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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Anime IS the alternative media:

American media is hopelessly liberal, hopelessly commercialized, and hopelessly judaized. Hollywood produces about a dozen holocaust movies a year, and in-between you are welcome to watch blacks playing ball games, or women overcoming their abusive husbands, or gays finding their one true love, or any other story so long as it's incredibly boring/disgusting/stupid.

Sadly, this media extends into who is and isn't published, so we cannot seek to escape the mind deadening TV sets with intellectually stimulating books. Instead we just get more of the same. Harry Potter is the flagship of modern publishing, but what was that story really?

The moral of the story of Harry Potter is we shouldn't discriminate against 'mudbloods,' or try to preserve someone's heritage or abilities. Even though magic was clearly a trait passed down through genetics, and that you were much more likely to have magical children born from magical parents, we were supposed to allow muggles into all our institutions and breed the magical race out of existence. This was suppose to occur at the same time as the normal race-mixing was proceeding, harry with cho, ginny with Dean ((asian and black, at least according to the movies.)) It was one giant orgy of non-discrimination and fighting the evil dark wizard racists who threatened this multicultural utopia. No matter how well a story is written, when you're rooting for the bad guys and can't stand the wussy good guys who won't even cast 'kill' spells on their opponents, you grow tired of western literature quickly.

Or take Twilight, a book about how an ordinary jane is magically the most attractive girl on earth to a host of super-powered, immortal, handsome, intelligent, charming, seductive, and 'dangerous' men. We can read all about how exciting it is to hang out with them, how much classical music and ballroom dancing they know, how strong and fast they are, and what a rush it is to never know whether they'll attack you the very next second. All the more fun, said girl has a harem of boys all eagerly vying for this role of superhuman boyfriend, so if she ever gets angry or bored with one, she can always switch to another. What kind of moral is there to this story? Every girl deserves not one but five princes who are simultaneously infinitely wealthy and devoted and infinitely fickle and dangerous? Are these the sort of expectations we should be setting up in our teenage girl's heads? It is basically porn -- In fact, the best selling books have always been porn for girls. For every Heinlein or Asimov, there's a million 'Dangerous Desires' printed and bought every year.

It is rare for a good movie to come out in America. Lord of the Rings is good, Braveheart is good, Ironman was good, a few others. But it's like picking through the wreckage of an earthquake or fire for the few scraps of your home that haven't been destroyed. TV is even more hopeless. Most of it is designed for girls, so that's out right from the beginning. All of it teaches the same multicult pap that we get in school and our churches -- white men are always the criminals, women are stronger than men in every fight, race mixing is the norm, at least 30% of the population is gay, etc. The stories also have no plot and no message. It's either the same story every time -- 'guy enters hospital, hilarity ensues,' 'guy enters courtroom, hilarity ensues,' 'cops find dead body, hilarity ensues,' -- or it's just empty soap operas or 'sitcoms' with no attempt at any plot. Once I was watching a tv show set in the west, about a family moving west in a covered wagon. I thought, 'here's a story that can't go wrong!' The girls were in old fashioned dresses, everyone within sight was white, the father even had a commanding presence the daughters would obey. But the dream didn't last long -- sure enough, somehow or other, it managed to throw in a gathering of kids at the front lawn of a school, racing each other to a tree and back. And sure enough, after proper encouragement by the girl's elders that "You can do anything if you try," and "Don't let people tease you, stand up to them," the girl challenged the fastest boy to a race, and IN HER LONG SKIRT beat him handily, making him the laughing stock of the community and the girl the newly crowned heroine of diversity and emancipation.

It's incredibly frustrating. Even in our music, songs with barely any intelligence above a frog's: "baby baby hold me tight, never let me go baby" and endless beats and repeating refrains, have replaced the songs of yore, both our rich folk music powered by pipes and fiddles, and our rich classical music powered by pianos or symphonies or opera choruses. Like usual, there is a great deal of good modern music, if you just look long enough and pick through the wreckage carefully -- but when people have never even heard the ancient music of the greatest musicians to ever live -- Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Wagner, Haydn, Handel -- they shouldn't BE scrabbling around the landfills of modern music like starving dogs for some tiny chance at a meal.

Whites have no guidance about what to read, watch, or listen to. No one offers them a course outline on the Great Books of the western world, no one gives them the itunes collection of 'Wagner's complete operas.' Kids, when left to their own devices, will devour nothing but jewish garbage all their waking lives. But there is one alternative media that kids love, that boys love, that whites can love far more than anything the jews have to offer.

