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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Talent, Talent, Everywhere:

99 Great Authors, 170 Great Anime, 94 Great Seiyuu, 91 Great Manga, 48 Distinguished Eroge Companies, 41 Distinguished non-eroge video game franchises, 200 Beautiful Anime Girls, 20 Good Live Action movie franchises and 10 Good Live Action TV franchises.

That's a lot of hall of fames, when you add them up and put them together.  The Great Anime list will continue to rise, as it always has ever since I started it, due to new good anime constantly coming out every season.  The Great authors list is pretty much done, as it's unlikely a new good author will appear out of nowhere who hasn't already been identified as good this late in the game.  The same is true of the great Seiyuu list, most of them are old talents who have been in the industry since forever.  The same is true of the Good Manga list.  It takes years for a new manga to establish itself as worth reading, so it's unlikely the list can grow much from where it presently stands.  It takes a really good game for a new company to break into the eroge industry.  When you're competing against known quality works coming out virtually every month, dumping $100 onto a complete unknown is pretty difficult to swallow.  As a result, I don't see my featured companies list growing much larger any time soon.  The same is true of video games, but for a different reason.  Game development is so expensive that seldom does anyone stray from established good franchises and try out something new.  As a result, it's unlikely any new good franchises will ever be invented again in the gaming industry.  The movie industry has the same curse.  Enormous budgets are required for a single movie, so you're taking a huge risk when you go outside the established fan favorites.  As for TV shows, the reason they're never any good is just plain lack of talent.  Aside from sports programs, which cater naturally to television viewing, a good tv show is as rare as a blue moon.

It's so nice having exactly on the dime 200 Beautiful Anime Girls to point to.  If only all my rankings were such perfectly round numbers.  However, I suspect this perfect symmetry will be broken eventually, because anime is constantly churning out more bishoujos alongside its new good series, so this list will have to grow concurrently with the growth of great anime series it tends to coincide with.

It would be great to get the Great Anime List up to 200 someday, the Great Seiyuu list up to 100, the Great Manga list up to 100, the Distinguished Eroge Companies up to 50, and the Great Video Game franchises up to 50.  There just needs to be more talent in the market to justify such round numbers, you can't force things into categories that don't belong there without spoiling all the fun.

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