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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Summer is Coming Like a Lion:

Charlotte, the newest key anime masterpiece, begins this July.  It joins an already star-studded summer lineup to yet again eclipse the coming spring season, now only one week away from debuting but already rendered virtually invisible.

Alongside this announcement comes good news from 5pb -- Chaos;Child is getting an anime, the sequel game to the decent Chaos;Head game/anime.  In addition, Steins;Gate is getting a sequel anime.  As though we needed one.  But whatever, more Steins;Gate is always better than nothing.  I'll be looking forward to what they do next with this show.  Higurashi has certainly had a lot of excellent ova spinoffs even after its main storyline ended years ago.

The Happiness Charge Pretty Cure movie is out courtesy of Doremi fansubs, which is definitely worth a look, even though generally the DX movies tend to be better.

I won't be able to watch any new anime until April 24th, so I can't do any spring first impressions until the season is already 1/3 finished, obviously too late to matter.  I'll comment on the anime once I get to watch it eventually, so 'stay tuned' I guess until then.  What I can say is Doremi's new Ojamajo release looks great (though it still strangely has some translation errors.  Oh well.), as does DorianHD's blu-ray Fairy Tail release.  There's nothing like a sharp image and bright colors to bring out the best in a show.

Since politics are inevitably based on basic facts, and basic facts are not up for debate but simply true, there is no point discussing politics with others.  They can either get informed or get out of the way.  This is why discussion of art is such a richer soil to plow in.  Art is subjective and can be interpreted in a multiplicity of ways.  No one can deny the facts of art.  Either it is mentioned in the source material or it is not.  The author's word is God, and no one can dispute anything stated as a fact in revealed source material.  Since the basic facts can all be agreed upon, only the interpretation of those facts is up for debate, which makes for a much more rational and intellectually interesting discussion.  Everyone plays by the rules and everyone plays fair, and whether the artistic subject is well written or not is based entirely on how well you argue your case as to its pros and cons.  Just as you can't debate a sports score, and a basketball game ends in either a win or a loss, no one can debate that Sasuke married Sakura in the end.  That simply happened.  There are no Sasuke x Sakura deniers like there are heredity deniers in politics.  As a result, Naruto can be discussed fruitfully and rationally.  March Madness can be discussed fruitfully and rationally.  Politics and religion cannot be.  All disagreements in those fields must eventually be settled by the sword.

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