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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Good Anime News:

Kin-iro Mosaic is getting a second season, just like I asked for only a couple weeks ago!  It appears Santa is granting wishes early this year.  I have Kin-iro Mosaic ranked just below Yuru Yuri, at 78 as opposed to Yuru's 72, so it's only fitting that they both be of equal length to each other.  They're very similar shows in a variety of ways.  On that note, Yuru Yuri is getting some new Oav's as well.  Congratulations to both shows!

In other good news, Fate Kaleid Liner Zwei is airing this summer, followed by the Fate/Stay Night remake this autumn.  There's still no proof the remake will follow the Heaven's Feel route but one can always hope.

In addition, the new Hayate no Gotoku oav's will begin releasing this summer.  Not far from now.

Hanamonogatari, the next installment of the Monogatari series, will be airing this May, so it's an additional show for this already stellar Spring anime lineup.

The World God Only Knows manga is coming to an end soon.  It will be sad, but it looks like it's coming to a satisfying conclusion so that's always good.  Meanwhile, Ken Akamatsu is serializing a new manga, UQ Holder, which is a sequel spinoff of his Negima series.  Let's hope this sequel answers all the unresolved questions from his previous series, the only thing lacking in the otherwise perfect manga known as Negima Sensei.

It's not Full Metal Panic, but a series by the same author, Amagi Park, is getting an anime by the vaunted studio Kyoto Animation.  This combinations sounds very promising.

The Soul Eater Not manga is coming to an end, so the anime might manage to cover the entirety of the story in one go, which is always nice considering the random filler ending the original series received.

Thanks to Coalgirls, all of Railgun S is out subbed in blu-ray.  Kiniro Mosaic is out subbed in blu-ray thanks to Doki.  Even Shinsekai Yori is now out, in full, subbed, in blu-ray.  This is a show that's been waiting for such a release for quite a long time now, so it's good to see this project finally completed.  Oreimo season 2, Ranma 1/2 box set 2 and Record of Lodoss War are out subbed in blu-ray as well.  Collectors of the world rejoice!

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