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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Filtering is the key to Human Happiness and Our very Survival:

Filtering systems need to be put in place in order for communities to prosper.  People need to be filtered until they are of homogeneous worth, both economically and morally, so that individuals can interact with each other in a positive and mutually beneficial manner.

Imagine the completely unsorted world.  You go outside, and everyone around you is obnoxious and dangerous.  They catcall women as they walk by.  They bump into you unless you get out of their way and pick a fight with you if you give them a dirty look.  They boom their music at all hours and shatter beer bottles on the road just for fun.  Women are constantly screaming even though they're not actually in peril just to liven things up.  Gunshots are a common refrain in the distance, even though there should be no reason for anyone to be shooting anything.  A variety of people just sit on the porch and vacantly stare at you with marijuana or stronger drugs in their hands.  Graffiti and litter is everywhere and the whole neighborhood looks run down without proper yard or house care.

If you go to school, the place is a hell of loud chatter and bullies pushing and punching anyone they dislike.  You can't learn anything because the teacher can't even get the class to sit down and be quiet and therefore can never proceed with the day's lesson plan.  If you stand out by acting intelligent and doing your lessons diligently, you'll be attacked by various direct and indirect measures by all the other students for being a 'teacher's pet.'  You won't be able to have an intelligent conversation with anyone else, so you'll go through life without any friends because there is no one on your level that you can respect and have anything in common with.

Once you graduate from this 'school,' such as it is, you're put into a college full of affirmative action graduates who don't belong there and didn't score remotely as highly on their entrance tests as you did.  Again, they misbehave, are completely unintelligent, and drag down the professor who has to grade everyone easily and basically abandon all pretense of teaching the course material in order to not be called racist by failing too many minorities.  Like usual, you easily graduate this 'college' as well and enter the workforce.

There you are met yet again by a new crop of affirmative action hires who were required to be hired in order to fill quotas and for the company to not be sued by disparate impact lawsuits.  You end up doing the work of everyone around you as well as your own work load, because no one else can do anything.  Your boss is an affirmative action hire who was promoted in order to fill a quota in upper level management ranks and he doesn't understand anything you are doing, how you or doing it, or why it takes the amount of time it does.  You again can't make any friends because everyone is stupid and hostile.  Even though they are all there without any semblance of merit, instead of being grateful for being given this opportunity, they bristle at any sign of competence or actual quality because it makes them feel ashamed of themselves.  They will accuse you, no matter how nice you are, of being a racist, sexist, homophobic oppressor and will eventually sue you just for doing your job so well it makes them look bad.

The average IQ of the world is 88.  This means everyone around you is functionally retarded.  They cannot read a newspaper article and understand what it says.  They cannot speak in coherent sentences, or write in coherent sentences, so communicating with them is nearly impossible.  That is if they even speak a version of English with an accent you can understand.  By 2090, world IQ average will be 85, and it only keeps on tanking from there.  Each subsequent generation of children will be stuck in an even worse hellhole of a world and hellish life history than the previous one.

In an unsorted world, your neighbors, your coworkers, the kids you go to school with, your city, your entire country, anywhere you try to run or hide, will all be 85 IQ and they'll all be gibbering morons, criminals, bullies, jerks, buzzed out of their minds on drugs and alcohol, endlessly whining victims, and extremely jealous and surly towards you who are naturally superior to them in all ways.  By the way, they'll also all have STD's and be horrendously obese, so don't even think about getting into a romantic relationship with them.

This isn't the world we live in today only due to filters.  We have borders which have managed to keep out the billions of worthless human garbage that live out in the third world, at least so far.  How long that continues to be the case with the liberals and libertarians pushing for open borders immigration remains to be seen.

