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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Go Ted Cruz!:

Ted Cruz has all the positives of Donald Trump with none of the negatives.  He's well spoken and hits above water.  He's just as opposed to illegal immigration as Trump is, and a true conservative when it comes to economics.  I think more people would work with Ted Cruz as president than Donald Trump, who would have so many protesters over every little thing he says or does that nothing would ever get done.

Maybe it's a pipe dream because Cruz isn't popular enough, but I'd like Cruz to win the nomination.  It doesn't hurt that he's my very own senator from Texas.  I love his accent too.  A good southern accent that we just don't get to hear much anymore.

Cruz was the big winner of today's debate.  I've always liked him but now I'm in love.

My 4 playoff candidates aren't doing too well.  Only Clemson is in the top 4 this week.  LSU dropped pretty much out of the running, Iowa is still stuck at 5th, and Baylor is still stuck at 6th.  Even so, I believe justice will eventually prevail and both Baylor and Iowa will win their remaining games and push into the playoff by force from here.  LSU is toast though.  Roll tide.

After ISIS took out Russia's passenger jet, I hope Putin hits them back harder than they ever imagined.  Also, the fact that Russia has been systematically cheating at sports needs harsh reprisals.  They shouldn't be allowed in to the 2016 olympics, and for future sporting events, all of their athletes need to be tested by international scientists, no more of this in-the-house lab testing crap.  Sports are fun because they are fair.  Once they're rigged they're ruined.  Sports are one of the best things in life so ruining them is one of the worse deeds you could possibly do.  I'm very angry with Russia right now.

WoW Legion is looking good so far.  Some really fun changes are coming to class gameplay and the specializations are branching out more.

With the new Bond movie coming out, I've caught the Bond fever.  Rewatching the series from the start is really illuminating.  Sean Connery was a great Bond, and the plot back then was much more intertwined and sensible.  Let's see how long the honeymoon lasts.

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