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Saturday, August 22, 2015

How to Really Make America Great Again:

Trump thinks he can make America great again by repealing free trade agreements and sorting out the border.  This is an ignorant and naive perspective.  It's the best candidate we've had in a long time, but I still wish that the American public were willing to support someone much, much better.

There are huge problems gripping America, and the entire world, today and nothing Trump proposes would fix any of them.

Here is what would make America great again, or any nation that adopted these principles.

1.  Immigration control -- only allow in immigrants who can assimilate into your country and would have a positive economic impact on your country.  High value immigrants with shared beliefs and values.

2.  Birth licensing -- only allow children to be born to high value parents who can guarantee it a good upbringing and good genes.  Parents would only have the right to reproduce if they were a monogamous, married, straight couple with 120 IQ or above.  The child would be genetically screened ahead of time and mandatorily aborted if there were any known genetic defects.  They would also have to invest, up front, in $1 million in US treasury bonds which would then be set aside for exclusive use by the child to do with as they see fit upon being certified by either their parents or a governmental agency any child can appeal to at any time as having reached mature adulthood.  As such, there would be no such thing as poverty left in America within one generation.

3.  Education -- abolish education.  Children should learn, or not learn, whatever they want.  None of it is any use anyway in the upcoming machine economy.  Furthermore, all children will have a million dollars at birth so they can all retire at birth anyway.  They don't need any job skills if they don't want them.

4.  Crime -- the death penalty for all sexual assaults, assaults, thefts, vandalism, arson, murder, etc.  Legalize and revoke all minor offenses.

5.  Social Ills -- Allow cities to charter themselves as 'smoke-free,' 'drug-free,' 'alcohol-free,' 'adultery-free' or any other social ill free they please.  If they want to be pet free, that's fine.  If they want to be abortion free, that's also fine.  Devolve all these choices down to local authorities and let people live in whatever manner they please.  However, you cannot be a free rider where only you are sinning while everyone else around you carries your weight by maintaining high standards of virtue.  Everyone is in it together, whether purity or depravity, sink or swim.  Anyone who breaks the local law when they could just leave to a more permissive city can be punished however the locals please, torture, death, whatever, if they're stupid enough to not do as the Romans do when in Rome that's their problem.

6.  Trade -- revoke all restrictions on trade at the federal level.  Localities can control drugs from reaching their individual cities but the federal government should have free trade in all things as the a priori position.  Naturally this includes getting rid of all tariffs.

7.  Diversity -- Localities can decide whether they wish to celebrate diversity or be 'black-free,' 'gay-free,' and so on.  Just like with social ills everyone can have whatever system they want to live under.

8.  Marriage -- Localities can decide whether marriage is an actual binding contract or just a flippant word signifying nothing.  Localities can allow gay marriage or not as they see fit.  Localities can enforce their laws to any extent, death, torture, whatever.

9.  The Environment -- population must always stay below what is sustainable for the land we live on and the resources we use.  Resource use cannot exceed resource replenishment rates.  Water, air, and other public goods must of course be vigilantly maintained at high quality levels.

10.  Health Care -- Get the government out of health care.  Everyone will have a million dollars to buy whatever health care out of pocket, or whatever insurance, they please.  They can take their own chances.

11.  Sound Currency -- The worth of the dollar should neither inflate nor deflate.  If the GDP increases, the fed should print more money.  If the GDP decreases, the fed should remove money from the system.

12.  Banks -- abolish all banks except as secure holders of people's money.  Issue no debt to anyone under any circumstances.  If they can't get by on a million dollars that's their problem.

13.  Freedom of Speech -- ban any punishment to anyone for speaking the truth and prosecute anyone who attempts to do so.  If something is possibly true then that also counts as being protected speech.  No private individual or entity like a corporation can punish anyone in any private capacity like not hiring or firing or not promoting someone for speech that is supported by the facts.  Ban any slander or defamation of anyone on account of having spoken the truth or what might be the truth.  Ban any censorship of people trying to communicate the truth to one another through any medium, whether it's 'privately owned' or not.  Get rid of all copyright laws and allow the free movement of all information and communication between all.  If anyone is caught lying on a provable factual matter and does not apologize and publically recant his lie he is to be put to death.  This would include any organized religious teaching as it's all obviously factually impossible.

14.  Foreign Policy -- maintain peaceful relations with everyone possible.  Abolish the conventional military.  Use nuclear weapons via space, sea, air, underwater submarines, etc, to assure mutual destruction to anyone who would attempt to harm us via direct physical attack/invasion.  Make it known that any sort of blockade or sanctions on the US would also be met with instant nuclear annihilation of the parties trying to choke us out.

15.  Taxes and Spending -- Abolish all current federal taxes and federal spending programs that do not unequivocally help all people equally at all times.  (For instance, asteroid detection is okay, social security is not okay)  Put in a federal sales tax to fund all remaining government functions and raise or lower it based on the cost of fulfilling the government's extremely small remaining functions, like maintaining public roads and other infrastructure.  Localities can determine their own taxing and spending policies for their own local scale projects and needs and priorities.

16.  Freedom of Association -- Any group, of any size, so long as they own a geographically contiguous area outside of another already incorporated locality, can declare themselves a locality of their own and establish whatever local laws they see fit for their group.  They may also secede from the nation entirely if they so please and take their privately owned land with them.

17.  Law -- This would replace the US constitution and all other laws on the books.  The legislative branch would cease to exist after this point, as no further laws could possibly be conducive to the nation's welfare.  All lawyers would lose their jobs and people would argue their own cases in court before machine judges which just establish simple matters of fact and enforce the law accordingly with perfect objectivity.  There would be no further elections as nothing but machine judges are needed to continue the operations of the government.  On the local scale, direct democracy referendums can determine whatever local policies they wish to enforce, whether it be affirmative action or segregation.

If we enacted these reforms, America could indeed become great again.  Or to be more precise, those local areas that chose a traditionalist and race realist local law code would become great again, while the liberals would all rot away in their own self created hells.  But the difference is the liberals would no longer have the ability or the right to drag the rest of us down with them.

Anything short of policy measures this radical will not solve the problems that are making America a 'loser,' as Trump so poignantly put it.  We don't win anymore.  The reason is liberalism.  Liberalism, hedonism, egalitarianism, all of this is too firmly rooted in the American psyche to abolish and put down entirely.  Therefore it's better if liberals and conservatives just went their own way and agreed to disagree in each and every city and county as they see fit.  In addition, no matter how oppressive a restriction of your freedom you live under, you only have your own consent to blame for it, because you could have always moved if you didn't like it.  No one can ever whine about being oppressed again, about anything.

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