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Monday, March 24, 2014

Cure Pine and Nico Robin:

With virtually everyone else from the One Piece cast in my great voices list, Nico Robin was feeling a little left out.  In fact, it's Nico's eternal curse that she's 'hitori bochi'.  There's no need for that anymore.  After her fantastic performance at Enies Lobby and as Olvia, Nico's mom in Ohara, she can join the rest of her crew in the great voice acting list with 'mune hatte.'  Welcome to the crew, Yuriko Yamaguchi.

Since I'm adding to my voice acting list anyway, this is a good opportunity to add another character who also features in One Piece, Miss Goldenweek.  She's better known as Cure Pine, one of the most underrated Pretty Cure in the franchise.  She steals the show whenever she's on screen, and may even by my favorite Pretty Cure, despite virtually not existing.  A lot of that is due to the fantastic voice acting of her character, by the little known and little used seiyuu Akiko Nakagawa.

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