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Friday, September 25, 2015

Fate/Kaleid Liner 3rei Anime Announced!:

Fantastic news everyone!  Fate/Kaleid Liner 3rei, season 4 of the anime, has been announced as in production.  It will likely come out summer 2016, like all the other seasons have previously.  3rei is an excellent portion of the manga which I honestly didn't expect we'd ever get to see.  The sales for Fate/kaleid liner blu-ray disks have been continuously dropping from season to season and, though not terrible, certainly aren't at the vaunted 6,000 numbers we keep hearing about as necessary to continue making sequels.  And yet, here the sequel is, without any delay or disruption, continuing on as normal for the 4th year in a row.

Is this just an act of charity on the part of Silver Link?  An act of divine intervention by God Almighty?  Whatever the cause, there's more Fate/Kaleid Liner coming down the pipeline.

Fate/Etc is already 7th place on my all-time anime favorites list, so this announcement can't actually improve its rankings any more than it's already achieved.  I doubt anything could surpass Clannad or Sword Art Online in my heart, especially when Fate stubbornly refuses to tell its stories from beginning to end.  A single movie can't possibly cover all of Heaven's Feel.  Kaleid/Liner still isn't done yet.  And Hollow Ataraxia still hasn't even been touched.  In a situation like that, as thankful as I am for a 3rei anime, there's just no way it can climb any higher.  What it can do is prevent anyone else from intruding onto its sacred seventh place standing.  It will be all the more difficult now for Bakemonogatari or others to compete for that spot.  Everyone will have to up their game if they want to keep up with Fate's glory now.

In other great news, Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative are getting an English translated visual novel release.  All thanks to the generous people who contributed to the Kickstarter, there's already $367,000 invested in the project which makes it officially green-lit for production.  Who knows how many stretch goals the kickstarter will hit by the end, but things are sure looking good so far.  Both of these games have previously been fan translated in the past, but for some reason the games simply do not work when you actually try to run them on your computer.  Fan Translations, being free, don't tend to have high reliability or quality, so these sorts of bugs can't be helped.  The new version will feature added content, sprites from the PS3 version, and other upgrades that will leave the fan translation in the dust anyway.  Muv-Luv Alternative is widely acclaimed as the greatest visual novel of all time.  I have my doubts about that, but in any case it must be a very good visual novel.  It's been twelve years, but finally America gets to join in on the fun and see it ourselves for the first time.  Despite all of its fame, no anime for the Muv-Luv series has been released (though apparently people in Japan are still thinking about doing one.  One of these days, neh?)  So this will truly be our first chance to see what all the hype has been about.

Oreshura's volume 7 is nearly fully translated, so it may be time for people to dive back into that series, even though 6.5 is still a lost cause.  I just finished volume 4 of Index New Testament, and it's terrible, like always.  The New Testament books are all so bad, I wish the series had just ended with the original Old Testament stuff.  It's just fight, fight, fight, fight, fight.  No character development, no plot progress.  Just more and more villains to fight who are always more powerful than the last ones, in a neverending escalator of doom.  I can't believe this mindlessly boring nonsense comes from the same brain that is currently writing the marvelous Railgun manga.  It's hard to believe how he manages to take off one hat and put on the other back and forth like that.  If he can write so well for Railgun, why can't he do the same for Index?  And what does this say about how good the Heavy Object anime starting next week will be?  It could be as good as Railgun -- or as bad as Index New Testament.  Entertainment Roulette indeed.

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