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Saturday, August 15, 2009

More Details and Benefits of the Revolution:

When you filter out the women, children, and elderly of any population, you are left with a very small core of men who are actually maintaining civilization.

According to the CIA World Factbook, there are 100 million men aged 15-64 in the USA. The country is 65% white (supposedly), so that would leave 65 million white men. However this is a bit off, because many non-whites are on average younger than whites. It would be more likely to say there are something like 75 million white men in this category. Median age for men of the country is 35 years old. This helps us know how many men of fighting age we're really discussing here, with a cutoff of say 40 instead of the rather absurd 64. For every white male above age 35, there's one below age 35. So these 75 million whites should split largely past the cutoff age. 15-35 should be as numerous as 35-55, so that gives us around 40 million white men of fighting age.

These forty million white men must someday conquer the country that has stabbed them in the back for the last hundred years or so, though said betrayal has been rapidly accelerating in the last few decades. In a country of 300 million people, that's 13% of the population. As in, with white men of fighting age alone, we have sufficient numbers for a revolution. They would be up against women, children, aged grannies, and the non-white men (around 15 million) who are historically well known for being some of the weakest and easiest pushovers in wartime possible. I'm not worried about ANY of those groups. However, if say, 20 million white men attempted a revolution, and had to fight 20 million white men, 15 million non-white men, a gaggle of old people, children, and women, it becomes much dicier. First off, so long as we keep this a white men vs. non-white men thing, we can butcher only non-whites to secure the existence of our people. Second, the closer a war's sides are, the more bloody the battles become. If one side has overwhelming force, hardly anyone has to die. If the sides are evenly matched, the war just goes on forever -- like the horrors of WWI. That's why we should try very hard to recruit white men into a revolutionary mindset -- we want them to be signing the petition and we don't really need anyone else whether they sign it or not. If say, 3/4 of white men of fighting age (15-40) are in on the conspiracy, we could rather quickly disarm or take prisoner those who weren't in on the conspiracy, make it very clear how outnumbered and out-serioused the remaining white males were, and then concentrate all our firepower on the non-white men in our midst and go for a real turkey shoot. I wouldn't bet on victory without that kind of majority.

So now we've narrowed it down to 30 million white men who are needed to win a revolutionary war against the 300 million citizenry at large. Humorously, that puts us exactly back to my ballot: 'If 10% of the people revolt, I will revolt.' 10% seems to be the magic number -- so long as it includes 75% of white men of fighting age. With that kind of majority, the battle will be short, it will be relatively bloodless (for both sides), and it will go in our favor. Afterwards we can do whatever we like with the remaining population, with the basic knowledge that anyone who disagrees with our decisions has only one other option and that is to die. By the time we are ready to revolt, we will also be ready to make the revolt stick -- all thoughts of mercy, morality, compassion, justice, etc will out the window and the traditional tactics of the weak, voting bribing and whining, will mean nothing to us.

If we can't garner this 75% of white men country-wide, it is easy enough to scale down to a smaller segment of the country. Say we can't find 30 million white men with guts, we can only find 3 million. All hope isn't lost, the revolt could still be staged (though admittedly a much dicier one.) Instead of trying to retake and dictate to all of America however, it could be for a small piece of America.

Look at the populations of these states:

Wyoming: 532,000
North Dakota: 641,000
Alaska: 686,000
South Dakota: 804,000
Montana: 967,000
Idaho: 1,523,000

Add them all up, you have a population of: 5,153,000.

That's right, nearly half of America's real estate has all of 5 million people in it. That's ripe territory for a two stage revolution. First, we move to those states, preferably with women and children who love and support us. Second, we revolt and seize all those states, preferably with as little bloodshed as possible, and massive overwhelming numbers. We then work ASAP to use the military bases in these regions, the nuclear silos, and the like to hold the rest of the USA at bay, and make them think twice before invading and crushing our little rebellion. Because it impacts very few American's lives to lose a giant chunk of America that has stubbornly neglected to be occupied by anyone anyway, because no one wants to get nuked for 'flyover country,' and because we are extremely dangerous sons-of-bitches no one wants to fuck with anyway, it should be possible to secure an existence for our people and a future for white children.

