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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Manga Extravaganza:

Today marks the last day I must go without anime.  (Though, to be fair, I still ended up watching a lot of anime this month).  It's a grim day of utter deprivation and famine.  Or, it would have been, had the scanlating world not come up with like a trillion good new manga chapters to read today.

Finally, an accurate translation of Akame ga Kill chapter 58 has emerged over at MangaPanda.  This also allows you to read Akame ga Kill chapter 59 as a bonus side effect.

There's also a new chapter of Hayate no Gotoku, with Hinagiku sporting Hestia's outfit in a gorgeous cover page.

Add in the latest chapter of To Love-ru Darkness, where Rito and Haruna actually kiss, the first kiss in this entire series -- though as a result of accidental falling like usual, so. . .

Then there's a new chapter of One Piece, featuring Luffy's gear 4.

If that weren't epic enough, the new chapter of Bleach has Grimmjow returning.

If that weren't epic enough, Naruto, remember that series?, has a new chapter out as well, with Sarad questioning her parentage of all things in a soap opera drama intensive new chapter.

Then there's a new chapter of Btooom, just to top everything off.

The last day without anime has turned into the biggest manga day ever.  God works in mysterious ways.

Speaking of manga, Fairy Tail is now releasing two chapters a week instead of one.  This is on top of Hiro Mashima drawing special end cards for each anime episode in the latest season.  On top of his also writing and drawing for his other manga Fairy Tail Zero.  On top of his recent Fairy Tail of the Dead omake chapter.  On top of his no doubt necessary oversight for other Fairy Tail manga projects like Ice Trail and Blue Mistral.  Where on Earth does he find the time and energy?  Hiro Mashima is also a God who works in mysterious ways.  I was worried that the Fairy Tail anime would end after the Tartaros arc, but now I suspect the anime is going to continue.  This is because the anime is noticeably, intentionally, dragging the story out with flashbacks and long zooms and the like.  It's looking a lot like One Piece and Naruto who also pulled these same tricks.  Since the Tartaros arc is already finished, there would be no need to slow down the pace unless the anime was already looking ahead to the next arc after that.  And with Mashima writing two chapters a week of that next arc, it doesn't seem unreasonable at all that it too will be finished by the time the anime covers the tartaros content.

Fairy Tail's new Tartaros season somehow looks different from its previous seasons.  But I can't complain, because the girls are still knock-dead gorgeous.  I added seventeen new pictures of Lucy and seventeen new pictures of Wendy to my beautiful anime girls post based on just the last four episodes alone.  Their new outfits, their new emotions, and the various angles they're shown in are all riveting.  The amount of costume changes in Fairy Tail is simply amazing compared to any other shonen artist.  Only Card Captor Sakura can keep up with Hiro Mashima's imagination.  And each time a character gets a costume change, her entire look is renewed, allowing all sorts of new beauty to emerge one never knew about before streaming outwards from the exact same character as before.  Wendy dressed up as Haru from Rave?  By God that's cute. . . I never could have imagined such a bombastic trick until I saw it myself. . .Over max damage attack. . .

Tomorrow I'll get to work on my Spring Season Anime First Impressions.  Until then, there's a lot of fun in mangaland.

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