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Saturday, August 15, 2009

White Men Deserve Better

Next I'll detail why white men of fighting age should join the Revolution and fight for a better future. Every year, of course, the vice clamps yet harder down upon us, and the reasons become more obvious to anyone. But the offsetting rise in propaganda, brainwashing, peer pressure, ostracism, and the like keep men in line.

Moreover, it seems six tools are used to keep the white men down above all others:

Ballots, Bribes, Bitching, Brainwashing, Blathering, and Bullying.

Accompanying these are the normally healthy white man's instincts -- the desire to protect the weak, the desire to be strong and independent and tough, the desire to win status and further his reproductive success, and the like instincts that are being used against us.

If we could get white men to see past their instincts and reflect on the larger pattern, how they are being manipulated and used to benefit everyone but themselves, that vague sense of discomfort, disquiet, and disdain for the modern world should erupt into a much hotter volcano of rage, hatred, and fanaticism. A level of emotion that can actually Do something about the world we find ourselves in. A level of emotion willing to kill and die for something better.

First, a list of how we've been wronged:

1. In World Wars I and II, we were told lies by various elites to engage in a completely pointless and fratricidal war. Tens of millions of people, mainly men, died uselessly killing their own brothers, to line various people's pockets and accomplish various people's dreams. White Men as a group were certainly not helped by these wars, they mark the beginning of our decline. Nothing good has come from these wars. The awful Versailles treaty and the Bolshevik Revolution that led to the death of a 100 million people came out of WWI. Out of WWII came the Iron Curtain and the Cold War, nearly obliterating all humanity and enslaving nearly one half of whites for 50 years. Russia has still not recovered from these two world wars and the resulting triumphs of communism -- if you ask me they never will. For comparative purposes, remember the worst tragedy in human history was the supposed death of '6 million jews.'

2. Women and Non-Whites were granted the vote, completely undermining our political power. However, they were not required to share any of our civic duty. We are still the majority of the taxpayers, the majority of the army, the majority of the great thinkers, the productive class that actually has to accomplish whatever our government decides our country should do. IE, one group votes to decide what we should do, and the other group goes out and does it. How is this fair? And yet, this is the practical effect of giving women and non-whites the vote -- white men have all been conscripted into endless labor and wars we wanted no part in, and our servitude will never end because we will never be the majority no matter how many thousands of years pass.

3. In 1910, white men were paying 5% of their money into taxes. They worked for the government from January 1st to January 19th, and for the rest of the year they worked for themselves.

Today in 2010, we as a nation pay 28% of our money into taxes. We work until April 13 for the government, and are free from there on to work for ourselves. Given white men make more than women or non-whites, our tax burden is even higher. Obama has plans to dramatically raise taxes and therefore the problem only continues to worsen.

4. We have been saddled with outrageous spending programs that largely help everyone but ourselves: Social Security and Medicare for old women, since they live 5 years longer than us -- Medicaid and Welfare for women and non-whites, since they're the only ones who ever qualify for these programs. Every year white men work in order to enrich women or non-whites, and there's nothing we can do to stop it, because combined they outvote us every election. The cost to these programs are all set to skyrocket beyond anything we can imagine, to 60 trillion dollars of unpaid liabilities. At this point white men will be expected to work even harder for everyone else's gain.

5. We are sent to die in useless wars like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam, just to suit the ambitions, pockets, or dreamy ideals of the people in power. A tiny group of elites who lie us into war, inevitably making white men pay the lion's share for the achievement of their evil designs. Our blood is on their hands.

6. Every year, 500,000 white men are raped every year in the prison system. This far out scales the rape of all women raped outside the prison system. ((Not to mention how much more traumatic it is to be raped in prison by a black monster, than raped by your over-aggressive date or whatever in the outside world.)) Nothing is done to stop these rapes, there is no punishment for the men who do it, and there is no sympathy for the men who suffer. This goes well beyond cruel and unusual punishment, but simply because we are white men, no one gives a damn or will say a word in our defense. Most people find it funny and like to joke about our suffering.

