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Sunday, November 1, 2009

White Nationalism is Future Oriented, and Thus the Future is With White Nationalism:

Old people remember a lot of unhelpful things. They remember the KKK marching around in terrorist-like intimidation tactics, shrouded in masks, carrying out bombings on innocent black girls in churches. They remember the nazis gassing 6 million jews, even though it never happened. They remember the pain of WW II and the joy of victory over this 'most evil of all foes.' They remember segregation, that nasty practice where blacks have their own water fountains and park benches, and can't even pollute whites with their presence -- when we're the ones who enslaved them and brought them, by force, to live alongside us! They remember crushing black poverty, where blacks were uneducated and lived in mud huts, without water or electricity, in the very midst of white prosperity and technology of the 1950's. They probably remember white trash, who were busy chewing tobacco or getting in drunken fistfights, making snide comments about 'niggers,' without realizing they were more shameful than the blacks they were insulting.

There is a lot to cringe over, and regret, in the racism of the past. It was not scientifically informed. It was not upper class. It was not defensive. It was not effective. For instance, South African Apartheid wanted to keep blacks in the country, doing menial labor, but refused to let them vote or hold political office. This kind of dual class citizen is an obvious injustice. Everyone should be treated equally by the law. White Nationalism is different, we don't want to oppress or control or demean anyone -- we want to separate from them, form our own country, and not HAVE any blacks to oppress, control, or demean. We don't want to terrorize blacks with white sheets over our head, and occasionally throw bombs into black churches -- because we don't want any blacks in the first place! We don't want blacks living in mud huts, or to call blacks crude names -- because we don't ever want to interact with a black in our life.

The right to separate from others, to right to found a community of shared values and shared characteristics, where everyone freely condones the nation's laws and system, should not be such a moral scandal. The land we ask for is of little economic worth and sparsely inhabited, and in any event, we have paid for over and over already. In white inventions that help feed the world, in white charity that has given trillions to non-whites, in white peacekeeping, in white foreign investments, in white disease inoculations, in white law codes that have freed hundreds of millions of people from barbarism. We have done our part. A tiny corner of the world where whites can live in peace among themselves, is not so much to ask in return. Billions of non-whites alive today, have only whites to thank. The nobel prize winner who recently died, the white who invented new strains of corn for mexico and elsewhere, ON HIS OWN has earned whites the right to the Northwest United States.

Why do people object to white nationalism? It can't be because it hurts and oppresses non-whites. We have no non-whites to hurt or oppress. We have no minorities to genocide. We have nobody to segregate from or apartheid on. We can't verb anyone! ::laughs:: If people object to the initial cost of the sorting, well why don't they object to California then? More people have been displaced from California than would have to be displaced from the Northwest Republic. Millions of whites have had to pull up stakes and retreat from the now majority-minority, bankrupt state of California. Who spoke for them? Who sympathized with them? After World War II, tens of millions of Germans were ethnically cleansed from their historic homelands (they didn't cross the border, the border crossed them.) in eastern Europe, two million of them died in the wretched circumstances -- a genocide twice as bad as the one done to the jews or the Armenians. Who sympathizes with them? Who cares about them? I don't believe people are crying their eyes out over the imagined plight of forced deportations of the handful of non-whites in the Northwest United States. It must be something else, if it were just humanitarian pity, that humanitarian pity would be spread evenly across the world, and apply to everyone. Not just people displaced by white nationalism. In any event, there are hundreds of ways we could pay just compensation, or exchange the value of property white nationalists hold in America for the value non-whites hold in the Northwest, even steven. It would not be a trail of tears. It would be such a minor cost, that the car accidents that deprive America of 40,000 people every year, is a greater tragedy than the entire process of deportations, a one time cost we will never pay again.

Are they afraid of the threat we would pose as a military on the rest of the world? Let me assure you, white nationalists want nothing to do with non-whites ever again. We have no reason to conquer or meddle in the lives of others -- we are completely disgusted with the outside world and wish for nothing but to be left alone. The last thing we'd want, after finally being free of outside interference, is to go out abroad again and collect a new set of non-whites to yet again be living within our borders!

