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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Towards a New Education:

Education is perhaps the most critical activity in life, competing only with pair-bonding. Between reproduction and child rearing, everything else is practically a footnote. The money people make in all their various jobs is simply to fund reproduction and child rearing (from an evolutionary and thus, healthy point of view), and a full half of the world's population was, until recent times, devoted solely to this task (for good reason, since it was the most important task worthy of said devotion). Just as it would be criminally insane to neglect the reproductive process by allowing anyone to willy-nilly mate and have offspring, regardless of the likely genes they will pass on to their kids, without any attempt to improve the next generation through various advantageous genes that give them mental and physical health, high IQ, good looks and so on -- it would be criminally insane to neglect the education and rearing of our children once they are born.

Of course, in modern America, we manage to do both.

Not for lack of funds. Currently our schools are aflush with more money than they've ever had before. Nor for lack of trying, endless 'bold' and 'innovative' education systems are implemented across America, with cadres of loyal and impassioned teachers ready to teach them. Sadly, all of this money and all of this energy goes to waste, for lack of knowledge.

As the quote goes, 'My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.'

I have already addressed the need for eugenics. Any society not willing to cull its runts and reward its champions is doomed to degeneration and ultimately death. There is no future for the white race, or humanity, without the re-implementation of eugenics, the same science we have used since the beginning on all of our animals and crops to produce the wondrous results we have today from them. The same science Spartans and Romans took as a matter of course and our own Supreme Court justices agreed with not so long ago ("Three generations of idiots is enough.") Corn and apples didn't start off the way we see them today, they were generally a few inches in size, tasted terrible, were impossible to harvest and so on. Careful cultivation of the traits we found most desirable in these crops rewarded us over thousands of years, until we see the enormous, sweet, seedless apples that appear at our supermarkets today. Eugenics works. We know it works. And we use it everywhere around us, our whole society is built upon it, from our pet dogs to our steak dinners. To not apply it to the most critical life form of all, humanity, is cruelty to those who should never have been born, and cruelty to all those who must live around them and absorb their external costs from being born. It is not good for anyone, when net negative life is brought into this world. When someone can expect a short, diseased, demented, or dull life of pain, rejection, failure, and frustration, you are not protecting them. You are not giving them the 'gift' of life, but only the curse of existence. If you love life, you would spare them this fate -- and spare all of their family members, neighbors, and countrymen from having to endure their costs they impose on others. A mother with three healthy children and one insane child, has no time or energy for the three healthy children to spare. She will have to constantly put up with things most people never face in their lives, and she has to endure the heartbreak of loving someone doomed to pain and death. Due to motherly instincts, she might well want to sacrifice herself, her family, and the entire nation for the sake of this one insane child -- but that doesn't mean her choice is rational or right. A utilitarian has to know where to draw the line for the greater good, such emotions are luxuries we simply cannot afford.

Marriages break up over problem children. Other children are neglected. Millions of dollars are spent trying to fit them into the outside world, money that could have been spent on completely healthy kids and paved their roads to good fortune. And no, we cannot spend infinite money on both the 'healthy' and the 'unhealthy' kids, there is a limited amount of money, and there is a limited number of kids on earth. Even if we had a million dollars for every single healthy child alive (which we don't), that would still not imply we could afford a dysgenic birth -- because we could always have a new, healthy kid instead and give the money to THAT child. A child who will now never be born, because the money is lost forever.

Therefore, before addressing a new education plan, we must first lay down the iron law of eugenics -- no insane people, no retards, no congentinally handicapped, no criminal psychopaths, or whatever will even be entering the system in the future. They will be weeded out before birth. Either through screening and abortion, or simply not granting certain parents the right to breed for fear of the results, we Will ensure the quality of our children's genes. We will not give them the curse of existence -- every child born will be born with the gift of life.

Furthermore, I have no real interest in crafting an education plan that would work in a multi-racial multicult. It has problems we have no reason to be dealing with, and would be utterly insane to agree to deal with. Stupid third worlders, or simply alien minded Asians, will of course need a different school system than whites, because they are different and a different environment is best for every different genome. People with different religions, nationalities, belief systems and languages cannot be educated in the same classrooms about the same things -- everyone's interests and world views are so fractured, that no single education program could possibly benefit them all. There is no point in having kids if we cannot raise them to be like ourselves -- parents have a right to raise their children, to have allies in their children, to love their children and be loved by their children, to have children inherit the best in their parents, and not some foreign influence that like a cuckoo bird has the parents do all the work but the alien meme gain all the benefits thereof. Therefore the education program MUST be suited to reinforcing children with the knowledge and character that their parents wish them to have, something utterly impossible in a multiracial multicult.

