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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another Explanation for the Citizen's Dividend:

The main objection to the citizen's dividend is that people don't have to work to earn it. It's just free money. People immediately begin to imagine a bunch of ill-dressed 'scroungers,' 'looters,' 'moochers,' and every other horror they've gotten used to ascribing to welfare.

This is unfortunate, because there are so many differences between the citizen's dividend, and welfare. For one thing, people Do earn their citizen's dividend. How? By being a good citizen.

I ask a lot out of Vinlanders. Not all of it is fun or easy. For one thing, they have to marry by age 20, have two kids by age 25, and they can't divorce. Adultery would be a crime and even pre-marital sex would have severe pressure put against it. Compared to the easy going lives of today, where people avoid all personal responsibility when it comes to sex, or their genetic responsibility to their ancestors and descendants when it comes to reproduction, I'm asking a lot MORE from my citizens than America does today.

Gays can't even fulfill my requirements for citizenship, marriage and two children, so they'd have to leave the country, that's certainly a hard row for them to hoe. Bisexuals would have to restrict themselves to members of the other sex. All sorts of other degeneracy, like promiscuity, polygamy, prostitution, trans-sexuals, transvestites, and who knows what, would also be gone. Everyone would have to live a decent, normal lifestyle behind doors. That's certainly asking a lot from Americans today, who have lost all sight of simple, decent, human, moral values.

Certainly the primary duty of Vinlanders is to actually have and raise children. This could even be magnified. for instance, it might be the duty of low IQ Vinlanders, or Vinlanders with various genetic ailments like a history of mental illness, to not have any children, have only one child, or at least screen their children and abort if the tests come out poorly. Likewise, it could be the duty of the nobility, people with high IQ and good personalities and stellar records of character, to have more than just two children. To have four or five, and raise them all with the utmost care and affection. This is asking a lot from a people habituated to spending their time and money on themselves. Our elites are the most to blame in this field. It's true they don't divorce or cheat as much as their inferiors, but they selfishly hoard their superior genes to themselves, leaving nothing for the next generation, by having the fewest kids of all demographic segments. The amount of effort and sacrifice of their personal interests I'm asking from them, to have and raise at least two kids, if not more, is certainly more expensive than the Citizen's Dividend they receive in the mail.

Women who are required to actually raise their kids, rather than send them off to daycare and then boarding school for life, certainly won't think the Citizen's Dividend is adequate reimbursement. And yet, it is meant as a reimbursement. It's meant as a measure that we value the work of women, that we value in real terms, the effort it takes to raise kids and do chores. That we can't do the important stuff in life, only these heroic women can, but at the very least we can ease the burden and take the financial aspect of worry off their minds. We ask a lot from couples to stay together through thick and thin, like all the centuries of old, but at least we can remove poverty as a source of marital friction. With both citizens, that's 24,000 a year, free and clear, from the government, to spend how you will. Enough to support both parents and both children, even if they can't find anything else.

The Citizen's Dividend reimburses so many other things too. If you can't find a job because we allow free trade and your job is outsourced, or we invest in technology and you become redundant, we feel your pain. We can't retard our economy especially for you, but what we can do, is not abandon you to a life of penury. We can give you a Citizen's Dividend, and it's also an apology. We're sorry society has no place for your work. We're sorry we've made you redundant. But you're never worthless, no one thinks that, the whole country still embraces you as one of our own, and that is why we are happy to give you this Citizen's Dividend, every year, for your entire life, come what may. We will be revoking all the socialist programs of today, the endless tax credits, the welfare, the corporate subsidies, the medicare, the social security. We'll even be instituting a regressive, flat sales tax that hits the poor as hard as the rich. A Citizen's Dividend is your reimbursement for all of this. It's not that we don't want to help you, it's that socialism doesn't work and doesn't succeed in helping people. It is wasteful and breeds huge numbers of parasites who get between the money and the people -- bureaucrats, businesses, whoever. For every dollar of socialism that reaches the people, something like 5 dollars was collected in taxes. The citizen's dividend is the exact opposite. We take five dollars, and we return five dollars. It means we can help people five times as much as before, at the exact same price.

Why would people resent the 'free money' of the Citizen's Dividend when they are fine with the socialism of today? It is the same thing, only infinitely more efficient and helpful to those in need. And if you're the sort who doesn't want to give a crust of bread to anyone anywhere, then you should STILL support the citizen's dividend, because it requires less in taxes, is less punishing to the rich, and at least you get a lot of your money back, in the citizen's dividend that arrives at your door. Just consider it a strange method of giving yourself money, and let it lie. It's fine to be a stingy curmudgeon, but most people want to help others. The young, the elderly, the sick, the poor, the unfortunate, and the misfit. The citizen's dividend is the best compromise you'll ever reach. Charles Murray is a libertarian and it was the compromise he came to, the closest thing to libertarianism society will ever adopt. If he can stomach it, so can you.