7. Divorce courts have been situated so that women can unilaterally divorce their husbands for NO REASON. These 'no-fault' divorces invariably end up with women taking a major portion of the assets men have worked decades to earn, and invariably end up with custody of the children. If a man is lucky, he can see his children every now and then, but it's largely futile. The mother will poison the children against their Dad, the Dad will have little to nothing in common with the children he doesn't see often enough to have an impact on, and he'll never be there when he really wants to be there, or they really want him to be there for them. Half of all marriages end in divorce. 2/3 of the time, it was the woman who filed for the divorce. Women are as likely to cheat on their husbands as men. But unlike when men cheat, resulting only in heartbreak, when women cheat something much worse can occur -- often your own children won't even be yours. I can't get any good solid numbers, but don't be stunned if the number is around 10%. In this day and age, women simply can't be trusted. Their word means nothing. They are taught to view their word as meaning absolutely nothing. If it makes them happy, it's right, and damn the white male oppressor who gets in their way.

8. Men have no right to veto an abortion. Even if they'd adopt and raise the child on their own, the women are allowed to simply slaughter the child and move on.

9. Affirmative Action means a white man can't get the grades, the college entrance, the job, or the promotion he deserves. Affirmative Action is not a tiny 'thumb on the scale' but can be dramatic, insane numbers like a 50%, 100%, or infinite preference for anyone but a white man. White men find affirmative action so bad, they can't even be hired for government jobs.

10. Schools are designed to favor women's learning styles. The result is women get better grades and have become the majority of college goers, even though men have on average 5 IQ points more intelligence. Boys meanwhile are dosed with ritalin and literally tortured their whole way through the school system full of women teachers praising and rewarding girl students while dissing and neglecting boy students, and teaching constantly how evil and inferior white men are from 8am to 3pm via their english and history classes.

11. Around 1/3 of white women no longer even pursue children. Because of the necessity for a womb to have a child, this leaves well over a third of men to have no choice at all in the matter -- they are simply exterminated from the gene pool despite how good fathers they'd be or how much they'd love their children. The hatred women have developed for men and children means they can kill off hundreds of millions of us through this quiet non-participation in sexual reproduction, and we are allowed to do nothing in our own defense.

12. Women are more likely to initiate domestic abuse than men. And yet all the lifetime movies, all the schoolroom classes, all the media talk about is men domestically abusing women. This vicious libel leaves men unprotected and vilified.

13. Men commit suicide 4 times as often as women, we are more often the victims of crime and murder, but the only sob stories anyone ever tells are about when a woman dies: Natalie Holloway, or Stacy Peterson, or whoever the hell is on the TV at the time. No one gives a damn about our safety and no one has attempted to adjust public policy to protect the truly endangered sex's feelings.

14. White Men's thinking has been criminalized. While women and non-whites can say whatever they want: "the white race is the cancer of human history," or "women need men like a fish needs a bicycle," or "one settler, one bullet," if a man says anything 'hateful' or 'discriminatory' against women or gays or non-whites, they will be socially ostracized, fired, and possibly thrown in jail. Dozens of men around the world lay rotting in prison for verbally offending the wrong 'group.' Needless to say, there's never been any penalty for vilifying white men, nor is anyone rotting in prison for offending our sensibilities.

15. White men on TV are treated with total contempt, whether it is the show or the commercial, the men are stupid, incompetent, or evil. White men are portrayed as the criminal in every crime show, even though the vast majority of crime is done by non-whites. In fact, black WOMEN do more crime than white men. This culture of demonization encourages everyone watching it to punish us in real life, as though TV and reality were connected. Since women are the main target audience of most television shows and commercials, producers are encouraged to vilify men in this way and give women their hateful rush of delight they always get when looking down on us, their sexual adversary.

16. However, I'd say the greatest harm that was ever done to white men is when Honor was thrown in the trash and replaced with feminine virtues like tolerance, compassion, pacifism, etc. Men are good at being honest, they are good at being just, they are good at keeping their words. But when that is no longer highly regarded, when that no longer has any reward, men are forced to abandon the virtues that best fit them, and are forced to wear like drag queens the virtues of contemporary society. Of course, we always find ourselves unsuited for these virtues, and lacking in their possession compared to our 'more virtuous' women overlords. Women constantly reprimand us for not being as caring, tolerant, nice, or sympathetic as they are. They never praise us for being more honest or honorable than themselves. We have lost our very manhood and can only pretend to be pale imitations, second class women in this inverted world. The fact that our very fertility and testosterone levels have declined every generation show the physical feminization of our entire sex. We are becoming shriveled husks, fake women, weaker versions of the weaker sex. They are eradicating, physically, through some chemical in the air or just through the choking degeneracy of our culture, our very manhood.

