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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Jitsu wa Watashi wa, Dragon Ball Super Dropped:

This show never had a good premise.  A loser guy gets with a super attractive girl but is friendzoned.  Afterwards he never gets any closer to her as several zany antics ensue.  It's a fundamentally depressing situation that no one wants to be in, and therefore there's little reason to watch someone else in it, unless you're a sadist.

The show made up for this fundamental weakness by introducing a new funny character every episode which kept the jokes fresh.  However, that all fell apart this week when they relied on old reused gags based on the same personality traits we already knew about and the plot failed to develop in any way.  It was neither funny nor interesting and as a result the show has now finally revealed its true self and fallen apart.  If this had just been a short story and they had used this episode to wrap up the romance between the protagonist and the vampire it would've been really good.  Sometimes authors need to know when to quit while they're still ahead.  Every story's initial premise has so much life in it that only so many words can tell and once you've gone over that limit it all becomes extremely boring and frustrating to continue following.

Meanwhile, Dragon Ball Super is just a worse retelling of what already happened in the battle of gods movie, so I see absolutely no purpose to watching it anymore.  The movie was a thousand times better than this version of events and happened a thousand times faster.  The tv show is just terrible in every way.

Once Dragon Ball Super moves on to new material (if it ever does), I can start watching it again then.  For now it's dropped.  I never should have put up with it this long to begin with.

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