If a child wishes to rebel against their parents, shave their heads, put on some robes, stop eating meat, and sing Hare Krishna for the rest of their lives -- fine. But they can do it after they leave the home and after their parents stop supporting them financially and through their time and energy. The school system will have no part in it, nor will their childhood have any part in such acts of defiance. Adults are at least owed this much by society for the sacrifice and effort they've made into giving us our new generation. Plus, it takes a pretty sickly culture, to not even want to see itself replicated into the future, or inherited by anyone. If our children do rebel, it should be seen as a tragedy, not a triumph. We should certainly not be co-conspirators to our own annihilation. If nothing of ourselves is passed down to our kids, then we really will die. Forgotten forever. That's not something we should be wishing on ourselves, or helping make possible, even if it is unavoidable.

A great deal of our educational woes could be fixed by just these two measures, eugenics and homogeneity. A school where parents can without fear send their kids, knowing that they will still be their kids when they get back home -- that they won't have been insulted, raped, or sold drugs during class -- that they haven't been taught homosexuality is healthy and normal at their age -- that no one made them feel guilty for who they are or the color of their skin -- that their kids are safe in society's hands while they are away.

However, this is just the beginning. We need nothing less than a complete re-invention of the purpose and nature of education, if we truly wish to fulfill our duty to our children -- and the society these children will soon be unleashed on and inherit. First off, there is only one job for a child, and it is a worthy job -- more worthy than any job anyone works on earth: The child is the father of the man.

Every day, every hour, children are developing themselves into tomorrow's adults. Tomorrows workers, tomorrow's parents, tomorrow's spouses, tomorrow's everything. As children start off with intelligence less than a dog, zero knowledge, zero ability to communicate, they can't even sit up or roll over, and are even incapable of digesting any food save milk for the first six months, children clearly have a long way to go between birth and full societal functionality. Every time a child bridges that gap, a near miracle has occurred on earth. A herculean, titanic task only ignored due to its commonality is carried out, something that far dwarfs the work parents are doing in those same twenty years. I don't care how hard what an adult is doing -- they're hardly learning how to walk, eat, speak, see, deal with other people, increasing their IQ tenfold, increasing their muscles tenfold, developing their ability to reproduce through huge hormonal influxes and bodily transformations, downloading the acquired wisdom and knowledge of all human history, and so on.

Adults should not boast of all the work they do while complaining about how easy kids have it -- it is precisely the opposite, even before school was invented to add even more burdens to a child's life. We have it easy, they're the ones struggling to even walk and talk, they're the ones jumping for joy for having reached something way up high, they're the ones who start off with zero friends and zero lovers to share the burden with -- they're the ones who must somehow acquire everything -- they're the ones born naked into this world -- and they're the ones helpless to protect themselves, should anyone seek to hurt instead of help their growth. Don't ever take a child's burdens lightly.

It is important to then realize that what a child needs, what is so crucial adults provide, is Help in fulfilling their task.

A child born among wolves will never raise himself. He will be semi-retarded, wild, with no language, a wretched immune system and no ability to learn even if he is adopted later. Children need us, they need us because they're accomplishing something impossibly hard, and what they need from us is to help them accomplish their one and only mission: to become men. Does this sound obvious or silly? Sadly, it's not obvious -- because in this very world, today, we have completely refused to help them in this task. If we had, we would've adopted the Montessori Method long ago. Instead our only advice for kids is to sit down, shut up, hurry up, and leave us alone.

Kids are not meant to sit down. They are not meant to sit in classrooms 8 hours a day every day. They are meant to be running around, climbing things, throwing things, developing their bodies, their motor skills, and their senses. They KNOW what they are meant to do, they have the instinctive desire to do it, they are only happy when they are developing themselves. But every time they try, every time they fidget or even ask to go to the bathroom, we slam down on them and tell them they are wicked, stupid, and evil for trying to move, and order them to return to their chair (Prison) immediately.

Kids are not meant to shut up. They are meant to be constantly practicing their language skills, to be in constant social communication to learn how to fit in to the wider world and associate with strangers, to make friends, to fall in love, and to express their wants and needs to their elders. They KNOW what they are meant to do, they have the instinctive desire to do it, they are only happy when they are developing these skills. But every time they try, every time they chat or ask for your attention, we slam down on them and tell them they are wicked, stupid and evil for trying to talk, and order them to return to silence (Prison) immediately.