In Vinland, I've repeatedly said felony offenses would all carry the death penalty. Criminals are largely genetic, and we want them out of our gene pool, and out of our hair, permanently. It would also be a much faster system, no 12 years of appeals on ridiculous and specious grounds like in America today. For the sacrifice citizens have to make, to stop being criminals and have some discipline in their lives, there is -- the Citizen's Dividend. Thank you for not being a criminal, and here's a simple reason why you don't have to do crime -- you're already taken care of. No one is the guy from Les Miserables, stealing bread to feed his starving sister's family (not even his own! It wasn't even his irresponsible breeding!). The citizen's dividend simultaneously says, "Thank you for not being a criminal, and you have no further excuse for being a criminal, so mind your manners or it's off to the gallows with you." The gain in security is more than worth the cost of 'buying' people off. The cost of crime, and the criminal justice system used to fight it, is astronomical. All of that cost will vanish in Vinland, but in return, you'll have to pay the taxes that fund the citizen's dividend. It is the only way our carrot and stick plan of "Death penalty if you go wrong," "A good life if you are a good citizen who plays by the rules," can work.

If you're ever walking alone on a street at night, grumbling about all those 'moochers' receiving their dividend in the mail (no more and no less than you receive in your mail!), pause for a moment and notice how incredibly safe you are. How incredibly safe your wife and children are. How different this country is from the America that came before. Perhaps it didn't give away 'free money', like we do, but is that really important, compared to the fact that it gave criminals 'free license' to rape, rob, and murder you? Consider it a trade well worth making, it really is a reasonable exchange.

There's more to being a good citizen of Vinland. So far you have to a) marry, not divorce, and not cheat. b) have children (or not have children, as the case may be.) c) give up all deviant sexual behavior. d) face competition from all around the world in a ruthless capitalist system of only rewarding winners with jobs and wages. e) Give up all socialist benefits you may have previously had or expected to receive. f) face the death penalty if you do a serious crime. G) Pay a flat sales tax.

Women have to stay at home and raise their kids to adulthood, working only in a manner consistent with the child's benefit. That's asking a lot from them, but, it's no more than was asked of them for the thousands of years of human history, and at least this time they won't be single mothers, and they'll have the citizen's dividend.

Men have to be prepared to fight. Vinland will probably be born in battle, and will only survive through battle. Endless haters will seek to blot us out, just like the monarchs who marched on the French Republic, the war of 1812 America had to fight just to assert its independence yet again to Britain, and the Nazis assaulted from every side. Independence is never easy. A male citizen of Vinland first has to fight for it, and his children have to fight to keep it. Perhaps nukes will make conventional war impossible and men won't have to fight in that sense. But there will be an ongoing war all the same -- people trying to cross our borders illegally, propaganda being showered on us from abroad about how evil we are, rebels trying to upset our constitutional order, and only the strength and determination of our male citizenry will be able to preserve peace and order in such trying circumstances. The fact that men stand ready, that they support the constitutional order with all their hearts, that they will kill and die to keep our laws and preserve our people, is absolutely necessary for the survival of our Republic. Paying the men whose hearts stand ready to defend the homeland, with a Citizen's Dividend that thanks them for doing so -- for being the loyal, brave, and true white warriors they are -- is the least we can do. Like I say, it may have nothing to do with the military. It may just be that they rebuke, angrily and with passion, subverters of our nation from without and from within, and will not stand for intellectual sewage polluting their country from their friends or family -- that in and of itself is fighting. Is standing ready. Is deploying for the homeland. A citizen's dividend for such heartfelt citizens, is only fair. They love their nation enough to preserve it, so why don't we love them enough to preserve them? It's give and take.

