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Sunday, September 6, 2009

30 to 50 Years

I predict a complete collapse of the present order within 30 to 50 years. I don't have any magical powers of foresight, but there are basically three alternate timelines the world could now go down:

1. Gradual collapse model. In this model, there is no flash point, there is no 'before and after,' things just generally degrade and wind down to a more sustainable level of poverty and development. This would be much like the end of the Roman Empire and people slowly winding down to feudalism. The manufacturing sector and trade sectors of the economy were abandoned, populations shrank, and everyone took up farming and ground out a miserable existence, isolated from even the nearby villages a few miles away.

For our modern times, it means that as the white population shrinks, more and more of the economy stands on the shoulders of the mexicans and blacks, who shrink the economy to something they can achieve and produce. We will have the economy of Mexico or Columbia or Ghana or something, each year getting slightly worse off until we reach some stable floor that even other races can maintain.

It remains an open question whether Asians will inherit the earth or simply die off like we did, a victim to their own success and prosperity. Asian birth rates are as low as white birth rates, and there is little evidence that they haven't bought into the multicultural dogma -- it is more likely that being poorer, they just haven't been as juicy targets for mass immigration as we have. Their time will soon come after ours, any day now I expect Japan to surrender and open their borders to mass immigration, which will be the East's death knell and probably the saddest day in human history.

Supposing Asians do die off, the sub races of the world would level everything to a much lower order of civilization than anything whites or asians achieved. Then it would be a race against time to see if they evolved into a higher order of Man or the sun blew up and humanity died off. It is quite possible that if, say, Islam took over, that we would be caught in an endless non-evolving cycle that manages to perfectly stop all progress. A 'brave new world' where the system has been ground to a complete halt with no prospect for change. It is also possible that there would be a niche for a new intelligent race to evolve and take over, and with the proper culture of expansionism and self-confidence, could achieve the same goals we had, only much later than we could have achieved them. Only time could tell.

2. Total Collapse Model: Under this theory, the restriction of resources and overpopulation of the earth does not sit well in people's throats, and they resolve to do something about it rather than lay down and die. This would galvanize not only whites and Asians to preserve themselves, but also blacks, Indians, hispanics and all the rest would be clawing at each other's throats for that last scrap of food or oil or shelter. In fact, what we could see is say, food riots among poor urban blacks spreading out into the suburbs where they start butchering and eating the white yuppies around them, followed by an immense backlash of white vigilante justice rounding up and killing black 'savages,' and then the military fissioning across various tribal and philosophical fault lines and an enormous civil war that would be mimicked all across the world -- muslims vs. europeans vs. europeon liberals, elite whites in south america vs. commoner hispanics, russians vs. muslims/turks, indian guest workers vs. saudi overlords, and so on. If conditions become harsh enough, fast enough, that people are shocked by their change in fortune, it could radicalize everyone and let them feel that violence is worth the gamble.

In this constant pressure of poor vs. rich revolutions, race wars, and civil wars, white nationalists could carve out their own living space and fight like badgers to hold onto it as the outside world descends into chaos. With no organized body to resist our move, our greater intellect and higher morale would secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. This would be the best chance for whites, and what we have to be hoping for as America's, and Europe's, future.

Is it possible for the economy to collapse so thoroughly so soon? I think so, and it's based on the idea that most of today's wealth is illusory. If IQ and wealth are closely related like Lynn says, the dysgenic trends around the world are going to show up eventually in our wealth-creating power. If no cheap alternative to fossil fuels can be found, and fossil fuels are depleted in the next few decades, the entire modern economy will come to a grinding halt. If parasites really do outnumber producers, in terms of corporate welfare and poverty welfare, of jewish bankers skimming off the top and black criminals raiding from the bottom, there is no mathematical way for us to end up rich and prosperous. Today's economy is structurally and inherently unstable, floating on bubble after bubble of imagined but not real wealth, living off a future debt we can never repay, and relying on consumers who can't afford anything they buy. If Global Warming is true, much of our living space will become unlivable -- too hot, underwater, or who knows what, adding yet higher costs to everyone's lives.

As each generation of children gets further removed from any sense of family stability, when grandparents and even great grandparents have always been divorced and all children across the board are illegitimate with mothers inviting new boyfriends into the house every other week, all concepts of morality will vanish and life will become a hedonistic storm of manic-depression and short time horizons inimical to child-rearing or economic success. Mental illness, drug use, alcohol abuse, suicides and NEETS will expand exponentially until there is practically no one left to run the country. Collapse will start in the souls of our children and then explode outwards into the 'real world' of jobs and health.

