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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Thanks, Obama:

Ever since Obama said Trayvon 'could have been his son,' ie, was entirely innocent and was just shot down in cold blood for no reason, that Michael Brown's killing was an act of 'systemic injustice,' ie, the cop should have just let Brown kill him rather than retaliate in any way, etc, the race war in America has been continuously heating up.  When Obama first took office both blacks and whites thought race relations were great and that basically all of our past woes were over.  However, Obama didn't use the opportunity of the first black president getting elected to heal racial wounds.  Instead he used his position on the podium to rant about how white cops 'act stupidly' and how innocent blacks are continuously screwed over by a racist justice system.  Blacks, being gullible and stupid, had no reason to disbelieve what Obama had to say.  He was the President so he would know how our courts and police work, right?  So now they're going around killing any white person they see for no reason except that all whites are racist and therefore they all have it coming, and they can all just point to Obama's speeches to justify their actions.

If whites really are cold bloodedly killing thousands of black youths for no reason and then getting away with it, if millions of black men are being framed for crimes they didn't do and locked away in jail even though they're entirely innocent, then blacks would have a perfect right to violently respond and collectively exact retribution against a society which is collectively oppressing them.  Just as we were allowed to nuke Hiroshima and firebomb Tokyo, blacks would have the perfect right to kill as many white civilians as possible, because we all voted in this racist justice policy and keep enforcing this racist justice policy together, and therefore all those black lives that matter so much, the blood is all on our entire collective race's hands.  So if you believe what Obama says, this Flanagan guy is responding in the only logical manner possible.

This is the problem with spreading defamatory, malicious blood libels against entire collective groups.  The obvious solution to such an evil assembly of co-conspirators is to just wipe them all out together.  If they're all part of the institutional, systematic rape of justice together, then what can you do except round them all up and gas them?  And if gas chambers aren't available, the nearest gun, or machete will do (as the Rwandans discovered to their delight.)  Obama and all the liberals like him are inciting genocide by demonizing all whites as pure evil.  All whites, apparently, delight in persecuting and killing innocent black children and all whites will forgive any other white who enacts such a policy.  Since we're all in it together, and since the entire system is built, maintained, and enforced by the white collective majority, and therefore would not exist unless we were all in it together, the proper response is genocide of all whites in America.

Words have meaning.  Saying America is unjust is a call for violent revolution.  What else could it mean?  What else could it morally imply?  It's not like blacks can ever hope to win an election and change things democratically.  At just 13% of the population, they'll never be able to outvote whites on this issue.  Apparently, even if Democrats become president, they can do nothing about all the racist justice system policies and racist police that keep killing blacks anyway.  Racism even occurs in Baltimore even though the mayor is black and the city is 65% black and the head of the police is black.  Therefore, there can be no electoral way out.  Only the mass slaughter of all whites could ever stop whites from picking off blacks like pigeons in a shooting game.  Supposedly, even in Baltimore, the evil white racist system infects even the blacks who work there, and therefore even the black cops racistly murder other innocent black children for fun.  There's no escape except total revolution and the overthrow of the system itself.

What surprises me isn't these black killers killing people because they're racist and had it coming.  What amazes me is how few incidents like this actually happen, given the speeches liberals make every day about how oppressed and abused black people are.  Think about it.  Whites have stolen all the black's wealth, we punish their kids in school even though they never do anything wrong, we don't hire them in any prestigious field like computer programming even though blacks are just as intelligent and talented as whites in everything, we shoot blacks and arrest blacks and stop and frisk blacks way out of proportion to anyone else.  We keep them trapped in ghettos.  We stick them in food deserts.  We flood their streets with guns and drugs.  We gave them AIDS.  We opened up the levees in New Orleans deliberately in order to flood them out and then deliberately refused to give them any aid in the hope of more blacks dying after the fact.  We throw all our landfills and pollution in the middle of their property and give them a disproportionate rate of cancer due to all the 'stress' racist microaggressions cause them in their daily life.  We refuse to give them the awards they deserve like the Oscars and the music awards and instead award them to inferior white entertainers just because they're white.  There's simply no end to the amount of evil whites do to blacks every day.  We shove their little kids off escalators.  We gang rape them in between lacrosse games.  We call them bad names and make them feel bad about their hair.  The sadism, the sheer creativity in all the different directions and ways whites attack blacks daily beggars belief.

If not for all the vicious stereotypes whites have spread about blacks that they heard and became demotivated by, blacks would already be on Mars by now.

So no, this type of killing isn't going to stop.  It's only going to get worse and more frequent every year.  After all, no justice, no peace, right?  Since whites never plan to stop oppressing and destroying black bodies, blacks have no choice but to fight back in any way they can.

