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Friday, August 14, 2009

If Violence is the Answer, How do we Win?

With the previously enunciated rule from the last post in mind: Law is determined not by voting blocks but by young men willing to do violence, we must then turn to the question, how can a violent revolution succeed?

I imagine a few different ways. One is detailed in Heinlein's book, where a group of five soldiers or so happen upon a storehouse of super high tech devices, and decide to launch a revolution against their Chinese Overlords single-handedly. I'm not sure what the title of the book was, but basically it endorsed the idea of the Yellow Menace and a new American Revolution for grandma and apple pie. So long as even a few whites survive, this revolution will always be possible. We don't know yet what kind of super-technology the future could hold, but it may be enough to completely even the odds between the few and the many. If the few strike first, it could give them the decisive advantage. This is why all hope is never lost, so long as there's even twenty or so white people left on earth. So long as some sort of racist secret society struggles through the centuries, always keeping its heart and gene line pure, it could always burst back out and achieve our salvation, with the help of super technology/ WMD. This one relies on inventions we don't have, but basically my advice would be for people to have children, indoctrinate said children, and don't miscegenate. Someday the tide might turn. The wheel of fortune turns, and those who were once on top now find themselves on the bottom. Nothing stays the same forever.

The next solution is the same hunker down idea, but with a twist. Instead of coming upon some super technology, instead of becoming miraculously stronger, we simply wait for everyone else to get weaker. For instance, if we wait long enough Africa will no doubt return to a spear-wielding society with no working cars, guns, or electricity. At that point it would be much easier to defeat them in battle, just by keeping what we already have. This of course doesn't work so long as they can feed off an enslaved producer class, so the first thing people must do when they hunker down, is completely detach themselves from the system. Go 'off the grid.' So long as our minds, morals, and muscles are fueling society, we can obviously never become stronger than it -- as a part cannot outweigh the whole. Atlas Shrugged also believed in the hunker down strategy -- escape the grid, refuse to contribute anything to the country, and let it wind down like a dying clock. If we are right and their behavior is evil and destructive, it will eventually catch up to them.

The problem with this idea is the prediction that any foreign society that isn't ideal, will eventually result in complete barbarism and self-destruction. This isn't necessarily the case. It's highly possible for countries like Iran, Pakistan, Mexico, or Indonesia to build a relatively powerful, prosperous, and stable nation that will never collapse in on itself. It's one thing to try and 'out wait' Zimbabwe, it's another entirely to try and out wait China. I don't believe waiting can weaken an occupying nation beyond a certain point. We can watch it descend gradually to its base level of worth, and then it will hum along at that base level forever. This does imply we'd gain something by waiting and letting people degenerate to the level they can sustain without us, but it doesn't imply that this level will be weaker than our own. It will probably still be much stronger!

Therefore terrorism and sabotage will be necessary to continue bringing down these entities after their natural decline has stopped. Which of course means the revolution will be on and the enemy would no longer turn a blind eye to us. Without sufficient numbers, we'd simply be crushed. There has to be a way to gain power on our side while the enemy weakens, so that when the war begins we have a reasonable chance.

How does the Revolution gain power? The best way is for non-whites, plutocrats, etc. to abuse the hell out of us. Especially young white males of military age. When white men can no longer find a job, can no longer afford their rent/mortgage, can no longer afford a family, are no longer attractive to white women for lack of said money/status, when they are ridiculed by the press and tv shows, demonized as the source of all the country's woes, taught in public school that they should be women or gays because men are evil, so on and so forth -- an extremely molten hot core of bitterness, frustration, and rage will be in the hearts of every white male who walks the streets. Currently it is economically possible for a white male to gain money, power, women, and status. Even though the odds are slanted against him, his natural merit makes up the difference. This is true even in South Africa. No matter how repressive the regime, it takes quite a lot of repression to keep a white male down. The general public belief of white men right now is 'suck it up,' and 'tough' whenever a white male complains about the disadvantages he faces. It will take more repression, much more, before white men admit to themselves and to each other that 'sucking it up' and 'trying harder' is no longer enough. That remaining within the system is a surefire recipe for destruction, that they really are screwed.