Are they afraid America would be weaker and less economically sound without us? But why? If all races are equal, they should be able to make do with whoever lives in the US. In fact, since racists are all losers and 'the worst kind of scum,' they should be happy to see us all leave. Aren't we the ones causing all the friction between the races? Aren't we the ones keeping non-whites down? Aren't we the ones who cause all the problems in America? Without us, America should prosper to unheard of new heights. It's as though they secretly agree with us that whites are the only useful people and they need every last one of them to serve as economic assets in this fast-tanking world. But in that case, it's obvious to any neutral observer who is the oppressor, and who is the oppressed. If the real objection to whites leaving the US, is we are necessary to continue being serfs and slaves to the multicult empire that is America, then surely any third neutral party can agree that's a pathetic and unjustifiable argument that no one should have to listen to.

Are they afraid that the white nationalist example would be a 'beacon on the hill?' Are they like the kings who invaded the French Republic, for fear that it would upset the rule of monarchy across the continent, if a single Republic were allowed to stand? But this is again a rather crude argument, to a neutral third party's point of view. If our only threat to the outside world, is that we would make such a convincing argument in our own favor, such a great example to be emulated, that soon the whole world would adopt our wisdom and seek to prosper and succeed like we have, then how are we harming anyone? We would instead be the cause of great good in the world, despite the current rulers losing their power, because by definition we were an example that inspired others to emulate us.

Or do they oppose us simply because we lack the numbers to be taken seriously? The argument could go, "White nationalists are a smaller minority than even mormons. Mormons aren't allowed the state of Utah, so why should you be given Montana?" From this standpoint, whites want all the territory of the United States, and can't be bothered to share with crackpot lunatic fringes as though we are equal to the mainstream. But this argument isn't very good either. In polls, 20% of Americans currently wish to secede from the USA. We are hardly a small minority. Not only that, but huge numbers of whites consistently answer poll questions where they say that blacks, for instance, are lower IQ than whites. Huge numbers of whites want a return to the nuclear family. Huge numbers of whites want lower taxes and less socialism. Huge numbers of whites want to stop immigration. Huge numbers of whites want english to be the official language of the USA. And so on. We aren't on the lunatic fringe, there is a deep current of white opinion, that agrees with us on every single issue, but is too afraid to speak out or demand justice.

Do people object to the plans white nationalists have for the country they would found? On this I agree. If your argument is, "Yes, in abstract, a white republic in the northwest is justifiable, but when I look at the horrible system white nationalists plan to erect in that territory, I object to it, simply because it is a terrible plan that would only lead to misery and ruin." As founders of a new nation, we should first work out a decent constitution that really would lead to a good life for those who live under it. I want a country that's not only 'decent,' but the hope of the universe, the best that's ever been. Since no two white nationalists can agree on what makes a good country, and many endorse the silliest things, an outsider can simply say "white nationalists are not serious and thus can't be taken seriously."

There is progress on this front. Many white nationalists are settling behind darwinian evolution, scientific racism, eugenics, atheism, the citizen's dividend, the nuclear family, a love of the Classics of music and literature, a platonic class of nobility who serve as 'custodians' of the law and the state, and so on. Many white nationalists are willing to let eminent and well intentioned non-whites, including jews, into their new country, and base their discrimination not on prejudice but post-judice. They are willing to treat individuals as individuals, and weigh them on their own merits, when considering whether they should be allowed to emigrate to our country or not. Without any recognized leader and without any '12-point plan,' white nationalists couldn't found a country, or form a constitution, even if we were handed the Northwest. In that case, the USA has a perfectly valid objection to handing us the land. This will change.

New blood will join the ranks of white nationalism, old blood will leave it or die of old age. Christianity is losing its hold on the world. Genetics is making new revelations that soon everyone will have to admit is true, like the heritability of intelligence and personality. Young people will have far worse love lives, than the old people who came before them, and will feel far more passionate for conservative morality and draconian laws to enforce it. Basically, the more reality plays out, the more it reveals, clearer and clearer, the obvious and correct solution to our problems. The more history that is made, the more we can learn from history. The more existence, the more Truth in the universe. Eventually even the most dim-witted among us, cannot help but see, with crystal clear sight, the correct course of action, the correct leader and the correct constitution, for a new nation. It might take a century, it might take centuries for all I know. But eventually every false belief will have been discredited, or tried and failed, and only the Truth will remain. Because no matter how often the truth is tested, no matter how often the truth is disputed, no matter how often the truth is put on trial, it always turns out to be the truth. That is the incredible advantage of Truth over all lies. Reality is on the side of Truth, it will never betray it, and therefore, Truth cannot help but win. It cannot help but win in science, and it cannot help but win in politics. It just needs more time.