Are you mad yet, slave? Do you want better yet, bottom of the totem pole? Apparently not! This all suits men just fine, even though this is just the tip of the iceberg and it only gets worse each year. Why do we say nothing, do nothing in protest? Why aren't we outraged? Why aren't we organizing to do something about this?

Like I said, they are skillful users of the tools they have: Ballots, Bribes, Bitching, Brainwashing, Blather, Bullying.

1. Ballots: So long as we accept the legitimacy of democracy, it doesn't matter what we think. They will always outvote us, always. The first tool we must rip from their hands is the vote. It is a weapon of war just as deadly as a nuclear bomb, and it has been waged relentlessly against us for a century!

2. Bribes: Some men can get very rich under this system, and find plenty of status and women. They will always prefer the status quo, even if it comes at our expense. Other men don't get much, but they are foolishly content with a beer in the fridge, a sports game on the television, and a meaningless life. They figure nothing matters so long as they can be 'happy.' They've lost the ability to be angry about anything, or care about anyone.

3. Bitching: Tons of men listen to the mewling whines of women and non-whites, get some giant complex of the great provider or great protector, and work endlessly to help these helpless masses. They enjoy being used, they want to be used. They couldn't stand even thinking about hurting anyone, what if they cried? No one wants to see a woman or child cry! If there is to be suffering in this world, let it be the men who suffer. We have stoic hearts and strong shoulders, we can carry everyone's weight on our back, in fact, the entire purpose and meaning of being a man is carrying everyone else's suffering and hardships on our own backs. We are like little Jesuses! Until we stop pitying them and start pitying ourselves, until we realize still water runs deep, until we realize that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, this con will continue forever.

4. Brainwashing: Due to the media and school system, men are never taught to think independently or the true facts of history. They are never taught to compare the actual positions of whites and non whites in society, or men and women in society. They are not taught to consider whether white men have done anything good in history, or have any rights of their own, or what role we should play in society. If you are raised in a completely twisted and deranged fashion, it's no wonder how few men are capable of reaching sound and healthy instincts and views.

5. Blathering: By this I mean men who say stupid crap like: "We should treat everyone as individuals," while ignoring that no one is treating US as individuals, but is preying on white men as a group. Or idealistic crap like "we should support all decent people of good morals," while ignoring how impossible this is under the current system that rewards degeneracy and corruption. Or "We can't be violent," when violence is ongoing every day against us, and not fighting back is simply suicide. The idealistic blather goes on and on, but mainly its goal is to make people powerless. To make people decide to do nothing. To make people decide that morally, they can do nothing. Idealistic Blather is often a mask for cowardice, when people know what they should do but don't want to pay the price to do it. But often enough, the people genuinely mean it, having had such a dumb or soft childhood, having never thought the implications of their 'virtue' through to the end results, that they are idiots through and through. Of course the main pushers of all this idealistic blather are rarely white men, even though they are shackled by accepting said beliefs.

6. Bullying: When any white man shows an ounce of courage or independence, everyone from all sides denounces him and forces him into groveling apologies. It is rare for any white man to stand up against charges like "racist!" "sexist!" "homophobe!" "anti-semite!" "nut!" "extremist!" "loser!" Instead they will crawl into their shells and bow and scrape for their reputation back. This verbal bullying which keeps everyone in line, keeps men from encouraging each other, or developing their mentality further along said lines. Without the ability to unite, encourage each other, and inform each other, men are always left cowering on their own, assuming they are alone, that they are isolated, that they are helpless, that they must be insane or evil to believe what they believe. So long as men are kept huddling by these worthless words, we will always be the slave class. The internet can stop this -- but courage has to play its part too. Eventually men are going to have to grow a pair and ignore all the insults flung at them -- come what may.

None of these tools are impossible to overcome. With the right mindset, none of them can stop a white lion. A white warrior. We cannot be plead with, bribed off, shouted down, sophistically misled, mind controlled, or out-voted, unless we want to be. The question is, are we going to sit here and take this crap forever? Or will we find out of the vast sea of 500 million white men worldwide, a MEASLY 3 MILLION who cannot be controlled? If there aren't enough good men left in the world to defend even a tiny corner of our existence, then oh well. Let the Asians have the Earth. We should all just die and go to Hell.

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