There's more. People currently enjoy the right to vote. In Vinland, they won't. Giving people the vote was a mistake. Most people are not qualified to make the best choices for their nation's history. Only a select few we can trust will rise to those ranks. Perhaps they'll vote among themselves, or perhaps some iron dictator will just give decrees to an obedient bureacracy, or perhaps it will be some kind of complicated aristocratic division of powers full of checks and balances. In any event, the average citizen will be far removed from the seat of power. Even though the vote is largely meaningless and most people have never once achieved anything by voting, it's still a sacrifice to basically let go of the wheel and have faith in others to do what is right. To lose all say in your own life. We recognize your sacrifice, and all we can give as a return, is a country that takes better care of you, than any country you could've voted in. Part of that is the citizen's dividend. Part of it is crime prevention. Part of it is demanding moral behavior from yourself and those around you. But it all adds up. You lose the vote, in return, you receive the kind of nation you always wished you could have voted for. That's the kind of recompense we need to give people, for their loss of direct power they once enjoyed.

On that note, the demand for moral behavior is another sacrifice. No more smoking, drinking, taking drugs, gambling for money, cheating, sleeping around, hiring prostitutes, whatever. The vices end here. Innocent fun is innocent fun. Vice is vice. There will no longer be a conflation between the two. The piercings, tatoos, hair dyes, and all the rest of the 'I'm a rebel, hear me roar,' crap is gone. We expect decent, well behaved, fully dressed men and women who are proud of themselves and take care of themselves. The scenes of British night life, where everyone is puking drunk, stumbling into hospitals emaciated from heroine use, or wearing next to nothing but still crying because the guy you wanted turned you down -- are over. This kind of activity not only kills each person individually, it kills the whole nation. It's a rot without borders. It impacts everything around you, and everyone ends up paying the price. The eventual price is the fall of your nation to invaders and the extinction of your people. First comes the private nihilism of vice ridden lives, then the public nihilism of failing to upkeep your infra-structure, raise your children correctly, follow the law, and eventually surrendering all your borders to outsiders. It's happened over and over, from Rome to the UK of today. We can't let it happen again.

Our people have to be better than everyone else. It is possible to live a life free of vice and degeneracy. It's hard. It requires discipline and it requires devotion. But it's possible. it's been done before, not only by exceptional individuals, but entire societies -- like Victorian England, or the Spartans. Whites are capable of a holy life, and it will be that much easier, when the law legislates it, your peers expect it, and you are born into it. When every single tv show or movie is told in such a way to support it, so that you aren't led astray. Our country will use its laws to do its part, we will create a culture and education that supports you in your efforts to go cold turkey from all vice. But we recognize it is a sacrifice on your part, the sacrifice of many worlds of experience, some of it apparently very seductive and pleasant, considering how many people follow that path. But it is not our path. It will not be tolerated here, among us. We expect more from our citizens than just the average guy. And in return, we provide a Citizen's Dividend. "Thank you for being above average. Thank you for refraining from vice and degeneracy, which is the death knell of all nations. Thank you for doing your part in upholding your souls, and the souls of your children and the nation's soul. As respect and gratitude for doing your part, here is the Citizen's Dividend, that leaves no good deed unrewarded. We are aware of all you are doing for your country, and the country wants to do what we can for you. So here is a small part of that, the Citizen's Dividend."

A citizen of Vinland is practically a hero, a super-elite, of America today. He or she has so much to do, and so much he or she can't do, and so much he or she had but will have to give up -- that the citizen's dividend has been paid for in full. Every single one of them has earned it. It isn't free money. It's money to those deserving few, who managed to become citizens of Vinland, and are already the greatest friends, lovers, neighbors, husbands, wives, and countrymen you could ever ask for. Who have earned it through a rigorous number of sacrifices and qualifications, such that their conduct more than pays for the pitiful minimum standard of living we provide. These are not the 'moochers,' 'looters,' 'hobos,' and 'welfare recipients' you pictured at the beginning of the article. They are citizens. Citizens of Vinland. They are just as qualified as you are, to BE a citizen of Vinland. They went through fire to be here, to live here, and they are good, decent people. People no one should be angry at helping. People no one should look down on or resent just for living. They aren't going to be a bunch of unwashed, drunk, low IQ madmen like the picture of welfare recipients today. They don't go around burning stuff and trashing cars for fun between checks. They are citizens. Citizens of Vinland. Your extended family. The people who love what you love, and love you. Who loved you without ever knowing you, just for who you are, and accepted and supported you from start to finish. Who better than to give a little something to? Who better to pay taxes to? Who better to reward with a small portion of your wealth? If you're the unfortunate one, it's you who will be taken care of. If they are, it's you who will take care of them. But you're all fellow citizens. A handpicked, self-chosen few, who walked through fire together. The divide of 'providers' and 'parasites' just doesn't fit here. Not between family and friends. Not between comrades. Don't you see?

They earned it. Just like you have. Everyone has, who has what it takes, to be a citizen of Vinland.

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