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Friday, August 14, 2009

The Devil's Bargain:

First, everyone should read this link, another fine article by the BNP displaying exactly what the white race is facing, and how inherently unjust it is for everyone but whites to have the right to their own territory, government, and existence. I don't really believe in natural rights falling from the sky and pelting people on the head in order to remind them to be good boys and girls, that's a fairy tale dream. Any rights we have, exist only by our willingness through violence to enforce them, and the only judiciary third worlders will ever obey is the law of the gun. However, so long as we are going to pretend that these rights exist, they should apply to everyone equally, including the white race. The liberal viewpoint is inherently contradictory:

It should be obvious to anyone that either war or extinction is coming. That there is no democratic or peaceful solution to the problems outlined in that article. Nationalist parties have failed to generate enough public approval and time has run out for the white race. The next generation has already been born, our supplanters are almost entirely third world, and most of the births even in white homelands are actually from third world immigrants, not ourselves. For kids in the 0-5 range in the USA, for instance, the majority are non-white. True Americans are therefore incapable of garnering majority approval or democratic power after the next three elections or so. Given that we whites decided to elect a communist racist mulatto illegal alien to be our president, and given that the Republican party refuses to represent white people's interests so there is no legitimate alternative to Obama, I don't have much faith that the next three election cycles are going to suddenly wise up and stop this nonsense while we still can.

Furthermore, the white race continues to subsidize and pay for the birth rates of the third world, and continues to allow excess population to immigrate to our own territory, thus allowing for the population growth of a planet already groaning over an unsustainable population to skyrocket endlessly. In 2000 there were 6 billion people on earth, by 2012 there will be 7 billion. What idiot thought this would be a good thing? How are the six billion current inhabitants helped by being crowded in with this next billion? Did we find a billion people's worth of extra oil laying around? Extra steel? Extra farmland? Extra city streets? Extra water? Extra anything? No, we just crowded them in, overburdened our infrastructure and environment, and hoped it would somehow magically work out. Of course it hasn't worked out. We are in a worldwide depression and it's obvious to anyone that the idea of 'perpetual growth' hasn't worked. Only birth control and eugenics can save the third world from itself, and us from the third world. Every other policy spells doom for the entire planet and a depression unlike anything we see today -- the return of a dark age where technology is no longer maintained or invented, and thus can no longer bear the load of an ever increasing BEAST of perpetual breeding, followed by a world war over the last remaining resources and civilized territories (China?) which could well end in nuclear annihilation of the majority of mankind.

It sounds like science fiction, neh? And yet, just re-read the link, and you tell me where the world is supposed to fit all of our newborn mud people all over the earth. You tell me how non-existent white populations are supposed to take care of Africans after we are dead and gone, who meanwhile have tripled in size since their last Ethiopian famine without any corresponding increase in productivity. The logic is inexorable.

How have people been lulled into putting up with this? How is it that an entire race, a billion people, could be hoodwinked into signing away their very existence on this earth, in just a couple hundred years?

Obviously there will always be liars ready to take advantage of the gullible, groups seeking their own self-interest at our expense. But that's only natural, and given the uncaring and evil-rewarding nature of evolution, we can hardly sulk or pout that it isn't right or fair. Of course it isn't right or fair, but that's the way it is. A people who does not develop a physical self-defense will be invaded and brutalized. A people who does not develop a mental self-defense will be deluded and brainwashed. Given these circumstances, it's up to us to develop the mental and physical power necessary to defend ourselves. It really isn't that hard -- after all, every other country on earth isn't facing an extinction level crisis. It's only us. We're the weakest people on earth -- of course we're being picked on. Who wouldn't? On general principles, simply for being the sniveling cowards we are, I'd join in and hit the white race a couple times too!

My suggestion is that whites long ago made a bargain with the devil: Peace and Prosperity today, take my soul tomorrow! This was all the easier given they wouldn't actually have to face the consequences of their actions. When's the last time parents cared about the fate of their children or grandchildren? The divorce and illegitimacy rates show how little they care, their politics is just one more symptom of their utter disregard for the future and utterly selfish lives. Just look at this doomsday clock:

The numbers are astronomical. These are all decisions made by parents that give present-day benefits for future costs:

12 trillion dollar national debt.
7 trillion dollar personal debt.
12 trillion dollar federal bailouts.
300 billion a year tax cost servicing interest on the national debt.
216 billion trade deficit this year.
59 trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities.

Who in their right mind thinks we can pay for these things? Or thinks we have any moral duty to pay for these things? Why should one person get benefits and another pay the costs? Why should children be saddled with their parents and grandparents outrageous medical costs? Why should children have to pay the national debt our parents borrowed? We never agreed to these policies, we never voted them in, and yet we still have to pay the taxes that fund them? Due to this massive hoodwink, our ancestors have sold us all down the river for their short stay in paradise.