Kids are not meant to hurry up. They are meant to be constantly practicing the skill or task they are focused on. They are meant to elongate all their measures so that they can understand each part separately, they are meant to repeat the same actions over and over because they don't perfectly grasp them the first time, they are meant to wander off and do constantly different activities than the one you originally tasked them to do that catch their attention, because they are difficult or new and thus demand their attention. Every time we force a child to hurry up, they completely lose track of what they were doing, they lose the chance to develop themselves, to learn the new lesson they wanted to learn, and they grow petulant and unhappy. The cause of most tantrums and fights is the instinctual rebellion of the child when the parent will not let him carry out his primary mission -- to become the father of the man. If it takes a long time for a child to put on his clothes or tie his shoes or sound out a word or spell or go on a walk or anything else -- LEAVE HIM ALONE. He's doing something critically important -- something far more important than you are doing, whether you're a nuclear physicist or whatever, he is creating an adult human being ex nihilo, he is the closest thing to God on this earth -- so you can just wait.

Children need order to learn. If their home environment, or school environment, is constantly and bewilderingly changing around them, they will never get a proper sense for things. Children want to go somewhere, come back, and find all the objects still in their place. This is why they love the game of peekaboo. Every time you cover your face, and then reveal it as being the exact same as when the face 'left,' the child is delighted to see this principal of order, of meeting expectations, being met. How many parents are providing this for their kids? Of course, on the opposite side, are the parents who make their homes prisons, where a child is not allowed to touch anything because they will 'mess it up.' And yet, it is the child's home as much as your own! His unhappiness matters as much as yours, his work is as valuable as yours, and he never chose to be born -- you chose for him to be born. You can not bring life into this world, and then resent them for living in it. Sorry, no.

A child needs objects suited just for them. I do not mean toys. I mean plates, silverware, and furniture that is their size and can be used by them. I mean rooms they can do what they like in. I mean objects they are allowed to carry, chores they are allowed to help their parents complete -- like cooking or setting the table or cleaning or feeding the pet. Children cannot be exiled from their own homes, with nothing suited to them. Children need their own games, books, and materials that can occupy their minds while at home -- no different from their parents watching the tv or on the computer. Children need safe streets, siblings, or neighbors they can run outside to play with. Children need their parent's attention and the right to be listened to and watched and praised. This stuff should be obvious -- but how many kids actually receive these things? Why is it any wonder so many grow up so dysfunctional??

Once children have settled into a school and met friends, it is cruel to move and disrupt this orderly routine. It destroys all their hard work and it may not even be possible to repair. Once children love and need their parents, it is cruel to divorce or introduce new ones. It destroys their trust and imperils them whenever someone unrelated is in the home. How many children are hurt every year by parents' selfishness? Where is the conscience of our society, who can hurt them so often with never so much as an apology for what we've done?

The first step for education is to provide an orderly home and school environment, one without crime, without divorce, without constant uprooting, without tv as the substitute parents at home, and so on. A hands on parenting system, ideally with a mother IN THE HOME (and yes, a mother, a father is not biologically suited to the task and will fail if they try.) A child could really use siblings to share their living space with, and have minds more closely in tune with their own, that can understand and enjoy their company -- and using eugenics that disallows the birth of some people, we can easily allow for families to have 3, 4, or more kids in the families that will work and do provide a good home environment. Having a single child is in itself child abuse. It was never intended in nature -- being alone is about the worst thing that can ever happen to you -- and a child whose mind works differently from an adult's, is always alone no matter how many adults he's around.

Now let's say we finally get them into school. As far as I'm concerned, there is nothing more I can say than adopt the Montessori system. They have perfected the early education of children and doing anything else than what they say is foolish and destructive. I will therefore skip ahead, leaving childhood education to the geniuses who have explored that field, and trust our kids to them.

I do have some ideas for later education, however, that might not yet have been instituted. (Say, 10 years of age up) The four complaints children generally have about school are these:

1. They never get enough sleep.
2. They are worked too hard.
3. Everything they do is pointless.
4. No one respects them.

Children are 100% right about all four. This is a tragedy, considering, yet again, that children are doing the hardest and most miraculous work out of all of us. There are some easy fixes we can make so that school can be a happy place, a place they look forward to, a gift we give to our children and a helpmate to their task of self-development.