Many whites object to white nationalism, because they think America is perfect exactly the way it is. This will also change. Old people, who still remember the glory days of America landing on the moon, winning WW II, winning the Cold War, or just walking in beautiful parks and eating apple pie, will soon die out. The new generations will not have any fond memories of America. They will not have any reason to be patriotic. They will have no loyalty to a state that has done nothing but abuse and denigrate them all their lives. You can bet the girl who was gang raped for two hours in Richmond, California, where 12 bystanders sat and watched but not a single one tried to help, or called the police, does not think very highly of America. You can bet the 20% of Americans who are unemployed, and told their jobs 'aren't coming back,' don't think highly of America. You can bet a lot of people won't think highly of America, once we are majority minority, nothing works, everything is falling apart, crime is everywhere, and your vote is powerless to stop it because it is always overshadowed by the massive numbers of blacks and hispanics voting the other way. This issue will take care of itself, in time. The amount of suffering that is necessary to teach whites, in their very bones, that America is a terrible country, not suitable for habitation, may be regrettable, but if it propels people to found a new nation then it is worth it. In the long run, perhaps we need to learn these lessons, and until we have, we just aren't philosophically equipped to form a decent country that has recognized, addressed, and overcome the systemic weaknesses that plague the USA.

There is even a class of people who feel the white race no longer deserves to live, because of how suicidally they have behaved for the last century. They have a point, but there are innocents alongside the guilty. Certainly, I have no interest in preserving Christians, liberals, nihilists, or other white groups who have caused the very mess we are in today, but there has always been a core of white resistance that has resisted the status quo, and deserves their freedom and their chance in life. We don't fight for the fools and the cowards, but the good people who, like us, have earned their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. There are still millions of them, a seed that will one day inhabit space and bloom into the most beautiful of world-trees. They are extremely precious people who need to be preserved, because both genetically and culturally, they are the best life has to offer. They are the eye through which the universe beholds itself and knows itself divine. Without them, there is only death and ugliness in a limitless horizon. They have to be preserved. For their ability to enrich the future almost infinitely, they are infinitely valuable themselves.

White independence is useless if we carry the same systemic flaws, the same failed beliefs, that ruined America and Europe in the first place. Whites were once 100% homogeneous and free, but their bad philosophy has gotten us to where we are today. Simply resetting the clock at 100% homogeneous and free, changes nothing. The same flaws will develop into the exact same conditions in the new country, as was true of the old. Therefore a white republic must first be preceded by an effective new pro-white philosophy. A system of thought and values that promotes a good life and an effective nation. Until white nationalists formulate and accept this philosophy, until they routinize it and have a disciplined adherence to it -- as disciplined as the 14 words being adopted by every single spokesman for whites and mentioned over and over again until every last white on earth knows what we stand for and why -- we cannot form a new nation, we wouldn't succeed in building it, and we have no right to one anyway.

If we take care of our philosophy, reality will take care of the rest. We have a long ways to go. Simple truths like atheism and evolution, that all facts on earth bear out clearly and for all to see, aren't even accepted. Higher logical conclusions like utilitarianism, the absolute and universal goods (love, beauty, and truth), the importance of virtue, the right to a citizen's dividend, valuing people for who they are instead of what they can do, are all beyond the average white nationalist. They are like little children who don't know how to swim in the oceans of deep thought that validate our cause. Somehow, these people must be shepherded towards enlightenment, step by tottering step. It's the same as last post -- deserve victory. If we are not the sort of people who would form a fine nation, a splendid nation, then we don't deserve one. The appropriate philosophy on life is necessary to a good life, it is by definition impossible for this to be otherwise. (If some other view were the key to a good life, then THAT would be the appropriate philosophy!) We don't currently hold the appropriate philosophy on life. This is quite clear from the endless errors I see white nationalists make, on an endless variety of questions, and all seemingly haphazardly and without principle. No one even argues logically, starting with a premise of what they value, and leading to a conclusion about what needs to be done to champion it. Every view is isolated and seemingly picked from the nether at random, to support whatever biased effort they're currently making. This sort of 'philosophy' won't do. It won't do at all.

Deserve victory. Become a clear sighted person, that light can travel through, without refraction or distortion. Become a well of truth, that water can stream through without pollution or corruption. Become a citizen of the kingdom of heaven, before demanding citizenship for a kingdom on earth. Your citizenship in the first, is your only ticket, your only passport, to your citizenship in the second. It just won't happen any other way.

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