Anime and video games. Out of Japan comes dozens of tv shows every year, dozens of manga series, dozens of roleplaying games, dozens of sweeping modern orchestral soundtracks, everything a consumer need consume his entire life. There is no political correctness to any of it. Just good old fashioned story telling. The stories have plots -- they start and then they end, having delivered a series of important changes in-between. The stories have meaning, the level of dialogue in the anime is at the highest philosophical level. Tough questions are posed, tough choices are made by tough characters, and true emotions are displayed by true heroes, that could inspire anyone. There are plenty of tough, kick-butt girls in anime, but almost all of them still wear skirts and ribbons. And they still blush when complimented, or act cute, or cook -- ! It's at least 50 years behind the 'modern woman' image shown in the western media.

It's rare for me to cry, or care at all, from watching a western show. But in anime it's much more common. I cried when sephiroth killed aeris. I didn't cry when Snape killed dumbledor. The two are like light and darkness! The stories made in Japan have heart, they have passion, they have people trying their best, which makes you want them to be happy -- and it's horrible when they aren't! If you want to raise a healthy white child, if you want to cleanse your own mind from the tendrils of jewish brainwashing, there is only Japan. There is only the beautiful, spectacular, and incredible world of anime. This tiny island produces the majority of good art in the world, and has for the last 30 years. This tiny island is the cultural capital of the world, without it we'd have nothing -- with it, we have everything. All you ever need to know, you can learn from anime! Anime depicts the best of all possible worlds and the best of all possible people, men and women, each pursuing their respective roles, each great in their own way.

For most Americans, they have some sort of prejudice or hangup against anime. "The art style is too childish," or "anime is just porn," or "I don't want to read the subtitles." This is all nonsense. The Japanese language is one of the most beautiful on earth, a vowel between every consonant, and the voice actors hired in Japan are on the same scale as Tom Cruise or Val Kilmer is over here -- all dubbed anime is butchered anime. As for anime being childish, the large eyes are beautiful and they're expressive, far better than the shit for cartoons we make over here, that are intentionally ugly and poorly drawn, and the topics and themes are always much more adult -- so much so that Americans are constantly censoring anime before letting it reach our kid's eyes. As far as porn goes, maybe they are drawn to be a little aesthetically pleasing, but the odds that a boy and a girl will even kiss on screen, is about 1/100th what you'd see from any typical american alternative. Compared to Dawson's Creek or whatever, anime is porn??? They have more respect for relationships, sex and love than we've had for decades.

With that in mind, everyone should drop what they are doing, sell their tv's, cancel their cable, and stop going to the theaters. Instead they should visit sites like: or And start streaming one marvelous anime after another. Commercial free. Expense free. PC free. But, don't stop at that. It's important to watch the best shows first, so that one doesn't get disenchanted or disillusioned with their bright new horizons. It's also important that people don't have to invest massive chunks of time into it at first, before they realize just how worth it, it is. For that purpose, I've even included a list of the all time greatest anime people should watch, in the order of short movies and OAV's first, and long series later:

1. Kiki's Delivery Service.
2. Mononoke Hime.
3. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.
4. Grave of the Fireflies.
5. Fatal Fury.
6. Macross Plus.
7. Ninja Scroll.
8. Read or Die.
9. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

Ok. Now for mid-length series of amazing quality:

1. K-ON!
2. REC.
3. Record of Lodoss War OAV.
4. AIR.
5. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
6. Tengen Toppa Gurrenn Lagann.
7. Battle Athletes OAV.
8. RG Veda.
9. Iria: Zeiram the Animation.
10. Shamanic Princess.
11. Bastard!

Ok. Now for full seasons of goodness and joy:

1. Code Geass.
2. Cowboy Bebop.
3. Kanon.
4. Mahoromatic.
5. Martian Successor Nadesico.
7. Samurai Champloo.
8. Stellvia.
9. Utawarerumono.
10. Valkyria Chronicles.
11. Berserk.
12. Basilisk.
13. Evangelion.

And now for the sweeping epics of perfection:

1. Higurashi no Naku Koro.
2. Maho Shojo Lyrical Nanoha.
3. Sailor Moon.
4. Dragonball Z.
5. One Piece.
6. Naruto.
7. Inuyasha.
8. Ranma 1/2.
9. Rurouni Kenshin.
10. 12 Kingdoms.
11. Crest of the Stars.
12. Hayate no Gotoku.
13. Card Captor Sakura.
14. Full Metal Panic!
15. Zero no Tsukaima.
16. Prince of Tennis.
17. Vandread.

Looking at this collection of titles, the relative sparsity of good stories out of the west is all the more dreadful. Here's 50 titles that can compete with the best of the best out of Western media: Firefly, or Gilmore Girls, or Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings. Once you get into the right mood, the right mindset, you can glean so much more from each episode, than before you've understood their culture and language, too. Once you get over your holdups, and start searching for what's great inside each story, it truly becomes a prize. It'll make you laugh, cry, and rethink your life. It's just that great. It's what story telling was always meant to do -- and sadly, until we get our own media, it's the best we can possibly have.

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