The way to bring peace and reconciliation back to America isn't through apologies and reparations, since that will just validate every black's suspicion that whites truly are evil and deserving of punishment.  The way to stop this violence is to explain to blacks in very clear terms, via Obama who can't possibly be called racist for saying this, that they have only themselves to blame for everything that is wrong with their lives.  That they have acted immorally and are reaping exactly what they have sown.  Their crime, their profligacy, their single motherhood, their bad attitudes and lack of education is all due to their own choices.  Back in the 1950's blacks lived in a responsible, conservative manner and you know what, they were prospering like no tomorrow.  Black real earnings increased by 3.4% a year during the 1950's.  If you work hard and play by the rules, voila!, things actually work.  Crime rates were low and as a result, so was the black incarceration rate.  The black illegitimacy rate back then was lower than the white illegitimacy rate is now.  It was their own decision to turn their backs on western, Christian civilization and become aggrieved victims and liberal whiners who feel entitled to do or say anything and get away with it.  The consequences of their own choices are the only thing that is keeping them down -- in fact, the law code has institutionalized all sorts of extra benefits to blacks solely for being black.  They're given more than equal treatment under the law in all fields.  So if they want to be or do anything, they only have to be 1/10 as good as any of their competition and they'll still win -- just look at Obama himself.

Until someone makes this speech to blacks from a position of power and authority, not just David Duke but liberals themselves, people blacks will listen to, this cycle of violence is going to continue and just get worse by the day.  Our cities will go up in flames and soon enough we won't have individual shooters, but city wide massacres on our hands.  Liberals have been fanning these flames for years now, and it is up to liberals to put this dangerous nonsense to rest.  They have to own up to the fact that they've been lying all this time, apologize to everyone, and explain the reality of the situation such that even the most innocent of babes can understand.  Nothing else is going to get through to the Flanagan's and all their ilk.


Anonymous said...

Soooo do you still think blacks aren't human?

Diamed said...


Anonymous said...

Ok. So I read that article you wrote about it. I think its wrong honestly. You use the example of wolves and dogs. You said blacks aren't humans because of the physical differences. Now I don't know if you realized it, but there are different breeds of dogs. No breed of dog is exactly the same and some look absolutely nothing alike. Also different breeds of dogs can mate and create fertile offspring. They have different shapes, height, color and fur types. What you dont see is dogs behaving the way you did on that post. My point is blacks walk, talk, dance, sing, breathe and are anatomically the same as any other race. You said because they have dark skin, big lips, a greater hip to waist ratio and "nappy, dry" hair they are ugly and not human. That makes no since.. who doesn't like a curvy woman? And all black women aren't curvy you know that right? Have you touched the texture of a black persons hair? Its actually pretty soft. I don't want to be rude but your statements are really biased. Could you give me some resources besides Wikipedia because that site information can be writtern by anyone who pleases to do so.

Anonymous said...

Also, you wrote that blacks made no contributions to the world. The United States wealth was built on slavery. Recently I read a book on black inventors, obviously you dont know about the many things you use on a daily basis were invented by blacks, along with the surgical advancements produced.

Diamed said...

The high waist to hip ratio actually means that the waist and hip sizes are more similar to each other, ie, less curvy.

While slaves, blacks made great economic contributions to the country, no doubt. Blacks were better adapted to the high temperatures, heavy sunlight, and most importantly the malarial swamps of the South. Without them, the south would have been uninhabitable and unfarmable, half a continent would have gone to waste. Likewise, since the North relied on trading with the South for their own prosperity, you can say the North relied on slave labor too. The question is, though, what have they done for us lately? Nowadays they're just welfare recipients and criminals. Black slaves in an environment that called for heavy, mindless labor in malarial swamps were ideal, but black freedmen in an era of information technology? Not so much.

The contributions I was speaking about were not talking about physical labor, which in the past was important but nowadays isn't, but higher order thinking which leads to scientific, philosophical, economic, political and artistic advancements, which is still important in the here and now present. The lists of black inventors are all hoaxes. The only thing a black truly invented was the super soaker, and even he was actually a mulatto. Those lists of inventions tend to be patents, minor variations of products that were already invented earlier by white men. Most of the patents were never even implemented anywhere. Take each invention in that list and read up on its origins in Wikipedia, and you'll see what I'm talking about.

I think you're right that some surgical techniques have been pioneered by black doctors. But surgery isn't as intellectual as it sounds. Video gamers, given a few hours of practice, actually outperform surgeons at their own jobs when the two compete using remote controlled robots to do the task.

The largest differences between blacks and whites isn't their looks, though. Here's the real problem:

When blacks are left to themselves, the level of civilization they create resembles the stone age, and never advances beyond that level.

When whites are left to themselves, they land on the moon.

I can't think of a wider difference between lifeforms than those two results, and yet there are hundreds of thousands of different species of moths, all because they have different spots on their wings. It just doesn't seem intellectually honest to call those two results similar enough to justify classifying us under the same category.

Anonymous said...

The topic at hand is not black and white. The topic is black people not being human. It seems as though you are using whites as the standard for being human(incorrect).

The hip to waist ratio thing, in that case is untrue. Black women and Hispanic are some of the curviest women on the planet. I could send several pictures, web-based and walking down the street. I counted five this morning actually because their shapes were beautiful to me.

In your original post you said black people contributed nothing as in all. The guy who created the super soaker is not mulatto. Both his parents are obviously black, maybe his great great great great great grand parents may have been but he is not. Madam Cj Walker created several products for black hair, which is not a multi-billion dollar industry. Those patents you mentioned led up to inventions and many were taken from slaves and the slave master took credit.

