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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jews Must Stop Reminding us of Our Crimes and Take Responsiblity For Their Own:

Just read the above link. Furthermore, it's dubious to call the Georgian, Stalin, a white (ie European) anyway. From that viewpoint, whites were solely the victims of the USSR, never the perpetrators. World War II was mainly a war between expansionist Germany and expansionist Bolshevism -- had Nazi Germany not invaded the USSR, the USSR would have invaded Nazi Germany. ((And yes, we have the official documented secret war plans of Stalin to prove this.))

Sadly, if France and the UK and the USA had simply minded their own business and stayed out of the fight, WW II could have stopped the evil Soviet Union before it had conquered and oppressed half of Europe, before it overthrew China and handed it to Mao (who went on to kill another 50 million people), before the Cold War, before Vietnam, before Afghanistan and the resulting support of Al Qaeda, before 9/11, before the entire timeline of misfortune the last 60 years have been. Anyone who complains that Nazi Germany, by killing some handful of jews (six million at most), is a worse timeline than the hundred million victims of communism, is basically declaring jews a divine and superhuman race, worth more than the lives of any number of goyish cattle. Anyone who complains that Nazi Germany conquering Russia up to the Urals (which was the full extent of Hitler's and Germany's plans, as repeated endlessly by their personal diaries, speeches, Mein Kampf, and every other source -- not world conquest) is unacceptable, must turn a blind eye to the alternative -- the USSR conquering half of Europe, including half of Germany. Why is this preferable? Is the USSR well known for being a better ruler and more civilized occupier than Nazi Germany? And yet, wherever Nazi Germany did occupy a country, its citizens were treated with respect and civility -- there are no horror stories of German invaders in France, Norway, or Italy -- but there are countless documented horror stories of what the USSR did when they invaded: rape and murder on an unprecedented scale, killing millions of ethnic Germans for no conceivable reason except that they could. Wherever Germans did treat natives with hostility, it was due to the nature of their enemy -- the USSR never signed the Geneva convention and never abided by any rules of war to the Germans, so Germany saw no reason to abide by the Geneva Convention or the rules of war to the Soviets. The Soviets chose the way they wished Germany to treat them through their own cruelty and barbarism.

Hungary, Poland, and Czechoslovakia can narrate their own horror stories about Soviet Occupation in the ensuing 50 years. So can the Baltics, who upon being reconquered in the 1940's as the Germans retreated, were slaughtered on a massive scale for daring to resist the Soviet Empire. I suspect if you simply took a poll today of any of these conquered countries, whether they had wished Nazi Germany had continued to occupy them for the next 50 years, or the USSR, they would all have supported Germany -- in fact most of Eastern Europe did support Nazi Germany -- they were fighting on the front lines side by side with the Germans for that very reason -- to avoid Soviet occupation at any price.

So now we have a Holocaust, which may or may not have happened (there is a complete lack of evidence in the form of any official document or any mass grave/gassed body at the supposed 'death camps'), that at most killed 6 million people, weighed against the horrors of communism, which under Lenin killed some 10 million people, and is directly the responsibility of the jewish people, followed by Stalin killing ten million more, indirectly the responsibility of the jewish people, and Mao killing 50 million more (plus Cambodia, Vietnam, etc killing their own millions), all indirectly the responsibility of the USSR's support, which in turn is the fault of jews, who created the USSR (and invented the very idea of Communism).

Not only this, but jews were instrumental in passing the 1965 Immigration Act, the Civil Rights Act, and various liberal laws into the United States ever since. 80% of jews voted for Obama and jews provided the majority of his campaign donations. This is by no means irregular but is the norm in all of America's elections, liberalism has always been the bulwark of jews and almost all the communist party members and spies for the USSR in the USA were jews. These liberal laws are all the direct responsibility of jews, and therefore the 37,000 white women raped per year by black men in America, the demographic overthrow of the once 90% white nation to a minority white nation in less than a century, affirmative action, the bank bailouts (money that mainly went from the jewish controlled Federal Reserve to jewish owned banks like Goldman Sachs), and perpetual debt that will forever cripple the middle class whites of America.

It may be that the worst crime of the 20th century was not, in fact, the Bolshevik Revolution, it was the 1965 Immigration Act that destroyed an entire continent of whites who had the brightest, freest, and richest future on the globe. Either way, jews are responsible for both.

Furthermore, jews own Hollywood and control almost all broadcasting stations, newspapers, magazines, and music records. Therefore, everything they say using these devices, and the consequences that ensue from people listening to what they say, is the direct responsibility of jews. There is no doubt that movies, television, and music have all been extremely liberal, multicultural, multiracial, feminist, pro-gay, hedonistic, and in general nothing but rot and sewage. There is also no doubt that this media has had a dramatic impact on people's minds and behavior (see Just as people are responsible for what values and morals they propagate at the pulpit, what they teach their children, and among their friends -- people are responsible for the values and morals they teach in their stories, whether fictional or non-fiction, and the effect these have on society at large. Jews have the ancient responsibility of being the source of what's taught on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.) But now they have the added responsibility of what is being taught 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, on every glowing box, every sheet of printed paper, every singer's lyrics on Earth. When everything they teach is poison, it's no wonder the world is a poisonous place to live in.

