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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Phenotype, not Genotype:

I've made this clear thousands of times, but people are still apparently confused as to why exactly I am pro-white, and anti-jew.

I believe in absolute, objective, universal morality. I am not a relativist. I do not give special privileges to whites over any other group. If whites were the worst race on Earth, I'd hate whites the most, and I'd probably be lobbying all sorts of groups to resist the white menace, regardless of the fact that I am white. My personal situation has nothing to do with right and wrong, good and evil, superior and inferior. This simply isn't the case though. In fact, we find that of all groups, jews are the absolute worst, and whites are the absolute best. This is a very inconvenient truth. But it is the truth. I believe in Truth and follow wherever it leads. I don't believe in 'whiteness' and follow wherever 'whiteness' leads. Whites have earned my loyalty through their behavior, just as jews have earned my hostility through their behavior. Not because of any particular string of AGCT's on their DNA strip. Not because I might share some string of AGCT's with someone else somewhere. Who cares? I certainly don't. Existence is not moral, only behavior can be moral or immoral. A rock exists. Humans act.

Truth does not exist somewhere 'out there.' It isn't a resource you can mine from a mountainside, nor is it a star we can build a rocket ship and fly over to. It is a moment in time, when a synapse fires, actively, thinking something true. It's when a mind, somewhere, has grasped the truth and is currently creating it, ex nihilo, in that most masterfully complex of all forces in the universe, the mind.

Beauty isn't just sitting there, or doing its own thing. It exists only at a split second in time, when a synapse fires, looking at something, and realizes this is beautiful. When the mind has fully grasped just how awe inspiring X is, when there is a sort of snapping into place of appreciation for what they are reflecting upon, there, and no where else, is beauty. It is there only then, and no other time. For beauty to be resurrected, the synapses would have to fire again, or some other mind would have to come along and experience the same revelation. Between those times, it is gone again. There is no beauty in an uninhabited planet, no matter what the view.

Love isn't just floating around, it doesn't make clouds and rain, or shoot arrows at people. Love is a frozen moment in time, when your synapses fire, and you realize, this is a part of me. When a mind transcends its narrow self and identifies with the other, becoming a larger whole. "Love is the recognition of the other into the conceptualization of the self." It is a thought, an active process ongoing in the mind, it is a verb.

Good is a verb. It is due to intelligence, and is the product of thought. Emotions are also a part of thought, emotions are just conclusions, thought out conclusions, just like logic is. All good is contained in the intelligent mind thinking various good thoughts. When the brain stops, so too does all morality. There is nothing left in that husk, just as there is nothing of value in a dead universe, an unintelligent amoeba, or, much worse, someone who works actively to suppress all good thoughts in the world.

And this is why jews are the worst people on Earth. For over a century now, their boazian school of Anthropology, their politics, their liberalism, has been dedicated to suppressing the truth. They have stopped all progress in science, politics, and ethics, cold. They have banned eugenics, which could have made people infinitely happier, fitter, wiser, and more intelligent than they are today. They have caused dysgenics, by flooding the people who were already more evolved, with people who were already less evolved. They are actively destroying any chance for intelligence to inherit the earth, and are pushing with all their might for bestiality and barbarism to reign instead. It doesn't really matter why. It just matters that this is absolutely, unchallengeably, what they are doing.

Jews have done everything in their power to destroy Beauty. They replaced the beautiful architecture and art of the European, with the ugly and twisted corruption of modern art. They have replaced the soaring heights of Classical music, opera, and ballet, with rap, sitcoms, and grinding. They have even promoted race mixing, destroying the inherent beauty of the white race by polluting it with all sorts of inferior breeds that can only possibly make it worse. They have striven relentlessly to lower people's moral standards, so that previously sublime experiences like sex have become cheap and ugly, even disgusting and perverse. Jews, no one else, did this. Freud, the jewish pornographers, the whole hollywood media. They cannot escape culpability for these crimes.

Jews are at the forefront of destroying love. They use their tool, 'deconstructionism,' to deconstruct all relationships, all bonds, between mankind. They have destroyed, quite intentionally, even announcing this as their avowed goal, a person's love for his nation, his homeland, his extended family, his nuclear family, his ancestry, his faith, his traditions, his language, his culture, even his wife. Leaving him with nothing. Loving nothing, and unloved by anyone. The jews claim that by deconstructing all 'prejudices,' all 'silly hangups,' they have freed people to love only those they choose to love. And yet, once you have removed absolutely everything to cleave to, and are 'completely free' as an individual, you no longer CAN love anyone or anything. The entire point of love is to subsume your individuality into something more, something else, something better. A perfect individual is incapable of love. A lover can never be an individual, looking out only for himself, concerned only with his own well-being. By promoting selfishness, self-centeredness, and destroying all possible ties, making even marriage 'a silly tradition with no purpose,' so that people must live all their lives single, or jumping ice floe to ice floe with temporary fling after temporary fling -- jews have made a full out assault on love. Their media has done it, their universities have done it, even their laws have done it -- promoting homosexual marriage, or distributing condoms in school, or providing welfare benefits to unmarried, but not married mothers.