In addition to national borders, we have class borders.  By buying an extremely expensive house in a 'good' neighborhood, you can make sure that your community is full of high class neighbors just like yourself.  This will likely be 90%+ white/asian, but can also have a sprinkling of high class blacks or hispanics who buck their stereotypical trends, and are pleasant enough to get along with because they have assimilated to high class manners and behavior that is expected of places that still maintain levels of gentlemanly decorum.  Schools in these high class neighborhoods automatically consist of the children of these high achieving neighbors, so your children will grow up only around the best people from the beginning.  Since genetics is practically the sole determiner of the quality of children, having high class parents ensures that the children in school will also all be high class as well.  Then your children will easily be able to make friends and find lovers that are exactly on their level, and they will be able to learn from each other and encourage each other to ever higher heights by competing in even competitions intellectually and conscientiously speaking.  Once they graduate their high quality public or private school, they can be sent to a high quality private college like Harvard, which has genuine admission standards, another filter put in place to ensure the quality of life for those who actually enter Harvard.

This merit based filter allows the people who go to college to receive genuine good course work that can challenge and inspire them to do well in future workplace endeavors.  In addition, they'll find another crop of good friends and potential marriage partners as everyone around them is equally hard working and intelligent as they are.  Once they enter the workplace, there are all sorts of filters like bar exams, medical exams, and simply the filter of companies that only hire from prestigious colleges, which were already filtered, and thus the workplace is automatically filtered as well.  Their coworkers will again only be the best of the best, and they'll find a new crop of friends and lovers with whom they can share their hearts and open their minds to without fear of reprisal.

Filters.  It's all about filters.  If you can just filter the people around you, life will be heaven on Earth.  If you can't, it's hell on Earth.  Your entire quality of life is decided ahead of time by how well you can filter the riffraff and trash away from you and yours.  It's about whether or not you can actually meet people whose company you enjoy in your daily life, or if such people remain just a phantom of the imagination and everyone around you actually looks no different from toxic sludge.

However, even these filters aren't good enough because of liberalism.  It may be that everyone you meet is responsible, intelligent, and productive.  But if they espouse poisonous filth as their highest ideal, they're just as bad as before, if not worse than the common thugs who stick to thinking about sex and drugs all day.  If the first thing a girl asks on a date is 'how do you define oppression?'  Or you have to hang out with friends who go on and on about how much they want to erase the very filters that created their idyllic life and flood their city with black Africans and how very miserly we were to not have given 90% of the job and college slots to underprivileged inner city Americans blah blah blah, you're just in a new Orwellian hell where telling the truth is a revolutionary act and will earn you complete ostracism and blacklisting.  Where everything is upside down and no hint of reality ever enters anyone's brain, and everything you are ever told by everyone is how evil and oppressive and exploitive you are towards these billions of trash people you never interacted with once in your life and never wanted to interact with once in your life in the first place.

Therefore, communities must be allowed to filter on an ideological level as well.  It's impossible to get along with people who hate you intrinsically just for being white, male, rich, or straight.  It's impossible to interact with liberals because they just insult you to your face every day and if you ever fight back they ratchet up the insults to ever higher levels of 'clown,' 'knuckle-dragger,' 'paranoid,' 'nazi,' 'violent extremist,' blah blah blah.  Liberals may love talking to each other in 'safe spaces' where all of their self-congratulatory material bounces back and forth between each other in a giant group hug of self loathing, but people who prefer to live in the real world want nothing to do with all this junk they come up with in ivory towers.