Like you said there are hundreds and thousands of moths, but they're still called moths right? The same goes for people right? Moths come in different shapes, colors and sizes. The same goes for people and dogs.

The fact that you generalize and entire group off of some people. All black people aren't on welfare and criminals. There are more black men in college than in prison contrary to what the media would allow you to believe.

I believe if civilization has to be created by taking land from a group and enslaving another. In all honest if it hadn't been for people being so heartless towards other behind color, America would not be were it is.

Diamed said...

All African Americans are ~25% white and therefore I should've said he was a quadroon, not a mulatto, but nevertheless I can always credit his genius to the white side of his heritage. There's no proof a pure African can do the same. But the larger joke here is we're talking about the super soaker. The super soaker is the only non-hoax invention blacks can honestly claim is their own. . .

In Entine's book about why blacks are genetically gifted athletes, it mentions as a well known given 'Compared to Whites, Blacks have narrower hips which gives them a more efficient stride.' Any number of studies have shown this to be true and can be googled easily.

They are still called moths, but scientists insist they're all different species. Every one of those moths is a different species. Hundreds of thousands of different species of moths. But just one race, the human race? So moths are more different from each other by 100,000 times the magnitude than humans vary from each other? It just doesn't compute.

Blacks get into college due to affirmative action, none of them earned their spot. Until affirmative action is rescinded, blacks can't claim any achievement as their own. Not at college, not in the workplace, nowhere but athletics which is the only time blacks are evaluated strictly on merit. Maybe in music and show business too, but I'm even leery of granting that, since a lot of people want to look good by being fans of their art simply because they're black, not because they're any good.

America had to be heartless to become great. The reward for all that killing and whipping is the strongest, richest, and greatest force for good the world has ever known. Not only were we behind the green revolution that now feeds billions of people worldwide, we saved the world from communism which killed one hundred million people and enslaved billions worldwide, so all the harm we did in the past has easily been repaid in the present. Look at all the lovely skylines of our major cities and tell me you'd still prefer Indian tribes wandering across the plains. No thank you.

JW said...

Woah wait a minute, no you can not say some one did not deserve their success are education thats ludacris. I personally know a black teenager who scored a perfect act score and by that was awarded a full scholarship to any college of his choice! Affirmative action does not change ACT scores. If a person is good at something they're good at. To me it seems as if you are trying to down play blacks as if they are no good at anything, not true. Rock and roll was created by blacks and taken by whites who watched them, along with plenty of songs that were popular in the 60s and 70s. Tyler perry is not only an actor. He made his own plays, movies and he is also a real estate agent. He made it from being homeless and having talent, using that talent to create a brand, making that brand a million dollar business. Brittney Exline graduated high school at age 15. She graduated university at 19 as cum laude. She was the school's youngest engineer. She speaks, spanish, french, Japanese, Russian, Arabic and German. Rochelle Ballantyne is 17 and one of the top chess players in the world. She is on the verge of earning the title of chess master. Stephen Stafford II enrolled at Morehouse College at 12 years old.

You stepped completely over the fact that I stated that Madam cj walker created several black hair care products which is now a multi-billion dollar industry. That contributes to the United States GDP! She invented several products.

You said that blacks were naturally gifted athletes but in the same breath you said they weren't really as good because people are fans because they're black.. makes no since. The amount of fans doesn't determine how good a athlete is. How good they are at the game determines how many fans they have. When it comes to winning a game color doesn't matter to people because if that was the case no one who disliked black people would watch football or basketball.

I find it crazy that people call blacks animals and not human. When there are people raping dogs and horses and little kids. When people are being mutilated by others. All races do that though and yet blacks are the only unhuman race?

A person who can't act doesn't get a big acting gig, a person who can't sing can't perform acapella. Therfore, no one without talent will have a big role, or be signed by a company, that produces real music that is. Movies are based from what the director and producers want if they want black they're going to get a black person. If they want an Asian they'll get an Asian person. White, Hispanic anything.

Why do you have to compared everything to a white. In my opinion they are not the absolute best. They aren't the greatest of all people are the standard human.

JW said...

I ignored the patent thing at earlier because it was something I wasn't concerned with, but it just hit me. A patent is the right to an invention, which is what blacks had to get in order to ensure their inventions weren't stolen. Then you stated that they were useless. Garret Morgan patented (created and reserved the rights to) the gas mask, used by firefighters and underwater divers today. Philip B. Downing, on October 27th 1881 patented his NEW invention (the mailbox) to protect mail. Frederick jones created the refrigeration transport system (transport food)in 1935 and patented it in 1945. Washington Martin made the original lock better, which made today's locks possible. Alice parker created ventilated heating system(moving heat throughout a building ) Philip Emeagwali (Nigerian) invented the world's fastest computers, by observing the honeycomb. He is noted as "Father of the Internet" He has contributed to making oil fields more productive, which is saving the U.S hundreds of millions dollars a year. His computers are currently being used to forecast the weather and predict the likelihood and effects of future global warming.