higher birth rates, blacks and muslims are the fastest growing populations on the planet.  The white population is actually shrinking -- more whites are dying than are being born, both in America and around the world.  The same is true of the Japanese population, and if it isn't true right now about China, South Korea, and Taiwan it will be soon enough.  The civilized world is shrinking and dying, and the barbarians are quadrupling.  This isn't some crazy fantasy, it's the UN's own predictions published for all the world to see, disputed by none.  It's simply a fact.

Those blacks and muslims aren't going to politely remain in the deserts and jungles of the middle east and Africa.  They're going to come where life is good, the weather is temperate, they can get free money, there's tons of hot white women willing to screw them, etc.  They have already made their preferences clear via the millions streaming into Europe even as we speak.  When the next four billion are born, it won't take a brain surgeon to realize they too would be better off in Europe or America.

All four billion will come here, if we let them.  A vote for open borders is a vote for four billion blacks and/or muslims.  There's no point really distinguishing the two because Islam is quickly taking over as the sole and only religion left in Africa and eventually the two terms will be synonymous.  Why do you think so many blacks in america have already converted to the Nation of Islam?  Evil knows its own and the two seek each other like magnets.

Voting for open borders now is tantamount to voting for open borders forever.  You can't close them and say, "on second thought, maybe we shouldn't. . ." once they've already gotten here with enough critical mass to win all future elections in their own favor.  Imagine an open borders world where at first everyone is a hippy-dippy liberal who believes in open borders because they can't see any harm in it (there being none, because no one has immigrated to the country yet.)  So you start at 100% natives, all in favor of open borders, therefore there are open borders.

Now the first 10% of immigrants flood in to your country.  They antagonize 10% of the natives into rethinking their position on immigration, but most of the community hasn't even been affected yet so they see no problem with maintaining their previous position.  Naturally the 10% of immigrants also favor more immigration of their own into the country.  You end up with 80% hippy-dippy liberals, 10% immigrants favoring their own, and 10% bigots.  The open borders policy obviously stays in place.

Repeat this for 20%, 30%, and 40%.  If you make the country 40% immigrant, you antagonize 40% of the natives, but the remaining 20% who haven't been adversely affected by immigration yet don't see the problem and continue voting hippy-dippy open borders.  The 20% liberals, in combination with the 40% of immigrants who naturally want more of their own, are still the 60%-40% majority of the country, and so the open borders continues.

At 50% immigration, even if you've adversely affected every single native in the country, it's too late because the immigrants are the majority of the country and they still want more open borders immigration.  (no, it won't be a complete tie, because there will always be some die hard traitors who would do anything for the principle of open borders no matter how bad the country has become).  So as you can see, there is no point on the chain where the open borders policy can ever be defeated.  Whether because there is too little immigration or too much, there is never a time where the natives can rally to their own rescue and stop the process of their own replacement and disempowerment.

After they reach 50% of the population, in a matter of nanoseconds they will invite in the remaining 4 billion friends who have still been left out in the cold, and the nation becomes effectively 100% black and/or muslim, because we are just a rounded off zero compared to the numbers of immigrants who have now come to share in the booty.  Our property will be looted and our children turned into sex slaves ala Rotherham, Sweden, or the harems of the Ottoman empire.  They will take everything from us, demolish everything we ever built, and in a carnival of hatred kill every last one of us like they did in Haiti, even the mixed race liberals who thought they could escape by blending in.

Open borders is a death sentence in a world with demographics like ours.  It's clear to anyone what the logical implications of open borders must foredoom.  Islam is the fastest growing religion on the planet.  It's only a matter of time before it has the majority population of the world.  If they are allowed to immigrate here freely, they will form the majority of any nation they move to.  Then they will impose their own holy law on us, because that is the very definition and meaning of being a muslim.  You cannot be a muslim and not endorse sharia law.  The nonbeliever muslims who aren't strict enough will just be strung up alongside us in a purging of the heretics and apostates just like Mohammed has commanded the true believers to do.  They have so many numbers to spare that even with a giant pruning of their too liberal wing they'll outnumber us infinity to one.

Even supposing the majority of muslims aren't radical, they're powerless to challenge the radicals because they aren't willing to fight for liberalism like their cousins are willing to fight for sharia law.  They cower in their basements and duck their heads, mouthing the pious phrases and hope not to get noticed, just like they do everywhere in the muslim dominated world.  When's the last time you've seen suicide bombers for liberalism?  Martyrs for tolerance?  Death brigades for gays?  Even if 'moderate muslims' were 90% of the population, they would all just get kicked around and completely controlled by the 10% of holy warriors who are actually willing to put their money where their mouth is and fight to see their reign of terror enacted.  There is no possible escape.  There will be no reformation.  No magic pixie dust will turn muslims into liberals 'just like us' before the scimitar drops.  They haven't changed in 1500 years, so assuming they will in the next 100 is just a farce.  If they were going to change, they would have done so by now.  They haven't, so they won't.  It's just math.  Muslims are as fixed upon their religion, genes and culture as the planets are fixed into their orbits.

We had one chance to forestall this inevitable trajectory.  It doesn't matter that muslims are only a small minority of Americans now.  They're set to double by 2050.  Who cares?  That's just 2-4%, right?  Well, they're set to just keep on doubling forever after too.  It's not like this situation levels out at some point.  They just keep on doubling, and like I showed before, they are always supported by an equivalent number of hippy-dippy liberals such that there is never any percentage where we can grow alarmed and put a stop to it.  Until they've doubled past 50%, they'll always have their friends on the left protecting them, and that's the last doubling they need.

We had one chance to nip this problem in the bud, it was Trump, and now that chance is gone.  57% of Americans rejected him, and so now our fate is on rails, just descending into the endless coal mine pit to hell, with no way out or off, no possible branching of the paths, just deeper and deeper into the darkness, forever.

I'm not going to stick around to watch, though.  I'll be a beam of pure energy, living in a virtual reality, or floating around in a spaceship.  There's no political solution to the stupidity of liberals, but the technological ones are proceeding without a hitch.  By 2100, there will be individual avenues of escape even as the nation as a whole burns down all around us.  Our goal isn't to save the world, but to save ourselves, by hitching a ride on the escape pods technology will make available.  This world is a joke, and I can't wait to see it burn, because there's no way I'm staying on it a second longer than I have to.

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