If anyone wants to pretend jews are not behind the media, the deconstructionism of the universities, the modern art museums, pornography, miscegenation, immigration, and boazian egalitarianism, be my guest. The facts are the facts, they cannot be denied, they're available for anyone who wants to look up the prominent names and ethnicity behind every single one of these movements. I don't care why they do it, I just hate and oppose them for doing it. There is no excuse for evil. What they are doing is evil. They are stomping out all the light in the world, and turning the future into a dark age. An age more miserable than anything that came before, regardless of all our material wealth. Because at least in the past you could marry and have children. You could be around a community that knew and accepted you. You could learn your history and teach it to your kids, without becoming a thought criminal. You could speak your native tongue and expect to be understood.

Jews are the most evil people on earth. Their mass murder of white Russians under Lenin and Stalin is just the tip of the iceberg. Far worse is their murder of white souls, the ones who were born with the capacity for and a yearning towards love, beauty, and truth, but have been hoodwinked, deceived, seduced into egoism, degeneracy, and lies. Jews not engaged in this behavior are of course exempt from my previous criticism. But they are such a vanishing minority (remember, 80% voted for Obama, and all the liberalism he represents), that it is proper to speak of jews as a group participating in these crimes. To say otherwise is just denying reality. It isn't a few rogue jews. Boaz and Freud and Marx are not a few rogue jews, they are the most admired and followed jews by all the other jews. Jews love these guys. They support them at all times, everywhere, in all fields. Jews were the most fervent proponents of communism, both in the USSR and the USA, they are still the most fervent proponents of socialism. They are the largest supporters of Freudian psychology, denouncing white alternatives like Jung. The intellectual heirs of Boaz in the field of anthropology are Jared Diamond, a jew, and Gould, a jew, both absolute liars who know full well everything they say is bullshit.

Blacks are just beasts, one can't expect your dog to win a nobel prize in physics, or compose a wonderful love story like Homer's Oddyssey. It's obvious blacks are just destroyers, they are too inept to do anything else. It's like putting an elephant in a china shop. Who thought to put the elephant into the china shop? Who encouraged immigration? Who ended segregation? Jews. Jews! The people who put the elephant in the china shop, against the strenuous objections of the owners of the china shop, the builders of the china, and all the onlookers who said it would not work, were jews. There is nothing to say about blacks, they are so hopelessly out of their depth, such hopeless pawns of their masters, that nothing they do or say matters. I don't listen to dogs barking, or blacks talking. Jews are different. Jews are the smartest people on earth. They are in full control of their faculties. They know full well the consequences of their actions. They know what they are doing. They know they are hunting down the light of the world and extinguishing it, lantern by lantern, until there is no truth, beauty, or love left. No one left who can appreciate it, no one left who can create it, no moral being left. Either people's faculties are simply insufficient to reach the level of morality, like the beastmen blacks, or their souls have been so crippled and tortured by the culture around them, that all higher things are lost forever -- like the yobs of the UK.

For these actions they knowingly perpetrate on the rest of the world, jews are practically Satan incarnate. Not because they have a string of AGCT's that repeat in one pattern instead of another. Not because their DNA reads "TTCGTCA". But because of their behavior. Their actions. What they've done to this poor, poor world.

Conversely, I don't give a damn about the genetic code of whites. If tomorrow our entire DNA string were scrambled and we were changed into something utterly different, without a trace left of our entire genome, but it didn't change our behavior, I wouldn't give a damn. DNA is just a tool. If our brains were all digitized, we were given new, metallic bodies, and we discarded DNA forever, what has been lost? Nothing, nothing important. We used one technology, DNA, to live as humans. Now we're using another technology, AI, to live as robots. Who cares? I don't. Whatever works. Whatever produces results. How obvious is this? What matters is whether our new digital brains are more capable of producing and appreciating truth, beauty, and love. That's it. If they are, then it's time to switch over. If they aren't, we should stay the same.

Whites are the greatest invention on earth. They were invented around 30,000 years ago, and have continued to evolve ever since. Nature produced, through random chance, the best combination so far of a moral being. A vessel with the intelligence to fathom good thoughts, and the benevolence to actually yearn for them. Blacks lack the first, jews lack the second. Whites have both. We are the best invention Nature has accidentally happened upon. In Nature's quest for power and survival, it handed us a beautiful, loving, truthful race, the crown jewel of morality and value. But we aren't perfect. We could still do better. There is no reason to stop here, or confuse the means with the end. The white genome is simply the means, a tool, a technology, towards our end -- Truth, Beauty, Love. If there is a better means, a better tool, than the white genome, we should use that instead. If this better means or tool is the asian genome, then so much the worse for us. We are simply obsolete, like the buggy whip, and should be discarded into the scrap heap of history. But this isn't the case, and thus our duty remains. To preserve the white race, so that we can preserve love, beauty, and truth, the fast diminishing light of this world.