We will solve the sleep problem! Sleep deprivation is torture. Not only is it a large factor to straight unhappiness, it slows growth, makes people sick, fat, irritable, and dull. Even if they are slightly sleep deprived, the effects mount over time, and of course if they are continuously sleep deprived they will go insane. This helps no one, they hardly learn better in a state of complete zombiehood. Nor are they to blame. For one thing, people can't control when they get sleepy and when they want to wake up, it is an internal biological clock telling them these things. Second, there is no way on earth for a child to do all his schoolwork, all his homework, and all his chores -- and get enough sleep. Children need more sleep than adults, 10 hours is not in the least too much, but especially as teenagers, they are lucky to get 6 -- or even 4. Certainly, a child can blow off all their homework, sleep through class, and therefore solve their problem -- but then they are yelled at and flunked and grounded by their parents, etc, etc. A choice between scylla and charybdis is no choice at all.

In order to give children the sleep they need, we will have two classes every day, a morning class and an evening class. Morning class will go from 9am to 3pm. Evening class will go from 5pm to 11pm. The classes will be the same. Every day, children can attend either the morning or the evening class, and will count as having attended for that day. They are not required to attend all morning classes or all evening classes -- the flexibility is there for a reason. Supposing a child falls asleep at 8am, he can still make it to evening class with 8 hours of sleep. Supposing the child falls asleep at 12am, he can still make it to morning class with 8 hours of sleep. What a godsend! You can sleep when you are sleepy, and wake up when you aren't sleepy --- AND MAKE IT TO CLASS.

How did I shave off 2 hours of school? Simple -- take out lunch and recess, let kids drink and snack during class, there is no reason people can't eat and listen to a teacher, or drink and read a textbook, or solve problems while sucking on a peppermint. The whole situation is artificial, a sop to the teachers wishing to make their lives easier, instead of to the kids who are truly working the hard job -- and aren't getting paid a dime for it. Take out PE or other useless electorals the kids don't want, like art. If they want to pursue a hobby, they can always do so outside of class -- if you just give them the time by not filling it all up with school. I can also save everyone time by giving people a single Kindle, instead of a dozen books, and thus remove their need to visit any lockers. This also removes the need for people to switch classrooms. If anyone should switch classrooms, it should be the teachers only. If people need to go to the restroom, they should be allowed to go, no questions asked. Without blacks and hispanics mucking up the system, we can trust our children to not be smoking or screwing the moment they're out of side -- and raised originally in the montessori system, their self-discipline will already be top notch. Furthermore, by tracking students by IQ, we can surround them with people of like intelligence and give them tasks equal to their minds. This would eliminate all the wasted time spent trying to help a particularly remedial student to catch up with the rest of the class. Bam! Time savings, and a lot of boredom saved too. Also, a lot more friendships will be made when people are around people like themselves -- and lovers -- a good thing since there is no reason for marriage to wait past peak fertility and peak eugenic health of said fertilized eggs (teens, early 20's).

When these kids, who are always fully rested at school, get home from a less draining six hours of high mental effort, they can relax in the same way adults can -- their job is done for the day and they don't have any homework. Why should an indignity no adult is willing to undergo, working once they've finally gotten home (or if they do work at home, they make sure to get highly recompensed for it), be visited universally on all of our kids? If you can't teach them enough during class, save it for tomorrow. Like I said in the beginning, with children, there should be no such word as hurry up. They won't have to stay up trying to write out some essay for the next ten hours because they can't think of anything to say until the school bell rings again demanding their attendance. They can just go to sleep, knowing their job is done, and they can take pride in what they achieved or learned that day.

I know one worry parents have with this flexible schedule is kids will be home without them, or it will be difficult to transport their kids to school, and so on. But you are forgetting a critical part of this thought experiment: Mothers should be staying at home in the first place, there is no crime on our streets because eugenics because white separatism has already saved us from that blight, and children have older siblings, or simply the good example of Montessori schooling to make them eminently capable of handling themselves while you're gone. If a child needs to reach school, they could simply ride there on their bikes -- NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO THEM AND NO ONE WILL HURT THEM. It's the miracle of a truly white world, something we should reclaim as the birthright of every child.

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. The ability for teens to sleep a healthy 8 hours a day is just one benefit of such a bright new world. :).

