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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Soul Eater Not! Blu-ray Done:

Many blu-ray projects seem to be ending simultaneously these days, projects that have gone on for years without any sign of progress.  Synchronicity is a truly wondrous curiosity in this mysterious marvelous world of ours.

This time Soul Eater Not! has come out in blu-ray in full.  By the nice fansubbers over at [Rush_Job], we get episodes 7-12 all at once.  Soul Eater Not aired during the spring 2014 season, so we get the blu-ray's almost exactly one year later.  That's a lot faster than poor Love Live Season 2, which barely has had any work done on it even though it's been over a year.  This despite Love Live Season 2 being around ten times as popular as Soul Eater Not.  Don't try to make sense of fansubbing.  It never works. . .

Meanwhile, I've completed my New Year's Day resolution, wherein I've watched every anime in my top anime rankings twice within two years of its original airing, except for the ones that haven't gotten an upcoming promised HD release yet which I'm still waiting for.  The last series on my list that had gotten an HD release but I still hadn't watched twice yet was the first season of Ojamajo Doremi.  Today that season's rewatch was completed.  Doremi's sequel seasons, starting with Sharp, are still in the process of HD remastering, so we'll just have to wait on that side.  For now, it's 'Mission Accomplished.'

Meanwhile, I've added a fun feature at the bottom of my 'Anime Rankings' permapost.  It has a running tally of the total amount of good anime included in my anime rankings, the length of all my shows combined.  This number will continuously grow as franchises get new additions to long-running content, and new series are added to the list entirely.  This is the mountain all anime fans must climb to be counted as true anime fans.  Anything short of this is a lifetime of failure.  This is also the number of episodes of anime content I've managed to watch not once but twice.  Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair.

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