Why am I so certain whites are the best? Because of our record. Cast your eyes back on our heritage. Is there anything so grand? So incredible? So spectacular? No. No matter how you measure it, not even close. Charles Murray's book, Human Accomplishment, is the final word on this issue. There is simply nothing more to say. In science and in the arts, white men are the source of at least 90% of all human accomplishment. 90% of truth and 90% of beauty, straight off the bat. Then we must recall that whites were the first people on earth to adopt monogamous marriage, that many cultures didn't even have a word for love, before we provided it to them, and that our treatment of women was the best on earth, and the final loop in the knot is done. Whites are the most loving people on earth. We're even more loving towards animals, and other races, the most altruistic, caring, giving people on earth. Due to the malevolence of others who take advantage of our naivety, this is a flaw. But among ourselves, it's just wonderful.

We are a race of titans. We so dwarf all the rest of mankind, that the white race is worth more than all of them combined. I can't even imagine how this point is debatable. Everyone on earth reads Shakespeare and gazes at Michelangelo's David. No one reads 'the tales of the aztec cannibal xeuztucucu' or whatever the hell amerindians came up with. No one goes to look at their skull racks of all the enemies they've killed. A few people read The Tale of Genji and Sun Tzu's Art of War. Neither compare in the least to Dostoevsky. Why can I say that? Because I've read all three. I've read the Persian Book of Kings, it's pathetic, long-winded, repetitive, and ignoble. It isn't worth a verse of the Iliad. It isn't worth a verse of the Aeneid! I've read the Bhagivad Gita, the Koran, they're nothing to our philosophers -- Plato, Aristotle, Nietzsche, Kant, Plotinus, Hume -- why can I say that? Because I've read all of them too. All of them. All the greats. And the greatest of the non-whites are the mediocre nobody's among whites. They just can't compete. It is hopeless. We are light years of evolution ahead of them. Or rather, we WERE light years ahead of them, until jews got a stranglehold on our culture, and made it the pathetic mess we see today. Today, the best art, the best philosophy, comes from Japan. But the best Japan has, still can't compete with the best the white race had. Nor can it compete with the best whites could have again.

We are the once and future king.

Not because our genome reads "ACGGTCT". But because of our record. I am proud to be white, not because "ACGGTCT" is just an amazingly proud sequence of nucleotides, but because Goethe was white, and so was Euclid, and so was Beethoven. I'm a part of them, and they're a part of me, biologically, historically, culturally. I love them, and so they are me. And that is why their accomplishments are my own, and I can take pride in 'other people's things.' I am not just me, but everyone and everything I love. I can take pride in anything I love, because it's mine, I've incorporated it into myself. Beethoven's music is not just Beethoven's, beauty is produced in the brain that captures it, in the electric lightning flash of thought, that says, "this is beautiful." Beethoven couldn't do that on his own. He needed me too. I was part of the glory of his music -- the brain that could appreciate it, is a tool just like the instruments that play the music. His music is my music, is our music, and the beauty produced is the beauty I produced, with my head, with my heart, due to who I am. It was my accomplishment too. Neitzsche's philosophy is not just his, it's mine too. Because I understood it, reinterpreted it, applied it to the world of today. I thought it just like he did, it is mine too. Words that go unread produce nothing, only the brain that perceives and understands them, can bring them to life. I brought them to life, that makes me not as good as him, but good nonetheless. Proud nonetheless, to have done my part in creating truth in this world.

I get loads of hostility from people, because I attach no value to the white genotype. You're right, I don't. I attach a lot of value to the white phenotype, and I realize the white genotype is a tool that helps achieve the white phenotype. A tool that could be improved or replaced, and should be, but for now is the best we have. That's all it can be, because existence is not good, only actions are good. Love is a verb. Truth is a verb. Beauty is a verb. White is an adjective. It's not even a noun. ::laughs:: There's no comparison between the two. One is a minor detail, a mere tool, the other is our reason for being. Confusing the two is myopic and degrading. Who would ever be loyal to something less intelligent than we are? A collection of non-sentient genes? Why don't we worship dirt while we're at it? Ridiculous. I reserve my worship for higher things, the transcendental portion of our brains, our highest heights -- where we get a glimpse of how angels must think, but can never quite stay in their realm.

If white nationalism means a blind loyalty to a string of fucking letters, then to hell with white nationalism. If it means preserving the white race so that we can inherit the stars, then not only I, but many millions of people could rally behind it. Then it might, just might, actually happen. You can't appeal to people on the basis of nucleotide strings. I can't believe I even have to explain this, I can't believe I'm even saying this to ostensible adults. White nationalism is a Vision. It is an ideal. Ideals are not material. A materialist, biological reductionist, construction of our cause, is as worthless and unappealing as the communists who came before. Or the relativists and hedonists to either side. If they can't see this, then they are blind.


Theo Tiefwald said...

"I've read the Bhagivad Gita, the Koran, they're nothing to our philosophers..."

The Bhagivad Gita was actually written by ancient Whites/Aryans residing down in India.

The Free Thinker Mafia said...
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