But I guarantee you much more is coming. Even for South Africa, they haven't even seen the beginning! There will be a day when the greedy, envious, hateful minority mass will decide to once and for all deprive white men of everything they have, regardless of what it takes to keep him down, regardless of how much that even hurts their own economy and well-being. The fact is, taxes are going to have to rise, probably to around 100%, to sustain just our current financial plans. The debt, medicare, social security, and so on will reach such astronomical costs that we will move to a communist state, where all income is collected, then redistributed to the Party chosen winners and losers. There's simply not enough money as things stand, to leave the currently biased but bearable tax system in place. I also believe that all savings will be seized by the government, sooner or later. Either through the use of hyperinflation, that makes all savings meaningless, or some sort of tax on savings that takes 10% each year, through a 100% estate tax, or SOMETHING. Minorities, ultimately, will not allow whites to accumulate wealth and power in a country whites do not govern or control. Eventually whites will be forced out of their land and houses, just like in Zimbabwe, and squatters will move in to take the accumulated centuries worth of work white men have invested into the land. Minorities don't know when to quit, their envy and hatred knows no bounds. Therefore, white men will sooner or later admit they are being given a raw deal, and will cease looking for self-reliance and rugged independence as answers. Collective, violent resistance at that point will look more attractive. And of course, this is where we gain the sudden influx in power and numbers we need to take on the decaying and degenerate tyrannical state.

Once people are enraged enough that all their petty concerns about morality (but we might hurt someoneeeeee!) (but what about the innocentssssssssss!) will no longer handcuff them, and all the boastful arrogance of (be a man!), (suck it up!), (solve your own problems!) will fall on deaf ears as people finally convince themselves that the world around them is indeed not their fault, and their personal tribulations really aren't of their own making, the revolution will have a mighty army indeed.

Do I expect both of these things to come to pass? I don't know. So much is uncertain in the future, including how minorities will treat us when they take over, whether a more moderate republican-style platform is adopted, whether technology produces vast wealth that can delay the inevitable, and so on. But I hope they treat us like total shit and take every last dime we own, because the sooner this war occurs the better. The longer we wait, the more of them, and the less of us, there will be. From here until the revolution, that math will continue inexorably against us. Obama is a heartening step in the right direction. The idiot has abused us so flagrantly so quickly, that his popularity is already down to 47%. We need about 30, 50 more years of this crap, and I think the inner fire of the white male would be sufficiently stoked for blood.

To clarify how exactly we could win the war when it begins, let's do a thought experiment. Say 50% of the country is sick of minorities and wants to be free to live in a white homeland actually geared to benefiting themselves. We have an internet database, say it's in code language (a poll asking whether violets or roses are better) or encrypted (0111000101011001), where people simply go online and drop their vote into the mailbox. On it is written:

"If 50% of the populace agrees to revolt, I will revolt with them." In this way, we avoid the trap of the airline hijackers: Suppose you've got a hijacker with a gun, he's holding 40 people hostage. If all 40 people rushed him at once, at most he'd kill 1 or 2, and 38 lives would be saved. However, if 1 or 2 people rushed the hijacker, they'd simply die for nothing, never standing a chance. Therefore everyone, fearing the crowd won't support them, is cowed into simply letting the hijacker having his way. As we currently know, the 'hijacker's way' in terms of the white race is our total extinction. That's the only interpretation of the massive birth rates, immigration into all our homelands, financial shakedowns of white tax payers, anti-white demonization in the schools and media, and the continuous encouragement of our miscegenation into a proper 'coffee brown worldwide monotone.'

With some sort of secure internet, mail-in database, or something, (message board? cell phone text logs?) we can overcome the hijacker's dilemma. We will know that the crowd has our back, and our sacrifice will a) not be likely b) not be in vain.

At the magic last sign up onto our petition, a coded email, buzzer beep, or the like would go out to everyone who had signed up, and we would all know simultaneously that the war was on -- the revolution had begun, and we were to join it. With this sort of surprise massive coordination, where we could live among everyone else as though we were perfectly fine with our society, the revolution could be organized and sprung without anyone having a chance to find countermeasures to it. With 50% of the population, all we would have to do is know one person personally that was not on the list of petitioners, (a secret gang sign? A tie of a certain pattern, whatever.) pick up our gun (or if guns have been confiscated, kitchen knife), find that person and kill him. By the end of the day if 50% of people kill one political opponent, we would automatically be 100% of the population and the war would be won. The one day war, with probably very few casualties on our side.

50% is a bit dreamy, so let's do the same experiment with fewer numbers. Let's say only 10% sign off. "If 10% of people agree to revolt, I will revolt." Has anything important changed? It would be even nicer to have some guns this time, granted. But the result would still be the same. You would know 9 people who had not signed the list, get your knives or baseball bats, sneak into their houses in the middle of the night, and get to butchering until the odds had been dramatically evened in your favor. My biggest worry would be that the US army would be heavily armed and armored and have enough sentries this kind of policy wouldn't work. However, all we need to solve that is the same 10% of people within the army willing to revolt. At the given cue, they would simply roll a grenade into their barracks, turn their machine gun to the guys left and right of them, or otherwise slaughter in a surprise assault before the others knew what hit them. Even the submarines, carriers, jet fighters, and every other weapon is vulnerable to this tactic. A bunch of people armed and suddenly blazing away at their comrades and 'friends' before the other side knows the war is on, can dramatically even even 1 to 10 odds. I suppose if we want to be careful, the rule should read something like, "If 10% of the population at large and 10% of the military currently in arms agrees to revolt, I will revolt."