Why can't liberals all get together and live in their own filtered universe of pure liberalism, and let us live in our world of race, sex, and sexuality realism?  The majority of men, at least, want nothing to do with this politically correct bullshit.  We just want to be left alone and stop being insulted.  In addition, we want to stop paying taxes to support liberals' crazy stupid schemes that are the main source of liberal employment.  (Suspiciously convenient, that)

Communities should be able to filter out groups based on their beliefs as well as their behavior, because even if you behave well if you speak like a Maoist thought police enforcer you're a worse scourge than rap boom boxes.  Obviously this applies to religion as well.  Everyone in a community should belong to the same faith, or lack thereof, so that no one offends anyone else and everyone feels like they're on the same team.  Just look how bad Northern Ireland was based on the minor differences between Protestantism and Catholicism within the same religion of Christianity.  Or look at the 30 year's war that wiped out 1/3 of the population of Germany, or what Spain did to Holland, or the 4th Crusade that sacked Byzantium for being Eastern Orthodox.  We've had enough religious conflicts in history and there's no need for diversity to cause any more of them.  In addition, I really have no interest with meeting or speaking to any religious person, as their beliefs are patently absurd and offensive and I find the people who still cling to them in this day and age to lack any quality I could possibly respect in them.

Once people were sorted by their political leanings, their religion, and their class, you could actually get along with your neighbors, form romantic partnerships, and produce a new generation of children who grow up in an environment and with peers of your choosing which you support.  In other words, a wholesome environment that supports you and embraces the way you want to raise up your children instead of constantly brainwashing them to believe the exact opposite of what you yourself wanted to impart to them.

What happens when you can't do this?  The answer is found in Putnam's book 'Bowling Alone.'  When faced with diversity, people pull into their shells and refuse to leave their homes.  There are no community activities, no social interactions, no volunteers, everyone just hides in their castle and watches tv, afraid to leave the one place they can be safe from insult or injury due to the friction they will inevitably find upon meeting others who aren't like them.

People prefer people like themselves.  In fact, marriage rarely occurs outside a narrow band of IQ, wealth, and educational achievement levels.  Also, marriages across religious, racial, political or other lines are always more tense and prone to failure than ones that stay homogeneous across the board.  In fact, friends are more closely related to each other, genetically, than strangers are even when they belong to the same race and ostensibly all look similar to one another.  We only want to be around people of whom we approve and of whom approve of us.  We don't like getting into fights and we don't like being called names.  If that's how the world is going to be despite our best wishes, we just stay inside and do nothing and see no one.

Diversity is destroying the very concept of community and the family.  No one can even find a marriage partner or reproduce in a setting where everyone has to huddle inside their bunkers instead of ever going out to meet anyone.  This diversity can be invisible until your date starts prattling on about the patriarchy, but it's always there lurking like a trap to catch the unaware, and it can be so discouraging if you keep thinking you have a friend but then learning they have unacceptable political beliefs that you end up just not even wanting to try anymore.  You lose engagement and just crawl back into your hobbit hole and turn off the lights.  What's the point?  Without filtering, because people are so varied and unique and different, the odds of ever meeting a soulmate are a billion to one.  Only through filtering can you increase those odds up to manageable levels and eventually reach the 100% that everyone in this world deserves.

If everyone is presorted to be a match with each other, no one would have any troubles at all.  Everyone would have friends, family, coworkers, neighborhoods, and city wide communities they'd love to interact with every day.  We'd live like the freaking three musketeers, one for all and all for one.  And our children and grandchildren, being genetically similar to us and raised in the same thoughtways as we have, will get along with us and each other as well, and the community will only be knit ever closer as time wiles by.

Filtering is the greatest path to happiness possible to man.  It's the foundation behind everything.  Without it, we lose any capacity to experience love or fellowship, and any chance at even creating the next generation.  It isn't a coincidence that the birth rates around the world are below replacement level and mankind is headed for extinction.  How the hell can anyone be expected to fall in love and form a lasting relationship when everyone is so different and everyone hates each other from the start?  There's no attempt at matchmaking, and thus matches are never made.  Go figure!

Meanwhile the Amish and the Mormons are all having a ball in their own self filtered communities, marrying young and having tons of children and surrounded by tons of friends who all think and act and speak the way they do every day.  They are laughing at us every day as they walk to church together arm in arm.  And we just rot away celebrating diversity, stuck inside our homes, surrounded by boom boxes and gunshots, watching tv.

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