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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Rakudai Kishii Dropped:

Rakudai Kishii has been good insofar as they concentrated on the romance aspect of the show instead of the fighting aspect.  The fighting aspect is dumb because it's just a bloodsport played, by all things, by school students for god knows what reason.  It's unrealistic and obnoxious that these people are hurting each other for no conceivable good reason.  The more dumb reasons they pile up on top of each other why these people should fight -- old vendettas, gangster like behavior outside of school, etc -- the more obvious it becomes that there's no actual reason why these people should be fighting, which is why they're always desperately casting about for an additional reason outside the official gladiatorial matches.  The fact that boys are made to fight girls makes it even worse, as though it's okay for a boy to actually cut up a girl in school for fun.  Who thought up this mess?

With the romance aspect seemingly fading away into unimportance, all that's left is the obnoxious part of the series, of which I've seen enough.  This show held on for quite a while, but like Jitsu wa Watashi wa, the fundamental premise was weak so it was inevitable that the quality of the writing would fall apart eventually.

Compared to the incomparable quality of the latest Bakemonogatari episode, Rakudai Kishii is just a waste of everyone's time.  Instead of watching Rakudai Kishii even once, you would do better to watch bakemonogatari for your fifth, eighth, or tenth time.  Even the tenth time you would get more out of Bakemono, because it's just that deep and just that convoluted.  I'm so going to miss Owarimonogatari when it ends this fall.  I'm going to be thirsting for the true conclusion of the series whose air date will probably be in 2017 or something, after they're finished with the kizumonogatari movies.  Man, what a long wait awaits us. . .

A lot of ranked teams lost today in college football.  Baylor, Stanford, LSU and Utah were all upset.  The pretenders are separating from the contenders.  Even so, that leaves several teams with viable resumes for the playoff -- Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Iowa, Florida, North Carolina, Houston, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Michigan State, Baylor, TCU. . .  We need some more games to gain some more clarity, and that's just what we'll get next week.

TCU vs. Oklahoma, Baylor vs. Oklahoma State, and Ohio State vs. Michigan State will give us a lot of clarity.  It's like a super red river showdown.

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