Better to be safe than sorry. The revolution must win if we as a people are to survive.

Even outnumbered 9 to 1, another important question will be: How many of our opponents are women? How many of them are elderly? We could even spare all of those types, and simply concentrate on butchering the men who foolishly serve said demographics at their own expense. If we defang the political ambitions of women and elderly, such that they can't enforce them through their muscle men on the rest of us, it doesn't really matter what goes on in their pretty little heads. Then it would look more like 1 to 3 odds, now wouldn't it?

How many of our opponents are non-whites? As far as our military history goes, even Japanese only managed an exchange ratio of 10 to 1. As in, it takes 10 Japanese, some of the smartest and bravest people on earth, to take down a single white male in battle. Now maybe technology has changed in the meantime, but I don't care how you slice it -- white battles in our past are even more lopsided elsewhere. Cortez took out the entire Incan empire, Clive took out the entire Indian army (who was, by the way, better equipped and armed, with more cannons than the british), at the battle of blood river, a few South Africans took out an entire army of Zulus, with nothing more than single-fire bullets, a cannon or two, horses and sabers. If we are surrounded by minority men, not to mention kumbayah-singing women and ghoulish elderly, I wouldn't be too worried once the shooting starts. The only men we have any reason to fear, are our own. Hopefully most of them will have already signed up for OUR side.

After the war is won (and even with 10% of the military/population, I feel we would win hands down, due to the poor quality of our opponents, the fire in our hearts, and the suddenness of the surprise.), I wouldn't worry too much about political resistance of the survivors. People would quickly see where their bread is buttered, and white males would no longer take any crap from anyone. Whether it is vampire elderly trying to suck our lifeblood to squeeze out another few years of their prune-juice lives, or feminazis trying to push us out of existence and deprive us of any meaningful role but sex toy (or will even that be soon gone and lesbianism the sensible replacement for all women?), none of them have the guts or the psyche to fight and kill their way to their desires. All they ever knew how to do was vote and whine. We were stupid enough to let them vote, and we were stupid enough to listen to them whine and actually feel sorry for all their imagined woes, while ignoring our very own chains -- by the time the revolution occurs, those mistakes will be long gone, and our enemies will therefore be utterly powerless and ready to accept the new deal we give them.

What about the outside world? Would they take kindly to this type of maneuver? Certainly not, but then, what are they going to do about it? Supposing we reclaim the entirety of the USA through this lightning ambush, we would gain alongside it a giant nuclear arsenal that could easily keep the world at bay, and the natural resources to weather any amount of sanctions and trade boycotts they could attempt. Supposing we even claimed a few states that happened to include nuclear silos or reactors, the truth would still stand -- no one who didn't want to evaporate into a mushroom cloud would have much chance to say anything to us. In the end, the facts on the ground rule world diplomacy. No one's invaded North Korea yet, have they? And yet a white nationalist revolution would be far larger, more populous, and more heavily nuclear armed than North Korea can ever dream of.

I like this scenario the best, because it doesn't rely on our enemy decaying to nothing without any effort on our part, and it doesn't rely on miracle technologies that we may never receive. Like I say, what's holding this plan back most is the fact that most white males, as foolish as it is, still believe in the macho self-reliance way, and think anyone who can't hack it, is just a loser they have no sympathy for. White males, when they do fail, blame themselves instead of anyone else, even though affirmative action is so obviously, blatantly set against them. White males still feel so much empathy for their crying grannies and whiny women, that they strive to do anything they can to please them, even though it's obvious neither group has ever once thought of us or tried to alleviate our pain. ((Whites have a higher suicide rate than blacks, young people have a higher suicide rate than old people, and males have a suicide rate 4 TIMES as high as females, and yet all you EVER HEAR is whining, endless WHINING, from blacks, grannies, and women about how we men have to do more for them and are oppressing them!)) White men have a head full of stupid and a heart full of lovey-dovey soapy nonsense, and this will continue for quite a while. They are also the most deadly force on earth, and I for one would never want to go up against them. So long as their heads and hearts are full of cobwebs, the whole project of violent revolution is a non-starter. But someday it will change. I think it's already changing. I think Obama is full of 'hope' and 'change,' the hope and change I want to see, and I hope many of his successors keep piling it on just like this, all across the world.

Someday the white lion will roar.

(1915, published 1917)

It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late,
With long arrears to make good,
When the Saxon began to hate.

They were not easily moved,
They were icy — willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Saxon began to hate.

Their voices were even and low.
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd.
It was not taught by the state.
No man spoke it aloud
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not suddenly bred.
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the Saxon began to hate.

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