I also predict that in 30 to 50 years, no one will care much about Hitler, Martin Luther King, apartheid, segregation, or the Holocaust. It will all be relegated to the dustbin of history, and as all our studies show, our education courses are so incompetent at teaching history, that no college graduate by then will know what century WWII even occurred in, just like nobody knows what century the Civil War occurred in now. In the face of complete ignorance and no living link to any 'repression' or 'genocide' of minorities (which will sound meaningless to them since whites will be the minority in all countries whites live in and non-whites the majority), whites will be less interested in feeling guilty and more interested in the clear and present abuses and dangers they themselves face every day. World War II was 70 years ago, that already sounds incredibly ancient, sometime just after the thirty years war or the crusades. What about when it was 120 years ago? Is anyone going to be mentioning WWII every two seconds as their proof of every argument then? We may as well mention Hannibal crossing the Alps or the battle at Avincourt.

Therefore the total collapse model will involve a total collapse of the economy, a total collapse of today's popular culture and priorities, a total collapse of the family, a total collapse of the environment, a total collapse of racial and ethnic and religious harmony (think of the sudden massacre by the hutus against the tutsis), and a total collapse of the world's population (which I also predict, in this scheme, will have skyrocketed to something like 12 or 15 billion, not the rosy 9 billion of the UN, which predicts that magically, blacks will get their reproduction rates under control.) With so many things falling apart, it will become possible for new worlds to be built. Those with the most will to power will emerge at the top in a collapsed world, just as today the most mealy mouthed suck up lying scum are best situated to wealth and high status today. When environments change, 'survival of the fittest' also changes. Racism may not be suitable to 'get ahead' today, but tomorrow it will be the only game in town.

3. Technological Singularity: Under this theory we avoid all the current issues by simply inventing our way out of it. Suppose we invent a new food source 100 times as efficient as all current ones. We invent a new power source that solves global warming and provides infinite free energy for everyone. We invent computers to do all our thinking for us so it doesn't matter what our IQ is anymore. We invent robots to raise our children and care for our elderly, and so on. Or we discover the key to immortality, can genetically engineer ourselves to be super smart, super pretty and super well behaved at all times. There is boundless power within science to change any aspect of our lives. Once we cross the threshold of a technological singularity (wherein one invention leads to the next which leads to the next in a chain reaction we can no longer stop or avoid, pulling us into the center of a new science world we can't even imagine today like a whirlpool), it doesn't matter what was going on within humanity before. It doesn't matter what we do now, what happened in the past, or what we'll be doing in the future as the technology begins to cascade -- it becomes a force of its own, perhaps even supplanting our existence with sentient machines or bacterial colonies or superhumans.

Someday science fiction will become science fact. So long as we continue discovering and inventing, we always approach closer to the day of technological singularity. Our video games have already incorporated motion sensing virtual reality technology. Our computer chips are already reaching the atomic scale. And so on. Before we know it, we'll have passed the event horizon and humanity will become a footnote. People are constantly warning about the perils of this technology or that one, it's hard to believe that when you look at the vast array of technologies, all of which contain their own cataclysmic perils, we'll be able to avoid them all. One invention or another is going to change reality forever, and it is simply too enticing to avoid them all, given how many benefits each one yields.

Of course, this is just one possible timeline, I'm not saying it's inevitable, just that this is how it would come about, if this timeline were the future.

Conclusion: So with all this spread out in front of us, the question is, what should we be doing today? If timeline = #1, there's really nothing we can do. I would say die with dignity and grace at an old age, enjoy your current life with moderation and resignation, and pray that Asia does not follow our example. If timeline = #2, become psychologically and physically able to fight, die, and kill for the cause, constantly tell everyone you know of the coming crisis whites face and our need to unite around new philosophical principles, and then when the facts keep following your prophecies, prove that you were right all along and become a leader of our underground organization and eventual overground government. Have a large family and indoctrinate them all into the cause, single handedly raising the number of soldiers for the cause by multiplying your ideals and your genes. If timeline = #3, support scientific endeavors and research, join in on the research yourself if you are mentally suited to it, ignore the outside world and concentrate on atoms, cells, and the nuts and bolts of infinite power while the kids argue over meaningless things like health care and immigration.

One thing we can't do is preempt the natural playing out of the future. The momentum is simply too fierce, the power of the status quo too immeasurable, to stop the juggernaut from rolling all the way to its intended destiny. Stepping in the way of such a force only means getting crushed underneath it. We must instead watch from the side until the momentum is gone and the wheel has reached the bottom of the hill. It won't be long now, either way, before the status quo turns on itself, and like a snake eating its own tail, becomes all the power necessary to destroy its own limitless power. Just sit back and buy some popcorn, it's going to be a heck of a show.

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