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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ryoko Ono:

The newest addition to my great seiyuu list, 'anime voices,' is Ryoko Ono.  She's the voice talent behind Mirajane in Fairy Tail.  There's just something unique about her kind and comforting voice when she plays the role of this ultimately melancholy girl.  It's like she's always fighting depression in herself, and that plays out in her trying to make everyone around her happy as well.

Mirajane, in other words Ryoko Ono, has a hauntingly beautiful singing voice, to the point that she even ends up singing the ending theme for the show herself.  If her role as Mirajane weren't enough (and it is), she's also important as Sasara, the student council president, in To Heart 2, and a variety of roles in lesser works.  It would certainly be nice to hear her sweet chiming voice in other places, but so long as Fairy Tail keeps airing Ryoko Ono will continue to shine well into the future, and that works out fine too.

Meanwhile, my Beautiful Anime Girls list has been updated with lots more pictures of Lucy, Wendy, Levy and Mirajane because they're even more captivating than before in blu-ray.

To cap off my permapost improvements, I included a ranking system for visual novel making companies, to coincide with my ranking system for seiyuu, manga, anime, authors, movies and tv shows.  I figure the more information the better, and rankings are a good way of informing people of the most vital things, so why not add rankings to the visual novel section too, right?

There are currently 49 visual novel companies worthy of mention.  If I notice more, I'll add them in.  It would be nice to hit 50.  For seiyuu, the list is now 95 voices, just five more until I reach one hundred.  Talent, talent, everywhere.

Meanwhile, Hanayamata is now fully out in subbed blu ray, thanks to Sally Subs.  Now's the time to start rewatching from the glorious beginning.

The Iran nuclear deal is a good idea.  I don't honestly care whether Iran gets a nuclear bomb or not, because Iran is not an aggressive country and hasn't invaded anyone in centuries.  If anything they're the constant victim of aggression from abroad, and could use nukes for self defense.  If people haven't noticed yet, all the terrorism against America has been due to Sunni terrorist groups, like Al Qaeda, and the Iranians are fighting those very groups as we speak.  We should consider them our friends and allies, not our enemies.  But whatever.  If we can't just let Iran free, the least we can do is make a deal like this where we don't end up in another stupid Middle Eastern war.  This is loads better than what McCain had in store for us.  Yet again I'm thankful for Obama's election, the seemingly only sane individual in America, while Republicans are constantly calling for wars with Russia, China, Iran, etc, etc, etc.  Can't we just leave well enough alone?

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