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Sunday, September 7, 2014

I Can't Stand it Anymore!:

Glasslip and Aldnoah Zero dropped.  I just can't stand them anymore.  Not one more moment with them.  I hate these shows!  Aaaaghhhhhhhhhh!

I dropped my rankings back down to 165, because there simply aren't 170 series good enough to be worthy of recognition.  There are close to that many, but just not quite enough.  Presumably, the next couple seasons of anime airing will deal with that problem, but I can't include any shows from them until I actually get to see them and judge them for myself.  For now I'll just break my rules again and sink back below the intended threshold.  There's no point advocating for shows I don't truly believe in myself.  If I don't like numbers 166-170, why should anyone else like them?  I'll save these slots for when I need them and plug in new shows when the time comes.

Meanwhile, I moved around my rankings a lot for various reasons.  Now that Little Busters is finished as an anime product, it's pretty obvious that it is not a reasonable facsimile of the finished visual novel product.  The anime is rushed, confused, and cuts far too much material from the book to really be called complete.  The budget being well below what was spent on Clannad, Kanon and Air also hurts.  Still, the music, plot, and length all exceed Kanon's, so 8th place will do.  Instead of the anime, people would be better served to just read the visual novel (whenever it actually gets translated.)  It worked for Rewrite and Planetarian, so it may as well apply to LB EX too.  Not to mention Kud Wafter, which isn't getting any anime adaption at all.

Fairy Tail has been moved back down to 10th because there's no guarantee the rest of the manga will be good, nor is there any guarantee it will all be animated to the end like Naruto is being.  It could cut off halfway like Bleach instead.  Naruto moves up to 2nd because it actually is being animated in full all the way to the end -- the first series of its kind that will be faithfully and well animated from beginning to end.  I have faith One Piece will do the same some day in the future, so it stays #1 for now.

Sword Art Online is moving up to #3 because there seems to be more evidence in favor of the series continuing into the fall.  Of course, it's still too early to tell, but for now I feel like the story will be continuing into Mother's Rosario and thus deserve infinite love and praise far beyond what it currently pertains.

Cross Game moves up to 7th because I seriously cannot find a flaw with this show, not something I can say about Little Busters and beyond, which is full of poor adaptations of its source material, etc.

Dragonball moves up to 14th because it's hard to keep a good series down.

Bake-etc-monogatari dropped to 15th because there's still no solid announcement of a final season covering the remaining light novels or the Kizumonogatari movie.  Maybe it'll just end like this?  Who knows?

Major moved to 18th because long + reaches the ending is a miraculous combination.  Inuyasha dropped down to 30th because despite having the exact same virtues as described above concerning Major, it lacks as much emotion and heart, and is ultimately a shallow adventure with no lasting theme.  Saki definitely packs a stronger punch than Inuyasha in this department.

Gekkan Shoujo moved up to 108 because it's one of the best comedy anime series out there.

Meanwhile, Kenichi is stuck at 107 because no more anime of it is coming out, even though the anime ends at such a dramatic cliffhanger.  That's terrible!  Curse them!  I want to see what happens next!  Even though I've already read the manga I want to see it in color and motion!

Subbers have finally got caught up with their anime backlog.  Everything that needs to be subbed has been subbed.  That's a nice feeling.  Just one month until the fall anime season and my missing five slots can be filled. . .

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