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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Saya Tokido and Jiraiya Sensei:

There's always room for more great voices to be recognized on my list.  So long as people continue to impress me, I'll keep adding them in.  This is a more the merrier situation, after all.  Since I have them listed in the order of their quality, I can safely add new ones without associating them with the very top, as there's still a clear line between the two.  But the two who have come to my attention recently are Harumi Sakurai, playing as Saya Tokido in Little Busters Ecstasy, and Houchu Ohtsuka, who plays as Tenebrae in Tales of Symphonia 2.

Both of these voice actors tend to work in games as much as anime, so they aren't as well known in anime as they could be, but that's true of many other voices I love, like Tomoe Tamiyasu.  So long as you're good, it shouldn't matter how little work you receive.  Quality is quality.

Harumi Sakurai plays the hysteric Saya in Little Busters, and the strong willed Yurippe in Angel Beats, hitting both roles out the park.  Beyond that, she doesn't really need to prove herself any further.  However, she's also the heart and soul of Fairy Tail, the voice actress behind Lisanna.  She's also the move-pointer in Index, who beat up the more famous teleporter from Railgun Kuroko, Awaki Musujime.  I'll be looking forward to her role in Nanana's Buried Treasure this spring.

Houchu Ohtsuka, meanwhile, is best known for his role as Jiraiya in Naruto.  He's also in Index, 'Terra of the Left'.  He's King Jigochu in Doki Doki Precure, Montblanc Norland in One Piece, Gates in Full Metal Panic, and a variety of other roles.  He'll be a vital character in the upcoming Dragonar series as well.

Speaking of Index, an 'important announcement' will be made this coming April 10th, which is very likely to be the announcement for the third season of the anime.  If so, it's delightful news for one of the best franchises in storytelling.

There's also good news in other fronts.  A new Macross tv series has been announced.  The World God Only Knows Megami-hen is fully out in blu-ray thanks to the sub group Vivid.  Doki is covering Sakura Trick's blu-rays and already released the first volume.  Dw8 Xl is out, as is FF X-X2 HD.  It's a good time to be a gamer.

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