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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fairy Tail Lives:

Good news!  My worries are assuaged.  Fairy Tail does plan to continue beyond the tartaros arc on tv.  It will start animating the fairy tail zero arc once tartaros is done, which should last at least six more episodes.  Of course, that leaves us wondering if they plan on doing anything after Fairy Tail Zero is done, but I guess we'll have more luck finding that out six weeks from now, since that seems to be their time horizon for announcements these days.

We'll be needing Fairy Tail Zero, because the winter season is looking pretty desolate right now.  At least in the spring 2016 season, Jojo's Part 4 begins, so maybe things will start picking up again.

The last volume of Hyouka, which is the only volume the anime doesn't cover, is now fully available in English over at baka-tsuki.  It was pretty good.  I still wish it would be animated though.

In addition, I've read the 9th volume of Index New Testament.  The slow grind continues.  It wasn't a bad book, as Index books go, but it wasn't remotely as interesting as the Hyouka book.  I don't feel like any new ideas have been covered in Index in ages, it's just retreads of the same tired arguments with different coats of paint each time.  It's a series that's outlived its usefulness.  And yet it just keeps on growing anyway, like a cancer.  I guess it's time I dive into the 10th volume all the same though.  I list Kazama Kamachi as a great light novel author so I have to back it up by reading until the very end. . .

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