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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Rewrite Anime Announced:

Rewrite.  Wow.  I kept asking for this pretty much on a monthly basis, and now it's finally here.  Rewrite is getting an anime.  The one anime I most felt deserved to be made that still hadn't been made yet is getting made.  Is Rewrite worse than Little Busters?  Sure?  Maybe?  Is it worse than Clannad?  Yes, definitely.  Is it worse than Kanon?  Maybe. . . but it's probably better. . .

So we're talking about an anime adaption, if it were as well adapted as Kyoto Animation or J.C. Staff has managed, that could rank somewhere between 7th best anime ever, and 20th best anime ever.  This is a big deal.

Why is this such a big deal?  Because ever since Sword Art Online came out, there really hasn't been any good new anime in years.  2012 was the last year to produce a new top 20 ranked great anime.  It was beginning to feel like anime was dying away, fading off, incapable of matching its previous glory.  Now that Rewrite is being made, that's not necessarily the case anymore.  If 8-bit Studio can live up to Key's other adaptions.  They did a fine job with Grisaia, but Rewrite is on a whole different level.  This is a key visual novel.  This is the major league.  They need at least 48 episodes to cover this game, like Clannad and Little Busters got.  Grisaia type adapting just won't cut it any longer.

I actually figured that 2016, with the end of Naruto and other such series, may be the last really good year for anime.  With Rewrite's announcement, that theory is going to have to be postponed.  It will take years for Rewrite to come out in full, and all of those years will be great for anime as a whole.  Rewrite can carry the whole burden on its own if it has to.

This is the best news that's happened all year.  Even better than the FF7 Remake, which is probably useless since the combat won't be turn based like the original anyway.  With this, I have no further regrets.

P.S.  Except I still want Bleach to come back. . .

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