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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Index Caught Up, One Piece Demoted:

I dropped One Piece's ranking down into the 20's for both the anime and the manga because I do not agree with the direction it's been heading for the last couple years.

Meanwhile, I finished the main line Index light novels.  I'm all caught up, even with new testament.  There's just the side story novels left, and those are really optional compared to the main line series I felt duty bound to finish.  NT 12 was awful, but 13 and 14 were fine.  I just wonder how long this author intends to draw out this series.  Surely he's explored virtually every nook and cranny of every magical and scientific villain imaginable by now, right?  It's about time to wrap things up and set down the pen already.

Naruto is the #1 manga now, as opposed to Fairy Tail, because it's finished and Fairy Tail isn't.  Fairy Tail will move back to #1 in due time, but now isn't the right time.  Naruto's anime still isn't finished though, so it remains at #2 for now.  Once it someday decides to stop airing filler and actually cover the story again, it can reach #1 for a change.

I added a new permapost to my sidebar (and expanded on it a bit), "The Vast Majority of People are Evil."  Something like 99.99999999999% I'd guess, when you add it all up.  Opposing Trump's plan to ban the importation of muslims is just the tip of the iceberg.

Hibike! Euphonium is almost completely released in blu-ray now.  Now's as good a time as any to relive the glory of this fantastically drawn series.

Bakemonogatari is going to continue blazing forward into 2016 with Koyomimonogatari.  It will be a series of shorts to match the short story length of the original volume.

This leaves only Owarimonogatari volume 3, Zokuowarimonogatari, Orokamonogatari, and the as yet unpublished Wazamonogatari so far uncovered by the anime.  They've pretty much promised to animate Owari 3 at some point, but that does leave the remainder of the series in distressing doubt.  Can we really say the anime has done a good job if it leaves off at a point the author isn't satisfied with?  If the author felt the need to write more, it was for a reason, and that means what we view won't feel complete either.  If Shaft has any sense, they'll keep animating this show.  Not only is it a great show, it's one of the best selling animes of all time.  You may as well throw money into a fireplace as not animate every book you possibly can.  If Kizumonogatari ends and there's still no announcement of anything more, I'll start to worry.  Until then I admit they have enough on their plates.

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