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Friday, April 17, 2015

Blu Ray Extravaganza:

It's not often two great series get a subbed blu-ray release on the same day, but that's our good fortune today.  Finally, finally, someone has translated Little Busters EX episode 8.  It wasn't Refrain Subs, sadly.  It was the good people over at guhehe, who also translate the Haganai light novel series.  This episode comes in the same package as the entire rest of both Little Busters Refrain and Little Busters EX in 1080p blu ray, something even Coalgirls doesn't have on offer.

Darkhollow Little Busters Refrain 1080p is target number one.

Target number two is almost as sweet a deal.  Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun in blu-ray in full.  Previously to now, Gekkan Shoujo only had its first two episodes out in blu ray, and suddenly now the whole series is done at once.  The translator who tackled this project is a hero.  Gekkan Shoujo was one of the outstanding new series from last year, and it's always a good time to rewatch Gekkan Shoujo.  This new blu-ray release is just the excuse we were waiting for.

Neither Bleach nor One Piece released a manga chapter this week.  But in their place, we got a chapter of Fairy Ice Trail and a chapter of Fairy Tail Zero.  That brings Fairy Tail's total chapter count up to 491.  Just 209 chapters behind Naruto now.  Of course, it'll be harder to catch up what with Naruto serializing again starting this April, but that miniseries will also end in time, whereas Fairy Tail will just go on and on.

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