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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kenichi's Disappointing End:

You're kidding me, right?  Not only has the Kenichi anime come to an abrupt ending, but now so has the manga.

I can only imagine that the manga was suddenly cancelled, because there is no way a story should end naturally this way.  The rivalry between Hermit and Kenichi -- just totally ignored.  Hermit joining Yomi and thus being on a crash course for a rematch against Kenichi -- just totally ignored.  Kensei, the previous disciple of Ryouzanpaku, being a pivotal member of Yami -- just totally ignored.  They never fight him.  Multiple other members of Yami and Yomi who have never once had a fight yet, thus never getting a chance to show their skills -- just totally ignored.

On top of all these foreshadowed events never actually coming to fruition, the climactic last battle putters out with a sigh.  The bad guys suddenly, and inexplicably, just decide to stop fighting and retreat.  Also, for some reason, the good guys decide to just let them go and not press the fight even though it presumably now is in their favor to bring the battle to a conclusion.  After this strange 'no contest' suddenly comes down, the story ends.  That makes no sense.  Even if the bad guys ran away this time, wouldn't they just come back and fight again later?  In which case, doesn't that fight have to be shown as the true last battle, now that this one has been called off?  Simply postponing the fight doesn't change the author's duty, which is to show the final showdown of all the bad guys and how they were defeated.  Many members of Ryouzanpaku have best friends, brothers, parents, children, etc in Yami.  Not a single one of them resolved their differences in the story.  So all of that drama that was set up is just ignored and tossed aside as though it had never happened.  Brilliant!

Such a famous, longstanding manga has now come to a totally ignominious end.  It just goes to show that there's nothing certain in this world.  If the author wasn't interested in doing the Yami storyline correctly, he should have just ended it with the fight against Odin like where the anime ended.  What a stupid waste of time these last 400 chapters have been.

Meanwhile, Scotland is peacefully being given a chance to vote for independence.  A privilege somehow not extended to Crimea, Donetsk, or Luhansk, all of whose votes for independence are considered illegitimate by the same governments and same mainstream media that says Scotland has a right to vote itself free and independent from the UK.  How this makes any principled sense is beyond me.  I support the independence of Scotland and any other group that wishes to secede from its nation, for any reason or no reason at all.  I believe that the authority of government is derived from the consent of its people.  Without that consent, the authority is revoked, and the people have the right to constitute a new government of their own choosing that will best secure their happiness.  The Declaration of Independence explained it all quite thoroughly, so I'm confused why Americans are disagreeing with their own founding fathers, founding philosophy, and founding document.  The same logic that allowed our freedom allows Crimea's freedom, Scotland's freedom, and anyone else's freedom that desires to have it.  But why are hypocrites allowed to talk about the sanctity of borders when it comes to Ukraine while wishing Scotland a happy independence?  What right do they have to open their mouths?  Everyone who supports Scotland's right to a referendum while denying Donetsk's right to a referendum should be lined up and shot.  Hypocrites are the scum of the Earth and have no right to exist, as they've clearly forsworn morality and thus are no longer part of the human fold.  To hell with all of them.  Hypocrisy is the greatest imaginable sin.  I don't care what principles you hold, so long as you're consistent and fair in their application.  But when you just start saying whatever in order to get whatever you want you're no more than a two-legged beast, pretending to be human, sentient, and rational while actually just devouring everyone else like a ravening wolf.  There should be no mercy for these types, whether in this world or the next world.  Death here, torture forever there.

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