Three million men can revolt and occupy half the United States and, without more than a few shots fired, stare down the US government and the whole world. Hard to believe eh? But I've already run the numbers by you and they are solid. From there we could do a number of things, including invite anyone who agrees with our principles into this nearly empty quarter of America. With additional numbers from the US and the entire white world (all of whom by then will be desperate for escape from their multicult hellholes), we could soon have a truly populated nation, much larger than most countries on earth, and with the people to settle, reproduce, and hold our precious sovereign soil. There could be nothing more precious than a white homeland for the whole world's refugees as the 21st century winds down and demolishes every last country whites previously ruled. naturally everyone stuck within our suddenly declared borders who wished to leave, or we had no wish to be here, could emigrate or be deported respectively. After enough of these population transfers (and at most we're talking about deporting a meager 5 million people here), our country would be composed of pure White Nationalists. A healthy country with no cancers of unassimillable subhumans breeding in their midst, and no poisonous ideologies being whispered in the classrooms or on our TV screens.

There may well be a lot more men than women in this country, maybe a lot of men will be fighting with no hope of personal reproductive success. Who cares? The next generation of children will come out all right: 50% men, 50% women. That first generation of women may need to be a little heroic in their efforts to help people our country, but it should soon simmer down. And it is self-evident that children raised in a healthy white nationalist environment, without poison from abroad telling them to do unnatural things like race-mixing, homosexuality, careerism, or whore-mongering, will fit perfectly well into marriage and children and the true beginning of our white nation. For all the men who fought for the rights of other men and other women to have healthy, free, white children -- isn't that reward enough? First off, we're all genetically related, so they are in fact your children. Second off, this was our dream, it's enough to see it realized before we die -- it doesn't matter who. Third, if you have children outside this zone of safety, they would probably be miserable anyway. What future does the white race have outside our homeland? Any? I don't see any. Just rape, theft, and eventually murder for every last one of us. The men will be worked as galley-slaves, paying 99% taxes, while the women will work the harems, pimped out and kept high on drugs.

The flag for when the revolution is on will be when 75% of the white men of fighting age in these remotely settled states have signed onto the petition. That will require so little of us! So very little is necessary to stand up against our government, with nukes vs. nukes, planes vs. planes. A few million men, and the courage of our convictions.

After the war is won and our independence is granted, we could even set up a confederacy type government with little federal oversight except for free trade, common currency, common defense and the like. On the local scale, people could organize into yet purer communities of a single faith (or lack thereof), single political model (libertarian, anarchist, national socialist, communist, socialist, who cares? It will only be on that community's head and it won't adversely affect anyone who doesn't want to be a part of it.), and single philosophical model (criminal code, harsh or lenient? marriage, arranged or voluntary? gays, in or out? Abortion, legal or illegal?)

Every remaining controversy between white nationalists can thus be resolved without anyone oppressing or abusing anyone. It will be settled on the local level, people will sort themselves to where they feel most comfortable, and most importantly, it will not imperil our ability to maintain a strong front against the outside world, and keep the common defense necessary to defend our incredibly precious territory, the last white territory on earth.

Someday, if our enemies weaken or we grow in strength, centuries down the line, we could attempt to grab some more land from our friendly neighbors. However, that seems rather pointless, when the entire universe full of innumerable planets awaits us in Space. If our white homeland built, say, a space elevator, and sent a colony to Mars, or to Alpha Centauri, or just into the depths of space where no one will find us again -- we'll have infinite resources, and we'll truly be separated from our enemies once and for all. All local concerns about the Earth's territory will become petty and superfluous. The main benefit of a white homeland is not the temporary rescue of our race from complete annihilation in the outside world -- it is the chance to colonize space with the right sort of people, and be free of non-whites (or simply retarded whites who can't get their heads on straight) forever. That's where all of our excess energy should be pointed, and believe me, with the power of eugenics and the strength of our dedication, we CAN be the leaders of any technology we damn well choose to be. White Separatism can only truly exist among the stars -- our future has nothing to do with the outside world, nor is any conflict with the outside world desirable. Manifest Destiny no longer points west, it points UP.

I see no weak point in this plan. If people don't adopt it, if they aren't actually willing to fight for a white nation, they simply aren't white nationalists. That's how I feel. Hopefully 3 million others will grow to feel the same way, and soon.

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