Because the true cost of massive non-white immigration is loss of territory and government control, and that cost has not yet been paid, the current generation can enjoy all the benefits of massive non-white immigration (cheap labor) while we pay all the costs (annihilation.) This is yet another shell game earlier generations have played with us, leaving us to pick up the tab, the moment when the shit really hits the fan, while basking in their private yachts or private swimming pools or whatever old people do as they celebrate our doom.

Because the true cost of resource depletion is only paid when we actually run out, current generations can enjoy the most wasteful extravagance imaginable, leaving us to pay the bill. If they want to use up all our oil without building any nuclear plants, if they want to water their golf courses or irrigate rice in the middle of deserts, they see no reason why not. After all, you can't bring the world's natural resources with you after death, so we may as well destroy them all while we're alive, right? Let's not let a single fish swim in the sea past our 90th birthday, so long as it means one more seafood salad for us! Therefore it is our generation that has to face the crisis of global warming (if it's true), water depletion, peak oil, runs on all of our remaining metals, animal extinction, and lord knows what.

Because the true cost of illegitimacy and divorce spirals through generations of maladaptive behavior that in turn influences THEIR kids and THEIR kids, parents have gained all the benefits of an individualist and free-wheeling romantic life, and left all the costs to their children to try and pick up the pieces. Despite the hundreds of studies showing it is better for children to have a mother and a father, the majority of children no longer receive this -- their most basic right and due in life.

I'm sure I could go on and on, but I've made my point. Whites have made a deal with the Devil. They have found a way to carve out their own personal pleasure on this earth, and they have thrown everyone else to the wolves. As a massive voting block which, in a democracy, always gets its way, this generation of older whites always outnumbers the children who aren't even allowed to vote, and the 20's and 30's crowd who can never outvote the 40's+. It's like spitting into a hurricane, casting a vote on election day. You know full well who is going to receive all the money, all the benefits, and all the laws -- that aged granny over there with a cane.

There is no reason why we must honor the agreements of our parents or grandparents. There is no reason we have to pay the Devil's Bargain. If we resort to the true tabernacle, the rule of the gun, I'd like to see the elderly enforce their god damned policies of overspending, overtaxing, overcrowding and overconsuming everything that isn't bolted down to the ground. The law is not determined by voting blocks. It will always ultimately boil down to the number of young men of military age who are willing to FIGHT for their country.

Long ago Thomas Paine wrote in the Rights of Man that the living are not beholden to the contracts of the dead, that we are not some sort of ghost empire where justice and antiquity are synonymous. We don't have to pay these debts, any of them. We don't have to keep these immigrants our parents let in, any of them. We don't have to fund social security, medicare, or the prescription drug benefit. We don't have to continue fighting the wars they got us into, or hold the same moral precepts they do, or retain a constitution or government inherently flawed that got us here. Universal Democracy in America has only lasted for around 80 years, and look where it's brought us. It's an obviously failed model, far worse than the republic that came before it, with limited voting rights, and probably even the Republic was far worse than what we could think up now, in a more modern and enlightened age. Every legacy they have left us, we have no reason to accept. If we do, we accept our extinction -- it is the inevitable result of their legacy, the legacy of unthinking selfishness that asked only for money, power, security, do-gooder wishy-washy self-ennobling altruistic highs, immortality and conspicuous consumption to stroke their egos -- the whole damned Devil's Bargain from top to bottom.

Someday the debt clock should read, from top to bottom, one giant line of $0's.

Someday we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children, our own homeland as outlined by the very UN as our natural right to have and to hold, in perpetuity.

Someday our environment should be sustainable and our children should inherit the same opportunities as we ourselves enjoyed, in terms of jobs, living space, water, climate, health, and everything else.

Someday the world's population must be controlled and shrunk back to a sane level -- in 1950 it was 2 billion -- in less than one lifetime, look what a monster it has become, a monster that benefits no one -- not those here today, not those who are to come.

Someday we must take a hard look at the religions, politics, and traditions handed down to us by our ancestors, and eliminate all of the harmful, irrational, and destructive beliefs they either imagined up or themselves inherited from the Dark Age's of the past.

Someday we must return to the nuclear family, and an economy that justifies and supports the nuclear family, so that all our children can have a mother and a father.

Every single thing wrong with the earth, is the responsibility of those humans who came before us. We aren't to blame for any of it, and we don't have to put up with any of it. Any generation that wishes, can make a clean break with the past, and with the generations still living, but already undead ghouls due to their life of feeding like cannibals off the corpses of the future for their own present gain. We have the right and the duty to do so, if we are going to preserve anything good on this Earth -- if we love anything or anyone at all.

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