Therefore problems 1 and 2 are solved. The next issue is number 3: Everything they do is pointless. I have hoped to change that by IQ tracking, so that children are actually learning at a rate suited to them (and thus, developing themselves into a man, the goal and desire of all children, and the one thing that makes them happy, truly happy, ie content, satisfied, fulfilled.) However, it isn't just the difficulty of the material that is at issue, but the very nature of the material as well. Most kids learn junk that they later instantly forget, or topics that even their parents know nothing about and discarded decades ago. Whether it is science, math, or history, children feel it has nothing to do with them, it's all bullshit, and that it exists solely to plague them and employ teachers who really aren't teaching a single thing of use or interest.

One thing we should seriously consider is ending school at around age 14, and letting children get on with their lives by becoming apprentices to some job or other. Teenagers are not meant to sit around forever -- at least many of them are thoroughly sick of the routine. For those academic types who never met a calculus problem or poem they didn't love, school could continue. But there's no reason every child has to keep attending. The basics are done, they can read and write and add and subtract, they can work together with others and filter the essence of what someone is saying from all the dross. They can tell right from wrong, and true from false -- and that's the most vital education anyone can ever have.

With that in mind, a high school education need not be 'pointless' like it so often is today. I don't think it's pointless to read a book you love, learn from the author some important truth, then communicate that truth you learned to your classmates and friends in an excited and revelatory manner. I'd say instead, that's about the high point of life -- the very meaning of existence. There are endless books and material that provide just these sorts of experiences. It doesn't even have to be a book -- it could be a go board, a tennis ring, a classical orchestra piece you have to help play with your violin, or a national science quiz held at the capital with all the best schools fielding their best. My point is the same, there is still so much wonder to be had at school -- beauty, truth, and love. Friends, dates, or that all so important crafting of identity -- who you are, where you came from, what you'd like to see the world become. An education that allowed students to pursue these interests, while not forcing them to pursue their non-interests, is more beneficial to all parties. Teachers enjoy students who enjoy what they are being taught. Students enjoy teachers who teach something they enjoy. This shouldn't be such a hard pairing to make. There is no reason for our young adults to be pursuing anything else but a meaningful existence and a self-development they can endorse and embrace into their hearts. I know what I was doing, whenever I was allowed to read a book of my choice -- Russian Literature. I read the entirety of War and Peace for one essay, and the entire Gulag Archipelago for another. Aimlessness was hardly the result, I worked twice as hard as I would have been forced to, because I loved the work so much. Why not give all children that chance? Or at least the high IQ ones we've already tracked to be together thus far??

There are tons of things worth learning, in a future white nation, I would dearly hope some portion of this will be history and philosophy that improves and strengthens children's indoctrination into the beliefs of their parents. I want children proud of their heritage and determined to fulfill it in their lives and their children. I will settle for nothing less, nor should any of us. As the saying goes, the next revolution is forever.

Let's make sure we teach white history, white culture, white values, and white pride in our school system, from age 5 all the way to 18, and in a way they'll enjoy and with the honesty that never comes off as 'phoney', that dreaded word from Catcher in the Rye, which realistically showed a child's complete contempt for the society of his age. ((A contempt I share!)) Let's banish the holocaust, sex ed, recycling and global warming crap forever. Children will believe anything they're told, but they hate being lied to or manipulated -- it is a precious trust we'll only have once. Let's teach them the truth and nothing but the truth, so help us God.

For the last part, the solution is simple. Let's honor the work our children are doing every day. Let's not measure it by grades, or by chores, or by the number of times they say 'sir' or 'ma'am.' Let's measure it by the best measure we have: their own happiness and satisfaction with who they are and what they've become. Most children today are desperately unhappy, whether they have A's or not. They are telling us, either silently or forthrightly, every day how failed our system is. Artificial measures from outside are never as good as Nature's own -- instincts exist for a reason, evolution made us who we are for a reason. If your children are laughing, happy, and eager to talk to you about their days -- if they aren't slitting their wrists, drinking, or shooting something up -- we're on the right track towards a new education.

If our children are happy, we should be happy with them. And I mean happy, the whole shebang. Happy, content, proud, energetic, alive, satisfied. If our kids love themselves, we should love them too. If after 18 years, you still haven't shared with them your favorite music, books, food, movies and hobbies, and they're left with nothing to do all day but drink and sleep around -- then shame on you. Not on them. If our children leave the door with their heads held high, knowing right from wrong, and true from false, it doesn't matter how much money they make, or what job they get. We should respect every one of them, all the same. Every single child has earned their keep. It's the adults who rarely do. :P.

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