Jews also have a special responsibility, and that is the fact that they have an IQ of 115. A full standard deviation above the verbal IQ's of both Asians and Whites. This gives them a special power to lie, deceive, manipulate and control all the other races of the world -- who are too stupid to keep up with their smooth tongues and sharp brains, or pierce through the haze of lies jews can so easily weave. As Spiderman taught us (itself a story by Stan Lee, a jew), 'with great power comes great responsibility.' The ability for jews to use their verbal IQ to convince people of anything, however absurd, must be paired with the responsibility to be scrupulously fair and honest with this power -- or else they commit a deep sin against all of us. Fraud and Force are equally oppressive tools, just as it is never right to oppress or enslave others with the excuse "I'm stronger than them so it's okay," it is also inexcusable to enslave others with lies through the excuse, "I'm smarter than them so it's okay." Instead of being the most honest and circumspect people on Earth, aware that like Giants anything they say will be listened to and thus they must watch their every step to avoid crushing the ant-like intellects of their lessers, they simply glory in their strength and use every inch of it to pursue their own interests at everyone else's expense.

As Shakespeare once said: "O, it is excellent to have a giant's strength, but it is tyrannous to use it like a giant." Trust the greatest writer of all time (who is also White, by the way), to say my point rather well.

Going back to my previous point, that Hitler did not 'start' WW II anymore than France, Britain, or the USSR started it, and that jews were instrumental in both the great depression and the Versailles treaty that so antagonized Germany in the first place and brought Hitler to power, the greatest crime of Whites in the 20th century was World War II, where '50 million people died.' First off, all of these casualties were of other whites, so whatever evil whites have done, we owe an apology to no one else for our actions, nor do we owe blacks, hispanics, muslims, Indians, or any other group our land for having perpetrated WW II. Second, jews should take as much responsibility for World War II as whites, given their influential advisers who surrounded Stalin (Ehrenburg), Roosevelt (Morgenthau), and Churchill (Lindemann). There's even evidence all of these world leaders were partially jewish themselves. The relatively minor crime of the Holocaust, in comparison to the losses we suffered during WWII (Germany alone lost more people than the over-inflated figure of 6 million jews twice-fold), cannot in the least compare to the direct losses whites suffered at the hands of jews just a decade before under Lenin's bolshevik ravaging of Russia. I have no interest sparing any sympathy for jews who refuse to accept any blame or spare any sympathy for their victims. Why should we be held to a higher moral standard than they hold themselves?

Anti-semitism is a reaction to jewish behavior, to the damage jews have caused to whites in the past, and still cause every day to whites in the present. If jews want to stop being hated, they must apologize for everything they've ever done, take responsibility for their crimes and the blood of the innocents on their hands, and then cease and desist perpetuating their crimes on those of us who still remain! It is not our job to stop hating jews, it's theirs. It is much worse to deny the jewish crimes against whites, than white crimes against jews -- because A) the crimes of the jews are on an entirely larger scale. B) the crimes of the jews are infinitely more documented and proven. Until they get it through their head that morality is a world of universal standards, of give and take, that you cannot denounce others for the motes in their eyes while you refuse to address the beam in your own eyes, anti-semitism is the moral high ground and the healthy and sensible reaction of all people to any contact with Jews. Anti-semitism is the same as saying 'anti murderers,' 'anti rapists,' 'anti thieves,' 'anti liars,' 'anti hypocrites,' 'anti genociders,' 'anti perverters.' Why shouldn't we be against these things? Jewish behavior makes them the most hated people in world history. Not only whites hate them, but everyone does. Blacks hate them, the Middle East hates them, everyone hates them. What are the odds that the entire world is 'prejudiced' and 'mean-spirited,' as opposed to the jews being genuinely responsible for the ill feelings they breed? Jews try to make anti-semites feel like they are in the minority, or some sort of low class buffoons. The only problem is, anti-semitism is the majority opinion of the world, across time and space, and is also shared by the greatest western thinkers of all time: from Cicero to Shakespeare to Luther to Voltaire to Kant.

If I'm to be grouped with that kind of company, well then throw me into the briar patch. ::rolls eyes:: Even so, I have nothing against jews personally. I love Mark Rosewater, who designs Magic the Gathering. I love Vanessa Carlton, who plays the piano. I love Joss Whedon, who wrote Firefly. This isn't about any jew personally, it is about Jews. Jews are the only people on earth who have never apologized or felt sorry for anything they've ever done. They consider themselves a chosen people, above morality, who can do whatever they want and can never be reproached for any of it. If anyone denounces a jew, it's because they are prejudiced and evil -- it can never be because the jew is genuinely to blame for anything -- ever. Whether jews are caught in the white prostitution rings that enslave 500,000 white women a year, or organ harvesting rings in New Jersey, or ponzi schemes to the order of 50 billion dollars -- jews are never in the wrong. Jews are never to blame. Jews are never bad. Jews don't have to apologize or take responsibility for anything. I am sorry, but Man is a moral being. If we don't have morals, we are no better than animals. Morality is our key to the divine, the sacred, the valuable aspects of life -- any group that jettisons such a central concept is no longer within the pale of humanity. Either they must return to a world of morals, responsibilities, guilt, shame, and universal absolutes -- or they must be put down like any other rabid dog who can no longer listen to reason and infects everything they touch with yet more madness and death.

It is up to Jews, not whites, whether they wish to be hated, hunted, and despised for the rest of time -- or whether they wish to assimilate and rejoin the human fold. The jews cannot win, they will never win, this horrible war they have declared on the rest of the world. Time and again they have been struck down, exiled, scattered, or killed, but they never learn, not from a thousand repetitions. Sooner or later it WILL catch up to them. Every year they toss white phosphorous gas on Gazan children, skim a few trillion dollars of tax dollars off the world economy for themsleves, or throw prisoners of conscience into jail all across Europe for offending jewish sensibilities -- the hatred for them grows and grows. For every action, an equal and opposite reaction. The fires of hatred have been stoked for the past 100 years against them, and jews must be living in a fantasy world, to think it will never rebound against them, that no one will ever be strong enough to oppose them, or exact vengeance upon them, someday in the future! For their own sake and ours (their victims), I wish jews would realize that time is running out.

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